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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Dipak & Sarju (31 December 2008)
Dipak & Sarju
Dipak & Sarju
Dipak & Sarju
Thank you very much for creating this website. I cannot imagine how else I would have met the girl of my dreams! I had first expressed interest in Sarju on August 26, 2008. Initially, she did not respond, but thankfully, her parents nudged her into giving me a chance. We started instant messaging right away, and after a few days, Sarju gave me her phone number and we chatted on the phone. Within one week, we were clicking nd having a good time talking on the phone. After two weeks of talking on the phone - one or two hours daily - we sort of knew that we were made for each other. But we still had not met face to face! So three week after the initial contact, we met half way between her home in Connecticut and my place in New York and had an 8 hour first date. The date was simply amazing. We both could not stop smiling and having a good time. We knew we had strong 'chemistry' but also had a very strong values match. After a few more ?8 hour dates, I met her family in the middle of October 2008, and she met my family. Soon thereafter, my parents met her parents in Mid November and everyone got along really well. The situation progressed quite rapidly. Sarju and I both had extensive dating experiences both on and off Shaadi, but we both knew early on that we would marry. After our parents met, my father call Sarju's father to say that he is happy to know that Dipak met the girl of his dreams. Sarju's father interprets that to mean that we are ?unofficially engaged?, even though I had yet to consider proposing! A few weeks after our parents met, I felt the time was right and decided to surprise her. Sarju works in the department of public health, and spends much of the day in meetings and thought that would be the perfect time to surprise her. I got a hold of Sarju's boss and she helped me set up a very important pretend meeting to happen at 4pm on a Tuesday. Though I usually met Sarju only on weekends, I drove to Connecticut on a weekday and slyly snuck into her office building and decorated her conference room with 25 red and white scented candles with colorful arrangements of rose petals. The ambience was set with candlelight and the earth angel' song by The Penguins as background music. Given that Sarju was expecting an important meeting and presentation, and that Sarju and I met online, I decided to propose to her using technology. Sarju walked into this candle lit conference room and I showed her a 32 slide PowerPoint presentation that documented our short history with many pictures, graphs, charts and photos with the last slide asking her to marry me. Of course, she said yes. Thank you

Dipak & Sarju Team congratulates Dipak & Sarju. We wish you both a happy future.
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