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Shaadi Pride

Ankur & Vaishali (23 February 2005)
Ankur & Vaishali
My Dear ""

Now this time to SHARE my memories.... here.... with you..

Its amazing... to belive.. that we meet here...

well its we.. meet with the help of only and only ""

Myself.. I surprised... how come we get married..???

Well we meet each other thru. "" on 12 November 2000. Ankur had not paid membership.. so, he asked from Qatar to his mumbai friend to visit office and pay there.. his friend & his wife personaly visit office and paid. after paying..membership.. fees.. We started chatting from 16th Jan, 2001. Ankur was in Qatar and me myself in India.

We have intercaste marriage.. we have lots of probs.. lots of situations created not to marry each other.... but.. Even we both only communicate with each other online.. only.. we were chatting.. continuosly.. upto.. July 2004 .. then..

We have not meet personaly... We have not seen each other.. face to face..

Even lots of plp. and our freinds keep telling.. don't do.. this.. u plp never known each other.. etc.. etc.. but.. we both belive each others.. love, support, truthfulness, kindness..

Ankur was also having prob to come India.. he tried to come.. 3-4 times. but never... Only for me.. he decided to leave the Qatar job and get married ASAP with me.. that after cancellation of visit to India..lots of time..he come To help us and to Keep our Conditions and our mind - Ankur's all friends.. are with us all the time... 2day also.. they are with us...

After all..He landed here in India July 31st 2004. I visited Mumbai for him before a day.. and i was stayed with his one friends house.. after our meeting.. we both went to my family my parents again refused him.. then next day.. Myself decided he is only the partner.. i got.. n i don't want to leave him at any cost.... any how.. and also he was not able to do that.. any how...

Even Ankur's parents also.. tried how we can't get married... as my complexion is dark and he is fair... etc... he was in Nashik with me.. we decided to go again to Mumbai for marriage.. on that day.. all the trains and buses was cancelled.. due to heavy rain fall... all the routes were not working.. but now we both have to move from Nashik. so, we traveled from Pune to mumbai... this i don't want to do.. but.. Partner/love/truth.. these things i can't leave.. then.. i was leaving with Ankur and his parents 11 days.. then my parents agreed.. on our realtion..

After all these we got married on 21th August, 2004. We have reception in Nashik on 22nd August, 2004. Also, my birhthday is on 6th August and Ankur's 8th August.. and our marriage was on 12th August this August month was just loveable... for us..

Now my parents are happy with my this DECISION and Ankur's parents are also happy... they LOVE ME.. such a way... as their DAUGHTER ONLY...

I don't know how.. these things happen.. so easyly.. without any quarls.. and disappointments... Now I am happy tooooo much.. I can't express my feelings.. I can't forget my "" with help of it only today i got my real real and only "REAL PARTNER"..

NOW also.. while telling u this story.. in my EYES TERARS COMES...

Thanx a lotttttttttttttt! I have not inform you abt my marriage... b'uze.. Every one tell you that we get married.. but I want to tell you the things after marriage how My Choose is right..

"I got married with your help..
I get my love with your help..
I get right Partner with your help..
I get life with your help..
and many more...."
Less to express myself...

"ek din ap yun..humko mil jayenge...
meine socha na tha...
ek din jindagi etani hogi haseein..
meine socha na tha..." - for ""

Again "THANX" (word is small the meaning is LOT)

Now I use to tell my friends and my relatives to get register with

By this inspiration.. i wrote one story.. "Eka Premachi Goshta"(meaning - One love story) which got more and more Marathi peoples...

Ankur & Vaishali Team congratulates Ankur & Vaishali. We wish you both a happy future.
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