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Shaadi Pride

Anurag & Sanjukta (30 August 2008)
Anurag & Sanjukta
Anurag & Sanjukta
Well, it all started around the month of September 07. It had been a year since I had broken up with my college sweetheart and I thought I would never find someone who would like me just the way I am. My elder sister already had her profile in and urged me to put my profile too. As I had no intentions to get married I said no to the idea. Even then, my sister convinced me to put my profile and told me to atleast start the process and accept the people those who wanted to get married after 2-3years later. So i gave in my profile, not to deny but i did get number of ideal and not so ideal matches. The only problem was that I was not a paid member so I could not answer the messages to people who I liked. I did speak to one person hailing from Mumbai,but as I spoke I got to know he was not my kinds. Then within a week I accepted this person called anurag menon. The profile matched totally, as he was a Christian and so was I,the age was fine too,I had no problem with his being a south Indian though I was a Bengali as I knew if I really clicked with someone ,nothing else matters. So the next day I got a message from Anurag Menon a ?hello? now there was no way I could return his hello as I was not a paid member(so people who are not ,I would suggest you become a paid member). So I waited, and luckily in his next message he sent me his number and said that I could call or message him incase I was a interested. So I was really lucky and he was smart to know that as I accepted him I might be interested. The very next day I messaged him in the morning on my way to office around 8.30am saying a simple hi and giving my profile id of waited the whole day for his answer but then thought maybe he actually was not interested. But suddenly at around 8.30pm he messaged me saying hello, and that he had just got my message and that it was great to hear from me. He was a little confused as he got my morning message at night and I said a good morning,&for a second he had thought maybe I am out of country or something. Then he started calling, &we started speaking and speaking and speaking,and within a week we realized that we were actually in LOVE. Well for me it was really ridiculous as I never believed that until you know that person for a long time you cannot fall in love. But here I was so much in love. I did inform my friends, sis and mother. As I do not have my dad I informed a very close uncle of ours staying in Bangalore In the mean time mr.menon came to Kolkata with his friends to see if we clicked when we were actually infront of each other. And very very fortunately we did click. He had also brought his friends along with him and all of us had blast together. My family also liked him a lot and that was the most important thing that mattered to me. The uncle from Bangalore met him, spoke to him, talked about the important details which one needs to know. We got engaged on 25th may 08 in Bangalore. I am still pursuing my masters degree so we got engaged thinking that we would get married in December 08,as my exams would be finishing in October. When I went to my college I found out that my exams are postponed to December. And we could not wait any longer. I spoke to my uncle. My sister and my uncle convinced my mother and we got married on the 1st of august 08 in Kolkata. We had a lovely ceremony. And here I am in Bangalore with the person of my dreams and who means everything to me, haring wonderful lives together and forever till death do us part. The only sad part is I will have to be going back to Kolkata to finish of my final exams, just for days but will miss my hubby so much. Thank you so much for finding me someone so so so amazing. Both of us are so glad that we found each other. Definitely is the best matrimonial site ever. And I have also convinced a lot of friends to join in and they are happily searching for their mr. or miss right. Thank you again for giving me my Mr.Right. Love you guys?.. Regards from MR .AND MRS.MENON

Wedding DATE : 1st Aug, 2008
Anurag & Sanjukta Team congratulates Anurag & Sanjukta. We wish you both a happy future.
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