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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Ami & Ripal (28 December 2008)
Ami & Ripal
Ami & Ripal
Ami & Ripal
My Fiance (soon to be life partner, jeevan sagini) send me interest, which I accepted. About a month went by, but she did not continue with her interest. I requested for her contact detail, since she did not reply any more to me. I asked her if she was still interested, then we should at least talk more to get to know each other. She agree to communicate with me. First time, we met on messenger, I requested for her to come on webcam, but she did not have webcam working and she asked me to come on webcam. I told her that I have not shaven, and am looking very bad, she said it was ok. Well, I turned my Webcam on and she did not get scare atleast. We talked that time for about 2 hours about our values, thoughts and expectation. I asked to at least come on webcam next time, so I get chance to see her. Next, time she came online and we talked about our past and more regarding what do we want from life partner. We met few more time on webcam. During these times, we both cried and laugh together while talking about our past, values, and future plans and expectation. I was ready to make that final commitment, but in beginning she was still did not want to say yes to such a big question of life. She wanted to meet me in person, but since me being in US and she in Vadodara, India, it was tough. After many more email and webcam visits, she was also falling in Love. For me, I was very logical person and did not believe in love, until now. I always thought marriage as understanding and adjustment between two people until this time. She thought me that there is something like love. I stoped thinking about money and decided that I also would like to see her and spend some quality time with her. I talked to my manager and decided right after long weekend to make a trip to India. After all this, we were close already, so we decided to get Engage. I get to india after two weeks for only a week time during new years. My engagement plan out to be on the same day I land to India. One of my bag got lost, but i was able to get only one outfit that was needed in the second bag. I did not have my shoes (mojadi), but it did not matter. They came to airport to take me from Ahmedabad to Vadodara. We had flat tire in between but we still get there 5, then she went to beauty parler and i went to get ready as well. When she came, she seems little upset since it was late, but as soon as she show me, her all bad feelings went away. She has the most natural smile that you can see. We spend one of best week of anyone's life together. I want to thanks for being the driving force behind teaching me about love and getting me such a beautiful hearted person. Being very Indian (pure desi) with many old values even after 11 years in US, I found someone who i see as being my pure other half. We both have faith that this will be life-long loving relationship. I understand that everyone might have same feeling as the beginning, but this is something special that was made possible by I understand luck brings everyone together, but was part of this process.

Wedding DATE : 31st Jan, 2009
Ami & Ripal Team congratulates Ami & Ripal. We wish you both a happy future.
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