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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Sabia and Rizwan (13 May 2004)
Sabia and Rizwan
Sabia and Rizwan
Sabia and Rizwan
people of the world!

harken! this here is an union of souls, hearts and minds. these were two now there s no place where one begins or the other ends. our hearts throb in unision and our lives are in a rhythm... and thanks to God, and then our friends at to have played an instrumental part in our union.... sabia and me were made for each other in heaven, but were lost here on earth... in different countries, far from each other. traditional methods wouldnt have brought us together.

it all happened like this:
One dreary and lonely night I happened to persuade my heart that there was still hope, to find that elusive girl of my dreams. So I went back to and came across this brilliant sunshine that blazed through my being!! I had found her... the one who had eluded me so far was there right in front of me.
In a trance I sent her a message, telling her that I existed in this universe and that she need not wait for her soul mate any longer. The next couple of days were spent in a daze waiting endlessly for a reply.... and finally my heart cried with joy as i spotted that my princess had accepted me!!
And it has been a fairy tale romance then onwards.. She and I exchanged emails and telephone numbers and we just knew that we were made for each other. There s no explanation to this, no logic. Just that we knew. However, there were times when we feared losing each other and what would happen to us in such an eventuality, but that is natural since you fear losing someone you love and care for deeply...
Gradually we introduced our families into this, my sister played a valuable part in this (thanks and love you sis for all you did and are doing). Since the beginning my family was very positive about this match, and then we went on stronger day by day...
Until one day I decided to visit her country and meet her in person. My family also knew that I was going. But they couldnt accompany me. However, they were supportive all the way. I was suppossed to go there and see her, confirm a date and come back.
However it so happened that, once i reached there and met her and her family, things really started to roll, and in less than a week, that was the most beautiful experience of my life, we ended up being man and wife, for ever and ever!
She s now my wife and my beautiful companion and partner to highs and lows of life! And now we need to perform the wedding again with my folks and friends in attendance!! Wow! Its great to marry your wife yet another time!
I m from India and she s from Bangladesh....

Thank you God, and thanks for making our dreams come to life...

Sabia and Rizwan Team congratulates Sabia and Rizwan. We wish you both a happy future.
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