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Shaadi Pride

Bitan & Shyama (18 June 2005)
Bitan & Shyama
Bitan & Shyama
Hey you! Is there anybody out there? Feeling lonely, feeling cold.

A few lines from one of my favorites Pink Floyd. Below is the write-up for shaadi but I need your password so please pass it on and of course make any edits you would like to the text below and then I can submit the success story once I have received your password.............

We came, we browsed, we made contact and the rest is history and all within a month of the first contact and I cannot believe we were almost going to give it all up by pulling our membership out since we were not getting anywhere in our search. Its true what the experienced say - success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Ours is a true love story only to be written into some heartwarming movie script. We were always made for each other - the similarities and the connection was striking - but we could not have found one another without shaadi. Three cheers for shaadi and may many others out there find eternal happiness and success in their pursuit of the ONE!

Now, for the story, Shyama contacted me via shaadi messenger on April, 19th 2005 to indicate her potential interest due to similar interests in music, the values in life and the desire to appreciate the simple things in life while at the same time evolving ones life and enhancing each others by building a strong lifelong partnership. We were both very mature and had similar expectations in life and once I started writing she never stopped replying. I had incidentally planned to visit India on some personal work on May 15th even before Shyama contacted me and so we expressed interest in checking each other out since we liked our communication. By the time the India plans were finalized we knew we had a very strong connection - like Shyama put it she was 70% there even without having met me. I put my mother in touch with her and they were able to get along very well in a spate of a few days. Everything just kept falling in place and the puzzle was quietly unfolding to our joy. That's when we actually started believing that there is somebody out there just for us.

I landed at Kolkata on May 21st at night and visited Shyama and her parents on the 22nd at her house. While the elders got to know each other, we went to park street for our first date and Shyama acted as the city guide. As soon as I stepped into her house and saw her I was amazed by her confidence, personality and appearance and I instantly knew she was the one. On our first date we solidified our intentions and I proposed since any delay would be like trying to keep two souls meant for each other unnecessarily away from each other and so she accepted. So, on the night of 22nd May both Shyama and me were confident that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other and no one else. There were other people (non shaadi contacts) who I was supposed to meet but they were all called off within the blink of an eye.

Now, the challenge was to break the news to the elders and plan a wedding in 5 days since I was leaving to Chennai on 27th. Her parents were invited the next day, May, 23rd to my flat where there was a house warming ceremony in progress since that was my initial intention of traveling to Kolkata and there with the help of my guruji who was representing my dad the news was broken to all parties present. Other than the time constraints everyone was happy with the news and once we were past that the marriage was fixed for May, 25th since it was an auspicious day and all arrangements were made by my guruji. The very next day Shyama and me were off to do our shaadi shopping and it was so much fun since this is how we both always envisioned our marriage should be like. It was two days of non stop action, shopping for our rings, our clothes, gifts, marriage ornaments, etc but the fruits of all those tiring days and nights were beyond imagination. We are so glad we found each other and now I am just counting the days for her immigrant visa to get approved and for her to join me on what would be a fitting beginning of our journey through life. These are definitely exciting times...........Thank you so much again! There truly is someone out there just for each one of us and all we need to do is to get out there and find that person and keep at it until we do.

Bitan & Shyama Team congratulates Bitan & Shyama. We wish you both a happy future.
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