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Shaadi Pride

Mruga Patel & Manan Thaker (09 August 2014)
Mruga Patel & Manan Thaker
Mruga Patel & Manan Thaker
Parents set us up on and we both didn't expected to be together. It was totally random out of no where interest which was sent by him to me. I did not pay much attention to him thinking he is just one of those guys who's parents put him on and just looking for girls because of his parents asked him too. However whatever I thought ended up being totally opposite I mean he was so serious and was sincerely looking for a girl to settle down with. My side of the story was parents asked me to put myself on since they heard many good stories and I wasn't agreeing because I thought it is not possible to just see a person's profile and end up being with that person. I was so tired of answering basic questions to almost 95% guys. Most guys they would ask some questions that I always felt like that I am giving an interview to work for some company and not a partner, However in my story Manan I received his interest on 17 March . We emailed for two days and emails were just conversation of one liner sentenced. Third day we decided that its better we text eachother because of our busy work schedule where we would not have time to check our emails on So we texted each other for two weeks (only one liner text LOL ) I know its funny however we decided to call each other when Manan literally was about to give up I finally decided that I will call him. So I asked him when he would be free and when I called the first thing we talked about was sports. I mean thats not normal. I was so surprised that this guy he so natural and honest where he't not talking like he's taking an interview he was truly interested in me and he basically presented whoever he was and not trying to pretend he was someone else. Most people they pretend to be someone else and then once you are together that the true colors comes out. However me & Manan he made me feel like IU was just talking to a friend and no stranger. Then we face timed and saw each other. We spoke to each other for a month hours and hours and got to know each other so well that we decided to meet up. He is from Maryland and I am from Jersey. I ended up driving to Maryland since he invited me to his best friends wedding and the night of the wedding we met and he introduced me to his family next day and his friends as well. We just fell in love with eachother. Thanks to I never expected that i would get my life partner from here. Thank you once again. Thats our love story short sweet and a bit funny. Sorry couldn't provide more details then it would be three pages. This was just the closest I can tell you our love story. Thank you once again. :)

Wedding DATE : 23rd Apr, 2015
Mruga Patel & Manan Thaker Team congratulates Mruga Patel & Manan Thaker. We wish you both a happy future.
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