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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Hamzah & Rizwana (23 September 2009)
Hamzah & Rizwana
Hamzah & Rizwana
Hamzah & Rizwana
First of all, I like to give many thanks to and to the people who created this wonderful matrimonial site which gave me an opportunity to find my lover and a soul-mate. I simply have no words, to describe how lucky and happy now I am that I joined It simply made my dream come true, dream which I had since my childhood to find a true lover and a soul-mate whom I could love forever. I always wanted to love someone and beloved by someone so it happened. I went through so many ups and downs, lots of emotional pain, tears and heart-breaking moments in my lifetime. I looked for love everywhere and tried so many ways to share my feelings and desires with someone but it never happened. I even got married and divorced but I never gave up finding my soul-mate. In the end, I joined and went through so many profiles even sent my interest to others but one day I came across to Rizwana's profile which got me interested but I kept it into my mind and still kept looking because I was expecting others to send me an interest as well. Others even sent me interest but it never worked for some reason. In the end, I came again across to her profile but this time I sent my interest to her and she accepted. It was a coincident that we both were divorced and looking for the final life-mate that we can depend on. We both were looking for trust-worthy, mature and romantic person, such a person who is not after money or materialistic things but after love, honesty, trust and all other right things that a person is required. We exchanged emails and get to know each other very well it was our trust, love and understanding that made things easier for us. Once everything went smooth, she gave me her brother's cell number so we could talk to each other. We talked and I loved the way she spoke to me on the phone. She was so friendly, romantic and wonderful which I really enjoyed and delighted. No one ever talked to me like that I felt that she knew me from a long time. I started to imagine her and kept thinking about her day and night. We both talked a lot every day, sometimes two to three times a day and wrote emails everyday and send missed calls to each other for fun. We started to love each other more and more and then our parents spoke to each other and from there things moved ahead. At last, after waiting for seven months me and my parents went to India from Canada and on August 05, 2009 we got engaged and it was the first time I saw her in person I was simply amazed how beautiful person truly she is both from her character and looks. On August 15, 2009 we got happily married. All I've to say that one should never give up in life to find a right person. We both did the right thing to join this amazing matrimonial site wish if we knew long time ago. We highly recommend to others who are still single, divorced or feel sad and lonely that they should at least give it a try. It might work for them, the way it worked for us. Anyways, good luck to everyone in their search. Thank You for giving us a new life. Kind Regards from, Hamzah and Rizwana Shaikh

Wedding DATE : 15th Aug, 2009
Hamzah & Rizwana Team congratulates Hamzah & Rizwana. We wish you both a happy future.
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