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Shaadi Pride

Vijay & Smita (27 May 2008)
Vijay & Smita
Vijay: Yes, we met through (and we both are thankful for that) but a means was all that this site was...for marriages are made in heaven and after meeting Smita that belief has just got reinforced all the more. For me the initiative was taken by me?& started looking for prospective matches on this site beginning January 2007. I search through the profiles and send first Initiative purposal to the most relevant. We came across some good profiles and it was helpful to interact with different people and understand what each was looking for. It even helped me clarify ideas as to what was most important for me?but even though this went on for few months, I couldn't get close to finding the 'one' we all hope to find one day! And then came Smita. Oct 13th, 2007 was my first email to her after she had sent her details - Few more emails, online conversations and phone calls and there wasn't a doubt left that if there was someone at all she was! By 20th Oct I had conveyed as much to her, and we both agreed upon our first meeting - Jan 20th, 2008 in Mumbai. The meeting with her family too went well and another one between the two parents was arranged soon after... That is how it happened in short?but our courtship continued through phone calls and Internet (the way it started) and lasted almost 3 months till 9th March, 2008 - the date we got married and I got to bring back with me my best friend and closest confidant for life. Our love has just grown stronger since then! Once again, even though knowing Smita I have no doubt that she is God's special blessing for me, and this alliance was decided and arranged by the Almighty Himself, I will still like to thank in the role they have played as the being the facilitators for this match! Smita: I had registered on out of curiosity, which with passing days, weeks and months gained seriousness in finding my life partner. I had been on the site for nearly 3 Months, and with no luck so far had almost given up hope of finding my Mr. Right through this medium. My frequency of keeping the profile hidden increased significantly, and accesses to the account dropped sharply? which led to receiving a number of reminders from about being more active on the portal. After receiving one such reminder, I decided to close my account - the day was 19 Oct 2007. Even though I had made up my mind, my sister suggested that it may be a good idea to check the profiles one last time? open interesting ones and give it one final shot. After passing through a few pages, we came across an interest that had been sent on 17 Oct 2007. One thing that got my attention was that it had come from the parent. Though I had my doubts that things would work out here due to certain reasons (his being Banker etc), something within told me to go ahead? and I sent the acceptance with my email address. The next morning I was surprised to receive a mail from him. No sooner had I replied with my phone numbers and yahoo id than we happened to meet online on Jan 20th. A phone call followed the same evening, and as I was listening to this sweet boyish voice from the other end? an instant easiness came into me that left no room for discomfort. The conversation flowed smoothly and two hours later when I kept the phone down, I already had a soft corner for this gentle man. I still wasn?t sure whether it would go all the way, but was at least certain that I had come across an excellent human being in all respects. If things went well it would be great, otherwise I would still consider myself lucky for having found a new friend in him. The online conversations and phone calls went on for next few days, and soon it was apparent that we both wanted to take it to the next level & then next.. next... next... We have had some tough times in our lives since then, but then?during these most difficult times is when we have realized how much we love each other and how empty life is with out each other. Today, I feel proud to be his wife? we both believe that Everything Happens for a Reason? and for me the reason is my husband Vijay! This wedding has now been stamped as a love marriage from all who know us? family, friends, relatives? and many singles in our circle have already signed up or are planning to sign up with with a hope of finding their mate? not just a life mate but a SOUL MATE !! Thank you very much for being His medium in bringing us together!! Wedding DATE : 9th Mar, 2008 Vijay & Dr. Smita

Wedding DATE : 9th Mar, 2008
Vijay & Smita Team congratulates Vijay & Smita. We wish you both a happy future.
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