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Shaadi Pride

Raghuram & Ramya (06 March 2009)
Raghuram & Ramya
Raghuram & Ramya
"Hello, Raghuram: I am really pleased to inform that I found my soul mate here - my life's sole project till now! I saw Ramya's profile here and felt I should express interest because I loved the way profile was written. I left my mobile no. and email in my message to Ramya. After a few days, I got a call from her. I liked the way she spoke - as though it wasn't the first time we were talking. And we continued to speak everyday for the next couple of weeks after which we decided to meet. :) The first meeting went smoothly, we felt comfortable with each other, shared a good time, liked each other's company but I had still not decided if she was the one I was looking for. We decided to meet again in a couple of days and I took my sister along with me to meet Ramya. Ramya and my sister spoke for sometime ...... cough, cough .. abt me :D. After my sister left, Ramya and I talked for a long time. That is when I felt the sparks flying between us and that I loved to be with her, though I didn't reveal this to Ramya. The rest of the day went fine - had coffee, window-shopping, getting to know each other, their families etc etc. Before dropping her off, I shared with her what I felt about this whole meeting, she seemed to be happy and I had no complaints. :) After a few days I shared this with my parents and they decided to meet Ramya and her family. When we met, all my family members liked Ramya and vice versa. And both our families also got along well. They decided on a convenient date for my engagement with Ramya, Feb 2nd, 2009. And we are getting married on Nov 22nd, 2009. I am really happy and as I found Ramya I wish everyone over here find their soulmates. Thanks, Ram Ramya: I think Raghu has summed up very well how we met. He 1st contacted me on Nov 23rd 2008 and true to his profile name - relentless - we will be married on Nov 22nd 2009!!! I have been waiting for the man of my dreams - a tall, dark and handsome modern day knight in shining Armour - in this case his shining bullet bike - for what seems like forever. And its true that when you meet the one - you know in an instance that you don't need 10 yrs or to go through 10 frogs before meeting your prince - one is all you need - for your life so far to make complete sense. Raghu, his looks, personality, nature, family - are all surprisingly exactly as I had specified on my profile!!! Its only been 3 months since we first spoke on Nov 27th but it feels like we've always known each other. It's an arranged marriage where the Horoscope match came before everything and anything else but now we love each other like we were made for each other. Now we cannot imagine our lives without each other. He has already brought out the best in me and I know things will only get better from here. What was really amazing was the I had come on a study vacation to India from New York and was in Manipal/Udipi and he was in Bangalore. Though I worked as an air-hostess for 2 yrs and he has never been on a flight, I have lived in over 10 countries changing houses every 6 months and he has been in the same house for the last 29yrs, we both belong to Brahmin Intercaste families and both of us had Ram in our names (Raghuram and Ramya Ram). As sure as we are now of being each others sou lmates, we would not have been able to cut through the differences in our experiences or even come across each other if not for I have only been on since Oct 2008. So thank you so much for making it possible for my Prince to find me so fast. We will always be grateful to for bringing us and many other couples like us together in marriage. Thanks, Ramya"

Wedding DATE : 22nd Nov, 2009
Raghuram & Ramya Team congratulates Raghuram & Ramya. We wish you both a happy future.
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