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Shaadi Pride

Amit & Deepti (22 June 2009)
Amit & Deepti
Deepti : Met my fiance via Shaadi last year. When I registered with this site, I was a cynic. Never truly believing it was possible to meet true love on an internet site. How wrong I could be. Never thought that I would meet someone with whom I felt so in tune with. I met Amit when I lost hope and was planning to stop my pursuit. I have met the most wonderful person in the world. I expressed interest in Amit's profile and he sent an approval to me. Amit lives in SFO and I was in Australia. We started off chatting and exchanged our birth details for horoscopes. Unfortunately, they dint match and we decided to be friends. We spoke in length about our likes, dislikes, positives, negatives,etc as friends. During that period, we both met other people on Shaadi but things dint work out. And one day as Amit and I were chatting, he asked me if I would like to ignore the horoscopes and give it a go. I agreed and then we soon began talking on the phone and voice chats and were getting on so well that we decided to meet. I flew back to India in March this year and Amit came down in April. We finally met. I was ofcourse very nervous and later on I learned that Amit was equally as nervous as I was. Right from the first meeting, we hit it off so well and were so comfortable in each others company. Love was in the air and everything fell in place. We decided to get married and expressed it to our parents. Our parents spoke to each other and decided for the engagement to be scheduled on 27th April. Our families met and the ceremonious exchange of rings took place on 27th at Amit's home. We are going to have the formal wedding this year end. I would like to thank the team of Shaadi as I have found the perfect soul mate which is exactly what I wanted to do when I signed up. I am glad I found him and I feel blessed to have him as my life partner. Thank you again. Its the best website ever and worth every penny..!!! Amit : So I had almost given up on With almost a year invested in the website and meeting/talking to a few people some of whom were complete misfits I was beginning to think that maybe this is not the right way to go. Even with Deepti, initially I was a little sceptical considering the fact that she was in Aus and me in the US, I was like--bahut mehnat hogi yaaaar! Lekin neways, I decided to give it a shot. You never know where things might click I said to myself. Anyhow after chatting, talking and answering her 1 million hypothetical scenario questions I was beginning to get the feel that she might be the one. After talking to her for sometime I realized how wonderful a person she was and how she was all I ever wanted in my lifepartner. I pretty much knew even before I met her that shes the one for me. So finally when I did meet her and everything went to plan-- things couldn't get better. Like she said 'Love was in the air' and haven't looked back since. Thanks SHAADI-- thanks for bringing this wonderful person in my life.

Amit & Deepti Team congratulates Amit & Deepti. We wish you both a happy future.
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