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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Glenn & Bhavna (27 May 2009)
Glenn & Bhavna
Glenn & Bhavna
Glenn & Bhavna
Hi Shaadi team, Thank you shaadi team for giving our wedding picture on I-next newspaper, relating our story as to how people are still keeping faith in online matrimonial sites like and find their soulmates. Glenn, my husband and I thank wholeheartedly for giving us an opportunity to know and explore each other and find the ?love of our lives? in each other. Glenn today is closest to my heart, my best friend and my beloved husband. So here we are sharing our personal experience in search for life partner. Glenn called me up on September 21/2008 and told me that he was not a paid shaadi member anymore as he was not able to find anyone who he could see as his life partner however, the day he saw my profile with photo, he immediately paid online and upgraded his membership again so that he could contact me. I had skype installed in my computer and asked him if he could download skype on his comp. and within 15 minutes I get a call from him once again that he installed skype so that he is able to see me live on web cam. A big sigh! ?.these are some of the small things that I really admired in him and also because he is a wonderful human being. Many a times I found a delivery boy standing outside my gate with a beauooootiful bouquet of flowers, I see the sentimental love message on the card with wow?Glenn?s name on it. Well? anything is possible in love and war, true saying. This incredibly amazing man sent gifts of affection to me being thousands of miles away, in the U.S.A. oh yes! You are right that was online bouquet service. So thoughtful and heart touching ;-) Our love story blossomed over when we shared messages and started talking over the phone and eventually within six days of our phone and skype chat we realized that we are meant for each other and very happy to have found each other in spite of the fact that we were physically separated by thousands of miles between us, he in the U.S.A and I, in India. Glenn and I, feel that we complement and fulfill each other beautifully and are so very complete together. Our wedding had the consent and support of my parents, Mr. P.S Anand and Shashi Anand and his Mr. Anthony Copper and Barbara Copper and both of us thank with the bottom of our hearts to our parents for all the love and blessings they showered on us. My father told Glenn that he needed to be converted to a Hindu to get married and to this Glenn said to my father, in a very confident tone, ? papa, I would do anything to marry your daughter?. Glenn adopted Hinduism in Arya samaj Temple and he was given a Hindu name by my father, Girish Kumar, which according to him was because Glenn was getting married in a state famous for its beautiful mountains. Girish means Lord of the mountains. Our wedding coverage came on three different news papers and In the evening of 18/Jan/ 2009, (we got married the same day) our wedding coverage came on Etv Channel as well. Exactly after only 6 days of our first conversation ( 21/Sept/08) , we decided to get engaged and Glenn came over to Dehradun ( India) in the month of Oct/ 08 and we got engaged on 26/ Oct/08, He left for the U.S.A and came over to my hometown once again in the month of Jan/09, we got married on 18/Jan/ 09. We had our honey moon for 5 days in Hotel Ananda Spa in the Himalayas and that was one of the most beautiful times of our lives once again. I know you are wondering that everything happened just too quickly and perhaps it was because we just knew what we were looking for and found that in each other. Today, Glenn is back to the U.S.A and continues to work over there. He forwarded the application for spousal visa for me as soon he could because he never wanted to delay the process by another day because that would mean another without his beautiful wife. Glenn grabbed every opportunity to spend time with me so he called me over to Australia for 10 days and it was really awesome. Here I am, waiting to join him in the U.S.A and stay in his loving arms forever as his most trusted friend and beloved wife. We next meet in London England in July and I should be joining him in the USA in September. Million thanks to God almighty, loved one for their blessing and prayers and Heartiest thanks to team members. Great work. With Best regards, Glenn Copper & Bhavna Ananad

Wedding DATE : 18th Jan, 2009
Glenn & Bhavna Team congratulates Glenn & Bhavna. We wish you both a happy future.
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