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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Abbasi & Amreen (19 May 2005)
Abbasi & Amreen
Abbasi & Amreen
Abbasi & Amreen
Thank you We are one soul from 6th of April 2005 and we will be tying the knot on 5th of January 2006..

Myself Abbasi.. I am member since last 3 years.. I have been in contact with many interesting and nice personalities due to this media. And I am really grateful to this platform which really made the search of our better half at the click of a mouse..Thanks to for availing this web, a wonderful medium for the limitless search of their dream- mates. I hope you guys will continue to rejuvenate this service with more ideas and it will help more people to meet their soul mates..I have created profile on with very simple wish.. I want to find a life partner with whom I can share my whole life.. I just want to fall (rise) in love with that person..And yeah I have find her finally... After 3 years of I found my love..She is Amreen Sikander.

Amreen is from bombay and myself from Dubai.. I have contacted many profiles and many person contacted me but nothing got clicked.. I was on my annual vacation in April to India. Before leaving from Dubai I have sent several invitation to prospective match..Amreen was one of them..Amreen was kind of very special as I really gel with her in communication. We have some great compatibility in talking and our commmunication turned out to be impeccable.the first person whom I met in mumbai on first day is Amreen..We met for lunch and we know already till then that we are made for each other.. I met her parents in evening and we finalised our engagement.. EVERYTHING WAS SO SUDDEN!! IT JUST LIKE LIGHTENING SPEED!! We really develop great Trust during our communication for 25 days when I was in Dubai..

We got engaged finally..During her stay in Ahmedabad she really help me out in fighting in fighting some critical ,dreadful and unexpected situations that came up which was relatred to my family health .The positive thing out of this situtaion was that this strengthened our trust ,belief and love with each other and help us build a stronger lifetime bond . Amreen turned out to be my strength and motivation during that period..Thank god I got my love at this stage.. She really had concern for my family. She really changed my life.. I couldn't able to ask any more from god after getting her in my life.. I SIMPLY LOVE AMREEN..

Amreen, my soulmate, was very keen on sharing our success and letting Shaadi know, that if it was not for you all , we would have never experienced this wonderful, life changing experience and this sense of accomplishment (of achieving my soul mate) and we heartily grateful to you. Its hard to appreciate all your features together but I'll certainly praise some below mention features which make ours and other people life very easy.

Smart search(where you can search by sub caste, which is very imp. for our kind of dawoodi bohri sub caste as we are very traditional in our approaches) Saved searches where u can save your own criteria. option to post multiple photos and several photo management options are great. And very lucid, easy and informative profile page.. Features list cannot be completed by any means and it will be go on and on....

Finally I want to conclude my wonderful experience with below mention wisdom, "Accept everything which fate brings to you & love the people whom fate binds to you but do everything with your whole heart..If fate brings Lemon to you make the lemonade"... Make your profile on today

Abbasi & Amreen Team congratulates Abbasi & Amreen. We wish you both a happy future.
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