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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Tanuja & Ronald (08 January 2008)
Tanuja & Ronald
Its that feeling you get when you sense that you will never find your partner in crime so to speak. That true love you can count on through thick and thin. Or for better lack of words your soul mate. Yes, that?s me. I kept searching and searching for him, but soon grew tired and stopped my pursuit. It was my friend who had made my profile on I checked it on occasion, not really finding the person who really sparked me. I kept getting requests, but soon ignored them and focused my energy on school and work. I wanted to keep my mind busy. One day my friend told me to check my profile. I checked out his profile. I really liked how eloquently he described himself, what he was looking for in a woman. He seemed a like a strong minded individual. I thought this doesn?t sound like the A-typical Desi guy. Something caught my attention. I sent an approval to him, and he came back with a small note and his name. I read it carefully, and typed a message back to Ron with a request for his pictures. I finally got to see the man in disguise. I was very pleased to see how sweet looking he was, yet dashingly handsome. He was tall and well built. We exchanged emails back and forth and finally gave each other our contact information. I told Ron to please give me a call anytime. We finally got to hear each other?s voices. I was of course nervous, and later on I learned Ron was as equally nervous as I was. It was a slow start to get to know each other. I wanted to take it really slow and get to know him. On October 28, 2007 we met each other face to face for the first time. My heart was pounding, hoping I was the girl he was looking for. He sounded just absolutely wonderful on the phone. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco, right on Fisherman?s Wharf. We spent about a good half hour to an hour looking for each other. I had described what I was wearing but we were still finding ourselves going in circles. But I have to say I was pleasantly taken back with how patient he was with me. I finally spotted him. First thought in my mind; Dressed to impress. He had beautiful flowers and Godiva chocolates in hand. I kept thinking to myself, this can?t be true!!! Has chivalry come back? Ron handed me the flowers and chocolates, along with a gentle hug. I was beaming excited! We spent most of the day just roaming around the city and getting to know each other. We found that we had a lot in common as far as what had wanted for the future. After the meeting in San Francisco, we started talking on the phone more and more. Following the phone calls we were seeing each other almost every weekend. Our second date was on Halloween day October 31st. We decided to meet at haunted house in Fremont. I got there a little bit later than Ron, but he was patient with me and helped me with directions. Once I got there he was waiting for me and dressed nicely. After I got out of the car we both gave each other hugs and Ron complimented me on how nice I was dressed. The two of us walked hand in hand to the ticket booth and the entire night kept holding hands. Ron was giving me glances the entire night, but was well behaved and a gentleman. I was able to see Ron comic side as he tried to push me into the ghouls and ghost at the haunted house. We ended the night by talking about marriage and having a fun and romantic dinner. Ronald called me his Maraharni and I called him my Mahraja. We joked about not having many horses in our castle, but many nice cars. The both of had a fun filled evening. This was a night both us would ever forget. So when you feel like love isn't? out there? Trust me all means its there. Just takes a bit of patience and persistence. Thanks Shaadi for helping my Ron find me. Warm Regards, Tanuja

Wedding DATE : 15th Jun, 2008
Tanuja & Ronald Team congratulates Tanuja & Ronald. We wish you both a happy future.
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