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Shaadi Pride

Vijay & Charmaine (15 February 2005)
Vijay & Charmaine
Vijay & Charmaine
The following is for Charmaine, the woman that I have dreamed about all my life & today can't even imagine myself spending the rest of my life without her!

My name is Vijay. I had heard a lot about through the ads on the TV as well as through my surfing on the net. I never believed in it. On the 11th of October 2004, I applied for membership and got accepted. I started looking out to find my soul mate, met 3 women through this website but nothing was clicking, was on the verge of just saying what the heck, why keep on trying when am not going to meet anyone. Then I said let me give it one last try, was just scrolling through all the profiles and then I saw her, I thought let me try contacting her what's the harm and so I did. Did not receive any immediate reply and I also saw that she had not logged in for quite sometime, but still I kept persisting and then one day 30th of Nov. to be exact (I still have that email) she replies back and I reply back to her asking her where does she stay in Mumbai as she had told me that she is from Amchi Mumbai.

Believe it or not she comes from Orlem, Malad & I too live in the vicinity just about 15 minutes walking distance from her place. So we take it on from there, we emailed each other & we chatted quite a few times. Now this is sometime in the month of December. I tell her I am coming to Mumbai on the 14th of Jan 2005, as I have to attend a cousins wedding. She says ok. Then suddenly on the 3rd of Jan she tells me that another proposal has come for her and she does not know what to do. I tell her just hang on, I'm coming to Mumbai on the 14th and we'll see after that. If you don't like me, go ahead with the other proposal. But I was scared, real scared of losing her, I cannot express what I went through in the next two weeks, it was just a gut instinct of mine that told me, she is the one I have been searching for all this while.

14th of Jan comes. I am at the airport, I SMS her and tell her that I missed my flight and I wouldn't be coming that day, I would be coming the next day. She says no problem, but she knew I was fibbing and I was. It's just that I wanted to give her a surprise. So I caught the flight on time, landed at Mumbai Airport, left my mom who was also traveling me at home along with my luggage and I told my mom that I need to meet someone urgently and I will be back in half an hour. Mom told me ok, she knew I was going to meet Charmaine, but she told me come back fast as I was supposed to bring back dinner. That was at 8:30 in the evening on the 14th. I go to Charmaine's house at 8:45 with a bouquet of red roses. She's not there. Gone to their neighbor's house to see a newborn baby. I wait patiently as some one is gone to call her. She comes in five minutes later and there behold is the woman that I have longed to see & meet. She tells me she's very angry with me for telling her that I wouldn't be coming that day, but if true love is to be believed in, she melts away as fast as she can get angry, and I spent the next two most memorable hours with her just talking, forgetting about my mother and the dinner.

We met on the 14th of Jan 2005, believe it or not got engaged in 12 days time on the 26th of Jan (Republic Day) in full view of our parents and will be getting married on the 28th of December 2005. Whatever happened is truly unbelievable and I think is the most short-lived courtship ever (12 days)!!

Who would ever believe if I told them, I met someone from the same area that we both live through, met her for the first time and twelve days later bingo we are engaged to get married.

But I still remind her that we had to use to meet each other even though we came from the same place in such a big city like Mumbai when I was 2000 miles away working in Dubai. This is one experience, the both of us will remember for the rest of our lives.


Vijay & Charmaine Team congratulates Vijay & Charmaine. We wish you both a happy future.
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