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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Nilesh & Rakhee (20 August 2004)
Nilesh & Rakhee
Nilesh & Rakhee
Nilesh & Rakhee
Well me and my hubby met on and none of us was actually looking for a partner. He intiated contact and i agreed. He sent me an email with his cell number and one day out of the blue i called him and we got talking. But we disagreed on everything we spoke about. I just called him once more after that and then just forgot about it and never called him again. That was in the month of April 2003. In the month of July 2003, i received a call from the hospital in Ooty stating that my younger sister is in critical stage and i need to reach there asap. (My younger sister was studying in ooty then and i live in Muscat, Oman). I took the first flight out to Mumbai from Muscat and before departure of the flight i called Nilesh (my hubby now). Told him i was coming there and he could come to the airport to see me. When we met at the airport, i told him the reason i had come. He then asked me how did i plan to get to Ooty. I told him that i have no idea since i have never been there(ooty). But i said i would manage. He accompanied me to the domestic airport so we could inquire how to get to ooty. Apparently i had to go coimbatore by flight and the from there i would have to take a taxi to Ooty. It was going to be long journey i knew but i had to make it to reach to my sister in time. I went to the Jet Airways counter and bought my ticket. After which i moved in the corner and got something to drink. When it w as time for thr flight i was shocked to see Nilesh accompany me right inside and when at the entrance of the airport i was asked for my ticket, he produced his as well. While i was geeting a drink he had bought a ticket and had decided to accompany me to Ooty as he felt it was not safe for me to travel alone. This was the kindest gesture i have seen in my whole life. Who would do that for a stranger whom he has spoken to the phone twice for a couple of minutes.

After we reached Ooty after about 10 hours and went straight to the hospital to see my sis. There were a lot of formalities to be done and by then she was out of danger and almost concious. While i had to rush to her colleage, doctors and complete formalities and make payments, Nilesh stayed with my sister, looked after her, fed her and calmed her down. When i came back to the hospital room, my sister knew more about him than me and same way vice versa. That was the time i fell madly in love with him and till today i am.

I proposed to him the very evening and guess what he said. No did not say yes. He said i need time to think about it. We stayed in Ooty for 3 nights and you can imagine the state of the poor guy who had no clothes or anything else for that matter since he only had come to airport to see me.

Well, all was okay with my sister and we came back to Mumbai and i left for Muscat since i had to get back to work. We keft in touch throughout the year over the phone and spent more than 3lakh rupees in 4 months on the phone (i swear) i have the bills to prove it. By then he also fell in love with me and we decided to inform my parents (he lost his 20 years ago)and get their blessing.

He was an immediate hit with them and they too loved him and agreed.

In Feb 2004 i resigned from my job in Muscat and moved to Dubai for a better job which i got instantly. But Nilesh was still based in Mumbai. After the date for the wedding got decided - 26th June 04 - i approached my office for leave and you know how many days i got - 4. Yeah thats right. I left Dubai on 24th June, got married on 26th June and flew back to Dubai on 28th June. So no honeymoon :(

Anyway, thats our story. I know its long but interesting too.

Nilesh & Rakhee Team congratulates Nilesh & Rakhee. We wish you both a happy future.
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