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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Krupa & Dave (07 September 2009)
Krupa & Dave
Krupa & Dave
I had accidentally left my chat window open, and Dave sent me a request. Finding his profile absolutely hilarious, i decided to talk to him. After some texting and emails, we finally started talking on the phone for hours and decided to meet up a couple of months later. We had an amazing date and knew it was only going to get better. Less than six months later we were engaged. Here's the story as Dave tells it: It all started with a little white lie. ?I accidentally booked the wrong flight into NYC. Instead of the 6am departure I booked the 9am departure.? In truth, my flight was at 6am and I landed at 10:20am New York time. This three hour window would be an ample amount of time for the setup. The second white lie. On the day of my flight, I told Krupa that "I forgot to charge my phone?. This, so she wouldn?t be suspicious as to why my phone was off when I was in the air. Excuse was that I needed to conserve the battery to call her when I landed. After landing at La Guardia at 10:20am, I ran to the Taxi stand and caught the first one into the City to meet up with my friendl. I dropped off my new suit, accessories, and ring box. Then it was back to La Guardia. I ran inside the airport to get the proper background noise of the busy airport for when I called Krupa to pick me up. Onward to the next day. Saturday morning was spent at the zoo. After seeing all that the Bronx zoo had to offer, we headed home to relax and get ready for the evening. While relaxing on the futon, and me surfing the web, Krupa fell asleep on my shoulder. When she woke up I told my third White lie. ?I booked an Italian restaurant for 8:30pm while you were sleeping?. This lie was so she would think it was an impromptu reservation. In actuality, I had made the reservations weeks prior to this day, with the entire wait staff in on the surprise. While she got ready, I yelled through the door, ?Wear something nice, a black dress if you got one?. She emerged from the room looking absolutely stunning, with her hair in perfect curls, only to find me wearing jeans with holes in them, a polo shirt, and boots. She didn?t question my taste in clothing. We arrived near the restaurant 30 minutes early; she suggested we try to get early seating. This would kill my timetable, so I suggested we walk around a bit until our designated reservation time. With one eye on my watch, and the other on my beautiful girlfriend, we circled the block, killing perfectly the 30 min. With half the patrons wearing suits, I was so under dressed for the restaurant. The hostess took us to our pre-designated table next to the window where I purposefully pulled out the chair facing the rear of the restaurant for the unsuspecting Krupa. Throughout dinner, I fumbled with my phone, inconspicuously texting my friend on his arrival status. I got a delayed response and I began to worry. After our meal, I suggested dessert, white chocolate ice cream with raspberries. One last text after I ordered asking my friend, ?Are you here yet?? Within seconds I got a response, ?YES?. Showtime. Time for my final lie for the evening. I told Krupa I was having stomach issues and I would be a while, and if the dessert came, to start without me. I rushed to the front towards the bathrooms, passing the hostess; she gave me an excited smile while pointing towards the coat room I didn?t know was friends were hanging out with the manager who informed me that he had put a stop to the dessert. Thanking him, I began to change. Within 5 min, I was out of my rags into my suit and tie. With the ring delicately transferred to my suit pocket, and a bouquet of flowers in my hand, I was ready to go. I strolled over to where Krupa was sitting, she didn?t see me coming. With a light tap to the shoulder, I got her attention. With a confused look on her face she turned her head and pondered for a bit. I asked her to stand and handed her the bouquet. I knelt down. She began to shake and tear up. Before I could speak, she said, ?Hey that?s the paisley tie you bought?. ?Ummm yeah?, I replied. And then I looked up at her and told her that ever since I met her, I?ve smiled every day. That she was beautiful, smart, compassionate, and corny at times, everything I?ve wanted in a woman. I followed up with, ?What I?m asking you is, would you spend the rest of your life with me?. That last line I said while trying to get the ring out of my pocket. And I got a ?YES?. But I didn?t hear it, I wasn?t expecting it without her seeing the ring, for all she knew I had a bent spoon in my pocket! After successfully getting the ring out, I asked for the confirmation again, and she repeated, ?YES? this time a bit louder. I pulled the ring out of the box and asked for her hand, she started reaching with her right hand, at which point I said that I needed her other hand. 5 seconds later, while fighting back the tears and shaking, she transferred the bouquet to her right hand, freeing up her left hand for the ring. The next few moments were filled with laughter, smiles and phone calls.

Krupa & Dave Team congratulates Krupa & Dave. We wish you both a happy future.
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