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Shaadi Pride

Manju & Arun (05 March 2009)
Manju & Arun
Manju Rastogi: "THE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL." I was overwhelmed, when I first saw Arun. Unfortunately we are one country to another far apart. He resides in USA and me in Australia, Even then, reading each other?s Profile, we could see much in common in our personal situation and life direction, we were intent to meet each other to confirm our perception. After exchanging some Emails he called me to come to US and I accepted his Invitation to progress the interest. We met and felt that we complement each other and decided we should meet a couple more times and continue to correspond in the meanwhile. It was perfect the first time we met. His caring nature and lovely smile impressed me the most. I can say "He is an angel?. A successful relationship often requires hard work and values integrity, trust and commitment. I observe and check if my partner exhibits these... After continuing conversations on phone we had strong faith and trust to advance our interest to merge our lives. After 6 months he visited my place and we had fun together doing vacation as well as trying out living together. Time advanced and I visited USA again to do joint activities, vacation and meet some of his friends and family. Time came to make a serious decision, merge our lives, make whatever adjustments that will be required that we are separated by day and night distance. I have, we have, for the rest of our life. Now we are dealing with the hard part of uprooting from established life on separate continents to wherever common destiny would dictate. We are eager to live under one roof and hope to accomplish that by next year. We, Manju Rastogi (PATEL) and ARUN PATEL wish to convey our gratitude and sincere thanks to you and all the members of your dedicated team for excellent service provided during our association at Shaadi. It was wonderful experience to find my match on Shaadi, the search was simple and easy to navigate. I never knew that my search will end successfully so very soon. We wish all the best to our peer members and much success to Shaadi Team. Arun Patel: What were the chances to find my ?true? life partner halfway up the ladder in life, small by any measure, I surmised, to find one on my own continent, may be, but not oceans and continents apart, it would seem hardly possible, but it has maerialized. No amount of praise for Shaadi Platform and its architecture to bring people together irrespective of geography with variety of communicating channels, tools to screen and secure environment to bring people together is enough. Thank you. I sought a relationship not based on matter of convenience. I sought a relationship for right reasons. It was important to me that I enhance someone else?s life and enhance mine in the process. I sought a person who was self sufficient, a confident person, with like values, someone who would be willing to date a few times in various environments, willing to do joint activities to recognize and assure each other that we would find what we seek in each other without pretense, that both of us are well along in life nothing less will do that both of us were quite happy in our lives but longing for a companion, someone to lean on without ever having to feel obliged and grow old gracefully in each other?s shadow. Manju impressed me with her total openness, her honesty and caring nature, sharing her situation without reservation from get go ? we shared many common interests and our values and life direction largely overlapped, it did not take me long to recognize that she is the one. I did not explore anyone as far away as on Australian continent but she contacted me. Call it destiny, may be, rest is history. Each successive step as we grew our interest, traveling halfway around the globe a couple of times to share time together in person, our intensity to merge our lives only strengthened. She has become my best friend and now we await merging our lives under one roof in short order. Thank you again. January 31, 2009

Manju & Arun Team congratulates Manju & Arun. We wish you both a happy future.
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