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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Renu & Sameer (13 May 2009)
Renu & Sameer
:::::Renu?s story::::: It feels great to be on the other side of the table. Have been reading the success stories from various happy members, now finally writing mine makes me realize the inner depth of happiness of those thousands of couples. Earlier, I somehow couldn?t understand the concept of finding a life partner the internet on matrimonial site. But now, I can totally vouch for it, after being engaged to Sameer. For me he is not just life partner, but a soul mate. I posted my profile on in October 2008, after a great push from my friends and family. Sameer's profile was by far the best profile I had ever come across. Hence, it just took me a day to positively accept his interest and, our success story started that instant itself. Now the clich? that ?someone somewhere is made for you? makes total sense to me. We being on different corners of the globe (Sameer in the US for long term project assignment and me in Mumbai) started using every possible medium to be in touch. Starting with mails, then going on text chats to finally talking over phone; the journey has been really pleasant. Everything seemed to work automatically between us, be it the frequency, the interests, our values or the chemistry. The comfort level just went on increasing day by day and before we knew, we became a very very integral part of each other?s lives. While this bond was taking its own course, our parents met here in India which made us much more content and added more positivity to the equation. This journey of speculations, apprehension, goose bumps, happiness, friendship and 'what if' questions came to an end when he planned a two-week trip to India looking forward to materialize this relation. We met thrice before taking the final decision, though from within we both were sure of the positive answer, as our hearts and minds had already met. Our families met to formalize the things and finally the BIG day 18th of March, 2009 came when our dreams came true and we got engaged. We along with our families are very excited and happy and its all thanks to you guys. We just can?t wait to start our life together as a man and wife. Honestly, a thank you seems to be a very small gesture of gratitude towards this site. We are indebted forever. :::::Sameer?s story::::: The thing that drew me to Renu?s profile was the most honest and heartfelt description she?d written about herself, her family, likes dislikes and such. I just couldn?t not express interest after seeing the profile and so on Nov 5, I hit the Express Interest button. She accepted my interest the very next day (yea!) but I didn?t hear from her otherwise. I was a regular (free!) member then and so I had no choice but to wait for her email. The wait continued for 10-11 days and something inside me wasn?t letting me rest in peace and hence I signed up for a premium membership and immediately wrote to her through the website. And voila, she replied to my email and we got going (the membership really paid off!) Since I was in the US and she was in India, we started communicating electronically to begin with for the first 3 weeks or so and when we felt things were going in the right direction, we arranged for my parents to go to her place in Bombay and meet her and the family. The meeting went very well and after that, we started talking on the phone. Time flowed by and my India trip wasn?t materializing for one reason or another, but we were sticking it out with each other. We had decided to not consider other proposals while we were talking (something she thought was crazy for me, given my logistical complications, et al.) ? but then that was the way it was meant to be I guess. The emotional connect and chemistry began to grow by the day and even before we could realize it, we were an indispensible part of each other?s lives. Sure there was some apprehension and nervousness ? what if this doesn?t work out? Are we being practical about this? But then before we could further dwell on such thoughts, we used to get right back on track. After almost 4 months of talking across the oceans, I finally managed to squeeze a two-week trip to India in early March and we met the very next day with our families. It was almost like two long lost friends catching up after a hiatus! It was beautiful. As if this was the moment we were both waiting for, all our lives. A few 1-on-1 meetings later, we both were very content, happy, totally convinced and were looking forward to spend the rest of our lives together? we had actually made our minds up during the first meeting itself (it showed on our faces! :)), but we both wanted to just bide our time before we came out in the open and revealed our decision to each other. But as they say, we were just meant to be together! Our families couldn?t be happier with our choice. We got engaged on the 18th of March and are all set to tie the knot later this year. A BIG thank-you to for making this happen!!

Renu & Sameer Team congratulates Renu & Sameer. We wish you both a happy future.
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