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Shaadi Pride

Ami & Ankit (20 May 2009)
Ami & Ankit
Ami & Ankit
Ami & Ankit
25th December 2008, It was regular lousy evening. Just checking my mails and got a mail from Shaadi Contact. So just for curiosity, I check the profile. Hmmm the name is ANKIT PARIKH. the first thought pop-out of my mind was... "NICE NAME." & I don't know why, but I started feeling some positive ambiance for 2-3 days. I checked and rechecked the profile so many times, and every time I go through the profile, it evokes more and more interest some where deep inside me. Finally I alone cant handle this anxiety of meeting this boy, my heart, mind, soul, lung, all unanimously said "I should meet him, atleast once." But, as usual, I express my sentiments to my best friend forever, "My Mother" after 3 days. Its a new year. January 1, 2009. I came back to my sweet home at 5 o'clock, and my mom gave me a shock. She said lets talk to Ankit's family members. I was just got blank for 2 minutes. than I exclaimed "Really???". Yes, It was a sweet shock. After four days, 5th Jan , 1st time I talked to him over phone... Ahhaaa... what a sweet voice. unfortunately call doesn't last more than 4 minutes 43 secs. But the echo was in the air, sweetness of his voice doesn't let me sleep all night. And thereafter we used all the modes communication available in this modern world. e-mails, SMSs, Phone calls, online chats, everything. Finally the days comes. "18th January 2009". We met first time... I cant describe the feeling in words. The whole thesaurus is not enough to describe that moment. Birds were flying through my minds, Rainbows were there in front of me. It was a winter but my body was sweating thoroughly. It was a nice meeting. I liked him. And I feel he also liked me. I came home. Depicted the whole experience to my mom. Again both family were in touch. But, his parents were not in town, infact not in county. They were in USA. They were coming to India by mid - feb. Ultimately the day come. 22nd Feb 2009. I was waiting for this day for so long. This was day for rendezvous of two families. A t?te-?-t?te of me with my would be in-laws. I was so nervous and anxious about this meeting. So as Ankit was. We both were mentally prepared to be a partner of each other for eternity. But both us belong to a traditional Indian Hindu family. So for us it is mandatory that both the families say "YES" unanimously. And all the things went right, nothing went wrong. My parents and my future in-laws were very happy after the meeting. In the end everybody got agree for nuptials. Yes, everybody got agreed to my marriage, Oops, our marriage. I pinched my self, no It was not a dream. But a dream-come-true. And I was the happiest person on the earth. Second happiest person was Ankit - my soul mate. After that we got engaged officially. Yes, I am committed now. And we decided to get married on May 17, 2009 - Sunday. So thats my story. A success story. Currently I am really busy with my wedding shoppings. But I dont want to miss the chance to express my gratitude to "SHAADI.COM". Thanks a lot for helping me in finding out my soul mate, my better half, my hubby. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your service. Finally on 17th May, a 5 month of courtship will come to an end, a happy end, a desired end, we are going to tie knot on this sunday. So, before that I sincerely express my gratitude to "SHAADI.COM". THANKS A LOT SHAADI.COM. Marriages are made in heaven, but you need SHAADI.COM to realize it.

Wedding DATE : 17th May, 2009
Ami & Ankit Team congratulates Ami & Ankit. We wish you both a happy future.
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