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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Avani & Mehul (07 April 2005)
Avani & Mehul
Avani & Mehul
Avani & Mehul
First of all I would like to thanks team for giving such a wonderful service. I will be very happy to share my experience with you.

My name is Avani. Actually I was very much courious about the matrimonial sites, how it works? how people contact each other? and so on. One of my friend was registered under it and I often see her to check her contacts, so out of curiosity I registered myself on 8th or 9th of December 2004. Many contacts came but I declined some of them or not responded because I am a Gujarati girl and don't want to go for other than Gujarati. I have just post my profile to know the system, as I was not at all serious about it and that's why I requested (on help) to close my account on 14th December, but they asked me for what reason I would like to close (as is I got my partner? or any other reason) But I don't have any reason so I had not replied them.

On 16th December a massage came (from Mehul, rightnow he is my fiancé but that time he was a unknown person to me) as he like my profile and proposed me to see his profile and if I like it, can contact him. I saw his profile, everything was ok and suitable to my choice also. I emailed him asking for his full biodata. He emailed me his full biodata, I again asked for his birth timing as I was very much traditional about marriage and believing in horoscope matching. He gave me that also and asked for my detail. First of all I matched it, found very satisfactory then only I emailed my biodata but without my telephone number and my residential address (as how can I give such details to an unknown person) Again he emailed me asking my contact number and then I decided to go further on this matter and gave him my residential number.

Then after we go ahead with our parents only, we (myself, mother, father and uncle) reached at their residence on 16th of January. I saw him for the first time, he is very handsome and I thought might his expectation will be very high but we had a personal talk more than a hour. He is very frank, very kind nature and a decent man. I feel very much positive from his side. Then we had a second meeting on next Sunday i.e. on 23rd January and finally we met on 26th of January on Wednesday and it was our last and final meeting and put a step for a sweet relation. Thus our life changed within a very short period i.e. only ten days.

We got engaged on 4th February and going to be married on 28th May 2005. Now a days peoples are asking us as have you are getting love marriage or arranged marriage? We don't understand what to answer them but our friends are teasing us that we are getting an internet marriage but everybody want to know our story.

Avani & Mehul Team congratulates Avani & Mehul. We wish you both a happy future.
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