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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Deepesh & Prashanti (28 May 2008)
Deepesh & Prashanti
Deepesh & Prashanti
Deepesh & Prashanti
Before I start on with anything let me thank' Shaadi .com' for playing such a greate role in both of our lives and bringing to me the Mr. PERFECT in my life from miles away,as i lived in Dubai and Deepesh is from America. It so happened that my mom was very keen in getting me married as i started earning. I was living in dubai with my dad and mom kept visiting us every alternate month with a list of proposals I was never interested and kept making fun of every damn proposal. Then it so happened that through sometime in the month of october my mom was accquainted with Mrs. Sulochana who now happens to be my Mom in law and lives in America. The first co-incidence was such that both shared the same first and last name being sulochana after chatting for two three days my mom spoke to me abt all this, I was as usual not happy and kept playing the fool as I wanted to make a carreer. I worked as a graphic designer in Dubai and Deepesh was from the IT field in America. After a lot of discussions, finally I agreed to visit deepesh's aunt who lived in Dubai and had gone to their house for dinner we all met and to my surprise even deepesh was called to chat with me, then after speaking to him I felt very comfortable sharing talks with him I was fine with my parents proceeding on with the proposal and seeing the horoscope match. But even with deepesh he was also not so keen in getting married so early and so was not sure with anything. He spoke to me and said that he woud be visiting Dubai in Feb and woud meet me in person and then we could go ahead with our decisions. I was fine with it and yet both of us kept chatting not with any relation in mind but just friends after getting to know each other deepesh also started calling me and his phone bills kept rising it reached to the extent of excess card limit. Since we had a time difference both chatted in completed odd hours like late night 3'o clock all started teasing us 'CALL CENTRE' then one day all of a sudden deepesh agreed that he was ready for the wedding and that too before meeting me. As days passed Deepesh Could not manage to come to dubai bcoz of his work and by then the date was also decided for the wedding so he tried to come down earlier in the month of april to India as I had already come to India in march end then just one month before we got wedded we met each other and were very happy with our decisions. Now we got married in Tirupati and our flying to the USA on the 29th. I would be going with Deepesh and his family to America and we would be Celebrating our reception even there. All thanks to for coming up with a such a excellent view to bind people into great ties and bring them from miles apart to so close bonds thank u again.

Wedding DATE : 11th May, 2007
Deepesh & Prashanti Team congratulates Deepesh & Prashanti. We wish you both a happy future.
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