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Shaadi Pride

Vijay & Preeti (21 May 2004)
Vijay & Preeti
Hello to all Team Members!
I am Preeti who has become Mrs. Preeti Vijay Agrawal with the help of your website. I was able to find my better half in the whole world through this wonderful medium which makes this huge world available to u on a click of the mouse. This is the incidence which happened to us which is unbelievable to anybody. On 21st June '03, Saturday when Vijay was searching through the photo album of he found my photograph and thought of mailing me as he was a payable member of the website.When I received his mail and saw his profile, I discussed it with my family and as he is of the same caste and as my family find everything fine, they agreed to it. I mailed him and asked him to call me at my house number if he was interested. Again on Monday around 7:30 when I checked my mailbox there was a mail saying that he will call me around 8 today. I took out the printout of his profile and photograph to show it to my family as earlier I have only given them an outline of his profile and rushed back to home.On 23rd June at 8 o'clock I received a international call and heard a polite voice saying "Hi Preeti! This is Vijay from Abidjan". We had an hour talk discussing our likes and dislikes, my mother also had a talk with him to find out whether he was actually interested. We found that we both sounded same in most of the things. He continued calling for three days and we felt "Yes" for each other. Actually I used to live in Jodhpur,Rajasthan with my family who were looking for a compatible guy for me.

Vijay used to live alone in Abidjan, West Africa and his mother in Mumbai. His mother also wanted him get married early but he always wanted a girl who suits him. Conincidentaly we both are Agrawal, there is not much difference in our ages as I am 26 and he is 27, he is running successfully an import export business in Abidjan for past 6 yrs and I was a working girl for past 3 yrs. We both were matured enough to understand what kind of a partner we wanted to have a happy married life and we had a click in our minds when we met each other like this. After this three days' conversation between us, Vijay had a talk with his mother who readily agreed and wished to see my photograph. My family posted my profile to her and meanwhile they went to Astrologer to see whether match is good or not. Meanwhile we had talks on phone and used to mail each other but we both had the fear of loosing each other. Everything was in our favour, our match was perfect according to astrologer and his mother approved me.

We were very happy that day but there was one problem.....his family said that nothing can be finalised before he comes back and he was badly busy in his business. We both felt helpless as we were dying to meet each other. But everything is possible in the fast moving world today. We saw each other face to face, we had lot of talks but couldn't hear each other....yes I am talking about webcam chatting. It was amazing. He planned to visit India in August end and up till that we had phone call talks n webcam chatting and concluded to get committed for each other. Nobody believes that one can fall in love without meeting each other but it is the truth of our life......we fell in love with each other before meeting and told our families that we want to get married. Meanwhile my family had talks with Vijay's mother and they too got agreed. He came back to India and then planned to visit Jodhpur with his family. Uptill this time we had made up our minds to get married and never thought that lets first see each other and then think about it.

They visited Jodhpur on 30th August afternoon and we got engaged on 31st morning. The moment when we saw each other for the first time face to face is unforgetable...I became speechless and he asked my elder sister "Is this the girl with whom I used to talk on phone?" Our marriage was planned on 9th February, was a long time to pass on without each other but still we managed as the eagerness to become part of each other's life was more than that time. Our love is completely based on trust n faith.....we were very much open to each other. We believed that it will be fair if we tell everything to each other before meeting so that when we are together we don't have any if's or but's for each other. We both believed that marriage is such a bond which needs complete transparency. A relationship can only have it's full blossom when we completely confide in each other. It was the trust which binded us in the strong bond of love. Today we can say that anybody can fall in love without meeting, if u are true to each other and then it's destiny how u meet ur partner. We thank ur website as it has been a medium for our marriage and giving both of us perfect partners which we were looking forward to have in our life's.

Thank U very much.

Vijay & Preeti Team congratulates Vijay & Preeti. We wish you both a happy future.
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