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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Aditi & Srinivasan (15 February 2008)
Aditi & Srinivasan
Aditi & Srinivasan
Aditi & Srinivasan
They say marriages are made in heaven..........but we really started to believe this when the sun of dawned on us /united here's our story - Vasu and I met on in late 2004. He lived in New Jersey and I was in Kolkata, India. His candid, profile and all toothy smile made me initiate the contact. He too accepted the offer because like he says - Her profile was refreshingly smart and honest, just as the person behind the profile was. We started to chat exactly 3 years back on 12th Feb 2005 and so this Valentine I decided its never too late to express gratitude to something as noble as that got us together. With time as we got to know each other online and over the phone we got to be extremely comfortable with each other(This went on for almost 9 months). A short visit to India in November 2005 gave Vasu the opportunity to meet me and my family. He proposed then and i accepted. We were married in Kolkata on May 7, 2006 and have been blessed with a lil angel Vaanya last year and you bet we are excited about our life together., we thank you for bringing us together. Vasu and I would not have met otherwise - we lived in different countries, and are from very different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, which would have made the other matrimonial sites difficult for us to meet as they mostly go by linguistic profile matching. Those weren't very important in Vasu's and my search and fulfilled our criteria in that regard and made the intercontinental distances shrink. Even now when i just sit back....and wonder how i could have met if not for see no other...I THANK GOD FOR LIL MERCIES....I THANK GOD FOR VASU....pssssssst n hey I do Thank you too for Vasu. Once again, Vasu and I are sincerely grateful and wish you the best in bringing more people together. A few tips for those still looking: - Donot restrict your ideas about online matrimony, there really are some really good genuine people out there. - Have an open mind and an open attitude. There would be some letdowns but a lot of thumbs up. - Taking a membership helps as it helps you to initiate a chat/email with someone without sharing your personal id. - Take your time to decide, meet in person before finalising and then choose the partner whom you feel most comfortable with. - Take your family into confidence and share people's profiles with them. Take their consent before finalising. - Good people get good things so if you are honest and true.......ditto......:-)!! GOOD LUCK N MAY THE CUPID BE WITH YOU THIS VALENTINE!!

Wedding DATE : 7th May, 2006
Aditi & Srinivasan Team congratulates Aditi & Srinivasan. We wish you both a happy future.
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