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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Naveen & Pooja (12 June 2008)
Naveen & Pooja
Naveen & Pooja
Pooja and I first met on around August 2007. I contacted her twice, and I finally got a response from her elder sister, who was managing her profile. When I first spoke to Pooja, she told me, she did not really have any interest to come to USA, but I guess my charm convinced her! We spoke over email for about two months, and then I called her a few times, and we talked on the phone for a few hours, and I got a very high phone bill!! I planned a trip to India in October 2007, to attend my cousin's marraige in New Delhi, and I wanted to meet Pooja at the same time. She wanted me to come over to her house, but I was slightly not willing to go there, and I suggested that we meet for coffee and talk. She wanted her parents to come along also, for the meeting, but then I ended up bringing my cousin with me, and she brought her sister to the meeting. We met in Vasant Vihar, and had coffee for about one hour and got to know each other. Pooja was shy to talk, but I was able to learn about her, and she was looking very beautiful the day that we met. The next day was my cousin's marriage, which went on for 4 days, so I didn't get to meet Pooja again until the following week. I had gotten a prepaid cell phone in India, so I was able to talk to Pooja on the phone and SMS her as well. After my cousin's wedding was done, we went to a small village in Punjab, to visit my dad's side of the family, so I had to wait even longer to meet Pooja again. We got back to New Delhi, on October 26th, and I had first met Pooja on October 17th, so it had been about one week since we saw each other. My parents were going back to Detroit, Michigan, on the 26th, so we decided to go to Pooja's house, to meet her family. I told Pooja on the phone, that we are a simple family, and please don't dress up, wear some western clothes, something simple, and lets just have tea and snacks, and please don't invite a lot of people over, so our families can talk quietly. When we got to her house, it was totally opposite! It look us about 1.5 hours to get there, because we got lost, and when we walked in, we were overwhelmed, because there were like 20 people there, and kids running around and Pooja was no where to be seen. She finally came out, 30 minutes later, wearing this heavy yellow Indian outfit, looking like a bollywood queen, and I thought to myself, oh god, this is to much! Then her parents treated us, to a wonderful lunch, and I got to meet her entire family, even though I left confused , as I had met so many people that day. I also found out, that Pooja and I , share the same birthday, AND she has a twin brother, so that was cool. Our first date, was the next day, on Friday October 26th, and we met in South Ex, in New Delhi. I hate people that are late, and Pooja knew that, and I did not have any minutes on my phone, I had forgot to charge it, and Pooja was one hour late, but when I saw her, I was happy, and it was worth the wait. We saw this movie, Jab We Met, and Pooja translated half of the movie for me, which was nice, then we had lunch, and just talked about life, and her moving to USA, and other things. We continued to meet every day, for the next 5 days, going to another movie, we went to this park with amusement rides, had lunch at Pizza Hut (my favorite), went to a few temples, and I also went to her house, for a more private dinner with her mom, dad and brother. I left for USA on November 1st, 2007, and since then, Pooja and I have talked on email, messenger, and of course phone. Her parents were really nice in the fact, that they did not pressure me, or my family to make any decisions, and I told her mom, that I needed more time to get to know Pooja. In the end of January 2008, our engagement was announced, after our parents talked, and we started making preparations. Due to some work related commitments , we were not able to have any functions until October 2008, so it has given us plenty of time to get to know each other, and our families. Our engagement is planned for October 8th 2008, in New Delhi, and Pooja and her family is making all the arrangements, my parents, my sister, and I , along with my best friend Matt, all 5 of us, will be going to India in October. Our wedding ceremony and reception is planned for October 26th 2008, in Detroit, Michigan, and we hope everyone from Pooja's family can join us. Thanks for helping us find each other.

Wedding DATE : 26th Oct, 2008
Naveen & Pooja Team congratulates Naveen & Pooja. We wish you both a happy future.
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