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Shaadi Pride

Arundhoti & Kaushik (09 March 2005)
Arundhoti & Kaushik
Arundhoti & Kaushik
Arundhoti & Kaushik
Thanks to Shaadi .com. U have indeed done a great job in uniting me and my hubby Kaushik. I was from a remote town of Assam and he was from Delhi. There was no chance of our meeting if wouldn't hv given us the chance. I was looking for a caring and understanding husband who would never create any hindrances in supporting me my family after marriage as I was the only Child of my parents. I had clearly mentioned it in my profile also. Once we started talking after initial introduction through Shaadi.Com there started a parental talk. In this connection there was a nice story which I would like to share with you. After an initial parental talk his mother invited my father to come down to Delhi to see him as well as their establishments. So me and my parents came down to Delhi one fine morning. He was supposed to be there to fetch us as it was my first time to Delhi but getting down from the train we did not find anybody of his type in the station.

I was really scared. It was just relying on me and some phone calls my parents agreed to come down to Delhi and now if he happened to be a fraud I would have been in great shame and difficulty. It was a strange feeling. Then I went out from station alone in search of a PCO which I could find getting outside the station. I was alone in a new place was in a great mental turmoil. After a long queue I got the receiver.. oh that was a horrible feeling for me.. I was scared.. I was in a mixed mental state. When the phone was ringing I was keeping my fingers crossed as if he wouldn't have picked the ph up and was really playing with me and my family I would not have been in any place but yes.. i could listen a hello from the other side..I was relieved. .asked him where are you he replied Am at Platform No 7. The very platform where we were standing but was on the other corner of the platform. Yes I was relieved. That was going to be out first meeting.

Then narrated him my parents looks and came back running ..and at last for the first time we met, I was happy and relieved after that could feel that he is the right person for me. His parents also liked me. So finally we got united by the grace of God on this 27th of January, 2005 in Delhi . Its obvious has given us the opportunity of meeting for the first time in a website otherwise this miraculous happy ending wouldnt have been possible. We thank frm the core of our heart to the entire team . Its really thank worthy and wish all other members that they get their dream partners frm this site soon.

Arundhoti & Kaushik Team congratulates Arundhoti & Kaushik. We wish you both a happy future.
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