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Shaadi Pride

Harish & Madhu (24 April 2008)
Harish & Madhu
Harish & Madhu
HARISH: First of all, thank you so much for creating a platform that helped us meet. We really appreciate the great work you guys are doing getting people together all over the world. I was on the site for 4 months before I met Madhu and she was on it for about a year. Madhu contacted me on December 6th 2007 and I was little bit apprehensive as I am living in US and she is from Singapore. I really liked her profile and so I called her on her phone. She had just finished an interview and was walking through a mall. We spoke for about an hour. Me on my couch and her in the mall. Right from day one I felt we connected at various levels. She made me feel very comfortable and she completely balances my personality. Fortunately for me, she was in between jobs and that helped us to get to know each other more as we had a 13 hour difference. Every night, I would come from my work, grab dinner and wake her up everyday with my phone call. I completely cherish those moments. My day was never finished without hearing her voice. I fell in love with her personality and her voice, even when we had not met yet. I had planned on visiting relatives in India after 10 years in Feb 2008. So I indicated to Madhu if she could come and meet me in India since I could not fly to Singapore due to a tight vacation time. Kudos to her, she flew to India and we met for the first time in Chennai. Seeing her in the airport, gave a life to my mental picture that I created from looking at her pics. She was everything I wanted and more. We spent 4 days in Chennai together and loved it. We had the chemistry and compatiblity. She went back to Singapore. We felt we needed more time to get to know each other. Fate again gave us an opportunity in the form of Madhu's new job. Madhu's new job starts in July '08 and this meant she is free from March to July. So she was able to come and spend time with me in the US for 2 months. She met my friends and family. Everyone loves her. I have also spoken with her family. Our families are happy with our situation. She is going back to Singapore in May, and I will be visiting her in Singapore in July so I can meet her family and friends. We are looking to get married by end of this year. MADHU: I told Harish from the beginning that I was not on this site because I felt it was time to get married- I was happy with singlehood, and I would only marry if I found someone who inspired me to be his forever. Harish, without a doubt, is that person, the person I dreamt of as a girl. I still have no clue why I contacted him as his profile was minimal (he is a private person), but I loved speaking with him and listening to him. Eventually, he won me over with his patience, understanding, maturity, generosity and affection. For him, I am thankful. We know some people are embarrased to claim they met on a matrimonial site. But we're not- what we love about each other is our honesty and maturity about things. People meet through all sorts of ways, and this was ours. For others on this site: 1. Do not compromise on the type of person you want to be with...2. Have patience...3. Remember that online dating and long distance relationships are not for everyone...

Harish & Madhu Team congratulates Harish & Madhu. We wish you both a happy future.
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