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Shaadi Pride

Ashmi & Manish (24 September 2008)
Ashmi & Manish
Hi Here are theglimpses from Our Success Story Me and Manish both had signed up with shaadi because of the obvious fear and apprehensions about the kind of matches that our parents shall be forcing us into.It had been a long tenure for both of us being member of shaadi and we were almost loosing hope. Then one fine day or should I say a great day,I ashmi expressed initial interest for Manish. It was not like hundreds of other interests expressed several times on There was a little spark and a knot inside where i wished that God, make it work!! but actually never expected that anything is ever gonna happen. Just on the following night the miracle happened where Manish straight ahead asked for my contact no., and unlike in other cases where I am very reluctant to give away my phone no, dunno wat went wrong or right with me, that without thinking twice I gave the number over internet. Following afternoon when I was in my office giving power point presentation in front of department head, my cell rang, anonymous number, the voice said "Hi I am Manish" and to my surprise I needed no further reference. His picture reflected on my mind and i got a little uncomfortable being in front of my Boss. Without giving him anymore chance to introduce himself I said that "sorry, lil busy, can i call back?" Evening before even reaching home I called him back, It was 7 wen I called.We hunged the phone at almost 2 at night. We wondered if it was love at first.....We were both charmed with each others behavior and style. We dated for almost 2 months till we became mad about each other, many a time he had to fly down to Bangalore from Bombay to satiate our need of seeing each other, and it became extremly tough for both of us to think of marrying anybody else. Finally we both formally told at home, to the extent we could tell. We both never had intentions of going for love marriage, as parents were both of ours first priority. So further process and final decision were completely in parents hand. Further the entire story goes typically indian where Girl wears sari and brings tea into the room when the prospective inlaws analyse her every single move. Though it wasnt so easy but I cracked the big exam, similarly he also tried his best to impress my parents and mom dad had to be proud that I found him. Our knot has been tied by now, but we still remain amused by the ease with which our dreams have come true.It was like a Fairy Tale!! We can proudly say that we have done Love Marriage and not Arranged. All Thax to

Wedding DATE : 16th Jan, 2009
Ashmi & Manish Team congratulates Ashmi & Manish. We wish you both a happy future.
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