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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Rajesh & Anamika (12 January 2009)
Rajesh & Anamika
Rajesh & Anamika
Rajesh & Anamika
In my late thirties I was convinced that having been there, done that, my chances of finding a partner in crime were now virtually impossible!! Like most women my age I was a good professional, doing extremely well, had a decent life style and like most people in this world came with some much treasured extra baggage. The discussion of getting on with finding a mate who I could look up to (I am a person who walks that thin line between modernity and traditionality most days!!) was a multifaceted chapter. And posting a profile on a Matromonial site was ?obviously not me!!? Please? My mom an old economy stock person developed quite the love for this new age way of finding ?prospective men? for a seemingly difficult daughter?she was inspired by stories of people who had got lucky?needless to say I did not believe in it. As the story goes today my mom thanks everyday in her daily prayers so guys you are definitely becoming rich and will have good wishes in abundance. Anyways moving on? Being the eternal skeptic I hated and all that it stood. Fears can be funny things and was becoming a symbol of all that was wrong in my life. Anyways my mom and best friend got me a membership and I was reminded about it everyday. Finally I gave in and set up an elaborate screening process where they mailed or talked to the potential person, followed by forwarding me the person?s email to carry it forward. The system worked. I was chatting with five to seven people and having a ball chatting with some ok, some good and some very weird men. I had officially entered the ?Jai Ho phase?. I was overwhelmed; can a single site have such potential for change? Can it make you walk the thin line for dis-belief to belief, non-trust to trust. Needless to say my Shaddi .com partner Rajesh Iyer came along only after 15 days(!!!!) and the system fell apart. He refused to mail or chat. He wanted to talk. He wanted a verification whether a girl actually existed!! Registered as a person from Goa , I told my mom and friend he must be a smuggler, a party maniac or a serial killer. My mom talked to him and he turned out to be a Lt.Colonel in the Army. Hmmmm, I was asked to take his call be decent to him and tell him why I preferred chatting. I relented and though to myself, ?Let him call?will rake up a fat bill for him!!? Anyways he called and I read out the act?lets chat, then we will see if we wanna talk. All said in a very professional clipped tone which obviously I have acquired working in a Multinational for some years now. He agreed to chat and not call and never kept the promise. He called back in two hours of making the first call and the click has never stopped clicking since then. It?s a conversation for ever. Yes, we have never stopped since that faithful day. We have been in a Long Distance relationship?s since we talked the first time in September 2007. We got married on 29th December 2008 in New Delhi. A fairytale wedding with peacocks and cows!! Fairytales do come true?and Shaddi makes them happen. All my competitive and unmarried friends say things like, "You were the last person I ever thought I would see walk down the aisle," and, "If you could do it, anybody can." I take it as a compliment and talk often and openly about Shaddi.Com and how wonderful it is to find love a little on the later side. It's nice to give others inspiration! My only dream is a trip to Paris now?anyone at Shaddi listening? Anamika and Rajesh.

Wedding DATE : 29th Dec, 2008
Rajesh & Anamika Team congratulates Rajesh & Anamika. We wish you both a happy future.
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