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Shaadi Pride

Amit & Sheetal (27 July 2009)
Amit & Sheetal
Amit & Sheetal
People say marraige is a sacred institution, its a matter of two different lives where they plan to live together their life hoping to live happily, where they matches their objectives, views and goal of lives. To love and to be loved, care and to be cared, protect and to be protected,share your thought and to be shared . You want a person that can really listen to you when no one bothered to listen you as they considdered to be a sheer waste of time. So many things, i have heared about this so called marraige institution. I have imagined a person to be my partner that will be just like me, with same views, thoughts, habbits and so on....... With great enthusiasm, i went to the finally choosen path to make a search a person just like me who will be just me........... Got dissapointed, immpractically, when people rejected my interest and quite honest rejected too with an avenge in my mind, people shall underpass with the same DEPRESSION they way i went.SO STUPID OF ME. Searched for more than one year and this entier process continued with which i indeleberately started feeling as i am toying at this moment and just are on this website for an objectless purpose. Started taking things not so seriously with a thought as god has might not created an another person in this world just like me who can understand me so intensively. Just like a series of unsystematic way of sending the interest on a bulk basis to everyone, i was of deep supporter of the system whithout no information, one day of somewhere in November , i got a call from her(SHEETAL) who was one of the pitty as well pretty girl who has accepted my UNgestured interest considering me to be a SERIOUS man with good and justified intention to send the propsal to her, only, for final acceptance.(confessing)........ I was less motivated for the defination of the sacred instituion, might be too lost to under the gravity of the situation. Finally, the day came, i met with her. What a Great character she has been possessed with, let me explain: Strong, practical, staright forward, elder in family, not beautifull....but gorgeous, Short height..hmm....5'3", very fair, Not at all diplomatic AND LASTLY BUT NOT THE LEAST SOFTWARE PREOFESSIONAL BY PROFESSION. IN SHORT A TYPICAL SAGI But, But ,But............ ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM ME...A MATCH WITH EMOTIONAL, IMMPRACTICAL, JUST K IN LOOKS, 6'1" IN HEIGHT, A PERSON OF SUGAR COATED WORDS AND VERY MUCH DIPLOMATIC AS BEEN IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS. A match of service and business class, emtional and practical, staright and diplomatic, what the heck we are talking about.......marraige. Naaaaaa..........a most typical match , with only 17 gunas were matching and mostly above alll taurean and sagis..NOT COMPATIBLE. PROBLEM WILL BE THERE, YOU BOTH WILL NOT BE HAPPY, NEVER EVER THINK OF IT......WHAT THE COMMENTS...WHO IS MAKING THIS POSSIBLE?..SHADDI.COM. HAVE YOU GONE MAD? NOT TRUSTING A PANDIT FOR A DECADE OPERATED PAGE YOU ARE TRUSTING FOR IT. OPPOSITTE ATTRACTS.......THIS WHAT SHE SAID ME FIRST AND I THOUGHT AND WONDERED THE DEPTH OF THIS STATEMENT AND BOLDLY BY TAKING THE STANDS. ......WE PROCEEDED........ ON 27TH FEBRUAURY MEMORABLE, AUSPICIOUS, TO BE REMEMBERED,ETC AND ETC & SO ON WHAT THE PEOPLE SAYS.....THAT DAY ARRIVED. Never believed that in just 4 months everything was materialised and Finally i am married. I AM A MARRIED MAN NOW.........i yawned on a very next morning.... Some of your story ends here but from here my story began of understanding what this sacred about this instituion. Just After some couple of weeks of celeberations and laughters, our views nad thoughts got the swors and shield and were on the battle ground to face each other furiously. AAAHHH... is that it.....she cried by my so called immpractical behaviour and vice a versa she was so blunt to say the words what i have never ever listen so clearly from anyone, which made me force to think what have i done...i saw her in that destructive mode which turns into helpless one when i do not let my sword down due to my crown of man's ego..... But eventually, I STARTED CRYING WHEN SHE USED TO DO making both of us come closer just like soldiers from both the side have some time of laughter in a TIME OUT SITUATION. WEEK PASSED , THEN ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER AND SO ON and the furiousity started decreasing from five times a week to 3 times a week and then two ........ I have seen practically to put the the numbers in decreasing fashion as we use to fill the numbers in the examination paper of 2nd standard. YES,I ,finally, LEARNED TO CRY WHEN SHE CRIES, TO BE HAPPY AND SHE IS HAPPY....AS THE FIGHTING NUMBERS IN A WEEK CAN ONLY DECREASE WHEN YOU RESPECTS THE VIEWS AND UNDERSTAND AND NOT BY STOP TALKING ON THE ISSUES. I FOUND ITS NOT AS DIFFICULT TO BE SWEATING WHILE EXAMINATIONS OF MATHEMATICS TO ARRANGE THE NUMBERS IN DECREASING FASHION. PROVIDED YOU LOVE HER.. WHICH I LEARNT AND MET THE DEFINATION OF SACRED INSTITUTION. PROFESSIONALLY WISE I AM NOT GOING GOOD IN MY BUSINESS DUE TO GLOBAL RECESSION BUT A LADY OF CHARM, FOND OF JWELLERIES, LONG WEEK VACATION, FASHION LIFE STYLE, CLOTH FREAK., BRANDLOVER HAS NEVER MADE ME FEEL BURDENED BY HER CLASS STYLE. ALTHOUGH SHE SHARED BUT NEVER FORCED ME TO GET DEEPER IN THE TROULBLE AS I WILL NAME IT AS A TROUBLE WHEN DOLLAR IS RUNNING VERY MUCH FAR AWAY FROM YOUR REACH AND YOU ARE CLOUDED IN YOUR MIND HOW TO GRAB IT, SHE NEVER SHARED THE THOUGHT OF SPENDING THE DOLLARS ONCE I WILL GRAB, WHICH ONE DAY I WILL CERTAINLY DO FOR HER. THIS MOTIVATION. STRENGHT, WILL TO WORK, HIGH OBLECTIVES AND STANDARD, IHAVE GOT FROM HER , SO THAT I CAN KEEP HR HAPPY IRRESPECTIVE OF OUR DIFFERENT OPINIONS. I AM PROUD TO SAY HE IS MY WIFE AND ONE DAY NOT LONG FROM NOW I WILL DO FOR HER NAD WILL ALWAYS KEEP HER HAPPY. WHERE IS THAT PANDITJI, WHERE ARE TEASERS, GOSSIPERS, SOCIETY.....THERE IS ONLY ONE THING WHICH WILL ALWAYS FORVER......................... YOU...... YOUR PARTNER........ BOTH OF YOUR MEMORIES............AND ABOVE ALL.......... THAT WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FOREVER...... HOW YOU MET......................AND THAT IS IRREVERSIBLE.................................. WWW.SHAADI.COM. THAT MADE IT TRUE........ RIGHT NOW I AM AT HOME WRITING TO YOU AND MY WIFE SHE HAS BEEN TO WORK......SHE DOESNT KNOW, I HAVE DONE IT....I HAVE WRITTEN....... BUT KINDLY LET HER KNOW I LOVE HER AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART..... AND HAPPY TO HAVE HER AS MY WIFE FOR THE REST OF SIX BIRTHS. AMIT CHAUHAN & SHEETAL CHAUHAN

Wedding DATE : 27th Feb, 2009
Amit & Sheetal Team congratulates Amit & Sheetal. We wish you both a happy future.
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