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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Suraj & Aruna (30 March 2009)
Suraj & Aruna
Marriages are made in heaven but as fixed on website. Its only website that 2.5 years of rigorous hunting for a suitable bride. I found Aruna in a weeks time of enrolment of 3 months period. We both thank for showing us our better half. First of all Aruna viewed my profile and express interest in me. Then my brother and mom seen her profile, liked her photo expressed interest.Then Aruna asked for my photo which was not uploaded in the website. Then we uploaded the photo and she and her parents liked it. Then both of our parents contacted each other through there mobiles seeing there mobile number of We exchanged each horoscope and showed to our Panditji. Luckily it was 18.5 gun that got matched. Secondly Aruna's father and mom visited at my place Mumbai from Surat.At my home my mom, dad, brother, bhabhi,tauji and my chacha was present. They came at around 8.30am. Talks got started between both the families. Some very interesting thing cropped up between their talks.Their were many things which were similar between both the families. A) Both of our families are originally from Panipat city. B) My dad's and her dad's name is also same i.e NARESH JAIN. C) My grandmother and her grandmother name is also same i.e KANTA DEVI JAIN. D) My birthdate is 17/02/1980 and her birhtdate is 17/03/1981 E) My birthtime is 05:11 am and her birthtime is 11:05 am They saw me asked several questions like where i m working,future aim and past background etc... Then they went back to Surat and discussed among themselves and they finally land up by telling our family to visit Surat to see our daughter. Thirdly myself,mom,dad,cousin sister,brother,bhabhi and my tauji visited Surat.Aruna's family greeted us warmly make feel us that we are at our home,served us more than expectations.In the drawing room we saw several paintings made by her own hands which my dad liked the most..Then we both talked each other for 7 minutes. After than my extended family asked many questions to her. Her saree colour was good.This showed her colour sense. My Bhabhi and Cousin sister liked her colour sense. Then we left there house answering our reply maximum by next day evening. Finally after going home we all thought a lot,even I did my brainstorming and finally came to a conclusion that she faired better in every qualities and we told YES on 25th Jan night to there family. This is how both the families from different states get united on We got engaged on 14th feb(VALENTINE DAY) and now marraige date has been fixed on 09-06-09 in Mumbai.... From the bottom of our heart we would like to thank to enlighten our life.. SURAJ & ARUNA JAIN

Wedding DATE : 9th Jun, 2009
Suraj & Aruna Team congratulates Suraj & Aruna. We wish you both a happy future.
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