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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Ameya & Sonal (18 January 2005)
Ameya & Sonal
Ameya & Sonal
It was the month of sep 2003, that I heard frm my friend about Wasnt to sure of the whole new concept of finding your partner over the Internet. But it was definitly worth a try. So I enroled myself with one of the easy options and to my surprise I started getting prompt responses within the parameters that I had put forward to

Within course of time I narrowd my search to a few applicants one which was to be my future wife. Never really had the slightest inclination of what was in store for me.

Her name is sonal, who works as a lecturer at the University of Auckalnd, New Zealand and myself ameya working as a chef at Hilton Group of Hotels, UK. Two different corners of the world. After a while we started chatting to know each other. Then we moved on to calling each other. During the first few months of our interaction it was all about knowing each others likes/dislikes/hobbies..etc. as time passed by we felt like we have known each other for years. One meeting was very important to us because all this while the only means for us to communicate was the internet or the telecom. In this way we got involved in each other as if we know each other for ages.

Finally we decieded to meet up in thailand/bangkok which was in the month of July 2004. It was going to be quite intresting to physically meet who I had decieded would be my life partner after nine months of interaction through the net. The pressure was mounting on her side, she was being too skeptical and extremely cautious about this move. She was highly insecure, a lot of questions running on her mind and to be honest she made my life hell..... nah just joking. For me I knew what I had in mind and what would be the outcome of this wonderful relationship we shared full of love, trust and respect for each other.

It was worth capturing the first expression on her face when we first met in bangkok. Well things went fine after that and we decieded to tie the knot soon. We disclosed the news to our parents so that all the other wedding formalities and arrangements could be made.

So eventually on the 24th of November, 2004 we officially became Husband and Wife. Both of us are very happy to be togther and we would like to take this opportunity to thank to provide us with a platform and start a new life together.

Well as of now I am back in UK and she is back in New Zealand, from where we started, as she needs to take New Zealand residency before she flies to her beloved husband in UK. A few months of seperation, it has now revound those days back when we met through and how we interacted with each other through mails and phone.

Ameya & Sonal Team congratulates Ameya & Sonal. We wish you both a happy future.
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