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Shaadi Pride

Jenny & Akhilessh (29 July 2005)
Jenny & Akhilessh
Jenny & Akhilessh
Jenny & Akhilessh

It all started back in december 2004 when I decided to create a profile on thought to myself maybe within 2 years I may find some good possibilities of finding a husband. So I created my profile. I wrote everything that was needed to be known about me. Naturally if you are looking for a lifetime husband you would like him to know everything about your likes and dislikes and what you want in a man. I also filled in the age requirements the hobbies...everything about my family and how we function together. Everything I wrote in this profile was the truth! Anyway I began sending invitations to accept them. I was having fun at first...thinking that people are actually lokking me up and buzzing me.

After the first month I began getting tired of all these men trying to make contact with me. There were men who werent even reading my criteria and still trying to make contact with me. I was begining to feel that all this was wasting my time. So many men who writing crap and rubbish in their profiles were trying to contact me. I just kept on declining!!!

I declined lots of men profiles. Most of them were giving to much importance to there qualifications and university degrees and their high job profiles and the worst thing that annoyed me was that alot of men were stating that wanted a woman of high class background and for the woman to have high level of university degrees!!!! I mean whatever happened to love and humbleness and pure feelings???

I made 2 friends through shaadi. One man is in sidney and he was a decsent guy and my other friend is in russia and he also was a decsent guy.(Both indian) I still keep in touch with them and my husband also chats with them! Anyway after declining so many people...I was getting annoyed.

In february I decided thats it!!! I had had enough of all the weirdos and I was going to cancel my profile. It was February 12th 2005. I sat at my pc and I logged in to I started declining all these men that were not matching my profile at all. I got to the last profile and out of curiosity I opened the profile of Mr Akhilessh kumar Tiwari. His looks were good!! He had 2 pics. And I looked at him and the first thing I said to myself is that" I can live with this man" !!

Then I started reading his profile. His profile was matching mine in every single way. Religion ( we are both hindus) Spirituality (we are both god fearing and have strong faiths) for our parents...Everything he was writing in his profile was amazing coz it was like the answer to my profile!! He was so honest about his family....even though he is a brahmin of the highest caste...HE DID NOT BOAST ABOUT IT....and also he was not afraid to say that he was not in a good financial position.....and when he wrote about his university qualifications he was so humble (He is so clever and smart in every way)

Everything he wrote and said in his profile was simple and honest and from the heart! Our ideals and our values and our goals and both our hearts were matching!! When I finished reading his profile I felt like I was floating and flying to heaven!!! For me it was a miracle! I accepted him immediately!!!! I knew that I was going to marry this man there and then!!! I thanked God because I knew that it was because of God that we met! I always used to pray to God saying that if there isnt a man whom can match my character and my heart then please let me be single and to stay serving God.

But Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Mataji....they just brought us together!!! Believeing in them and praying to them everyday is my whole life! I may not do everything in the right way because I am not indian by birth ( I am a cypriot living in Cyprus) but my love and my faith is strong...its not about doing the rituals in the correct way but its what you feel in your heart and how you converse with them when you pray! Anyway I was so excited I cudnt wait to wake up the next morning and see if Akhilessh had responded. I knew inside that he would!

when I woke up a went to my pc and I had an email from him! He was just as happy as I was! I couldnt wait to respond back! We were both thinking the same thoughts, both feeling the same feelings, our taste in music was the same, our taste in films were the same, our hobbies were alike. I also tested him to see if he was for real....I spoke to him regarding visa(I have a british passport coz I was born in london, my parents had immigrated to london when Turkey invaded our country cyprus) anyway I emailed back to him and I asked him about it...although inside my gut and my heart I knew already that he was not a bad man and that his heart was pure! After sending him my first email and telling him about visa ..I cudnt sleeep all night coz I didnt want to offend him...but if he truley felt what I felt then he wud not be upset.

the next morning I got a really long reply...first by wishing me a happy valentines day and then telling me all the emotions of what he went through when he read my email.... I knew exactly how he was going to respond! And I loved him even more for that. We both felt the same emotions. I knew he wasnt after a visa. He told me that if I wished to live in india then he would buy a house in my name and we didnt have to live in london or cyprus. He told me that we could live wherever I wished. He had many arranged marriages and opportunities to go to the USA and australia ...but he declined all of them and left india and went to africa for a year just to escape the marriages! That made me admire his strength of standing up to his own beliefs in falling inlove with the woman he wants to marry!!!

Anyway we emailed eachother everyday. We axchanged telephone numbers after a week had passed and he called me. And there after we would spend atleast a minimum of 5 hours on msn chat. We spoke alot about our back grounds, our child hood years, our parents, our friends,our dreams....we exchanged many pictures of ourselves and our family.Then in march in addition to chatting on msn....we began calling eachother up...he would ring me first thing in the morning to hear my voice and then I would ring him at lunch time....and then he would ring me in afternoon....and then I would ring him in the evening.....and our conversations were atleast one hour chats sometimes 2 hours.

The plan was that he would visit me here in cyprus to meet my parents. But it was more easier for me to go to him in india. My parents at first were thinking that im crazy...and then when they read some of his emails they knew that he was a good man. On the 3rd of march I travelled to london to visit some of my relations and then on the 23 april 2005 I went to India Mumbai and My future to be husband greeted me at the airport with lots of red roses. We were both in shock and a little scared at first. Then we went to his home and we spoke for a long time and he held my hand while we spoke and his eyes were full of love and affection. I had been to india many times as I love india so much! I have always felt that india is a like a second home to my heart! I Always used to tell my mum that one day im going to go to india and live there!!

Anyway in the month of may we were just learning more about ourselves...we spent lots of time with his sisters family. I was lucky. His sister and her husband and their kids were lovely people! Suddenly from being single I became an untie. Myself and Akhilesh felt married from even before I went to him!!! He used to call me Mrs Tiwari!!! In june We travelled to Gorakhpur because that is where his parents village is.. Belsari. So myself and akhilesh and his sister and my little soon to be nephiew...reached Gorakhpur and I met my inlaws for the first time! I was very nervous but I knew that everything wud be fine! We stayed in a hotel there called Upvan. We then went to the court to do a court wedding first as my parents agreed to that and later the following year we wud do a weeding here in cyprus and then do a religious wedding in india.

But the magistrates officer required proof that I am of hindu religion before issuing a marriage certificate in english! So we had to go to an ARYA SAMAj temple. ANd we went to one but I did not like the people there as they were mocking our documents and claiming that the court did not really marry us. They were supposed to be religious people but in my heart I did not like them. I told my father in law to leave from there. So we all left. We were supposed to return back the next morning so they wud perform the ritual of baptizing me into a hindu.

I refused to go to them. I prayed alot that day and I asked my husband to go to the Gorakhnath Temple to see if someone cud help us there. We were lucky coz the big AVAIDYANATH THE HEAD OF THE TEMPLE AND THE SENIOR LEADER OF OPPOSTION PARTY. He welcomed us in one of the many rooms of the Temple and my husband explained what had happend! Mr Avaidyanath first made one fone call and within a few minutes someone came in and offered us prassad. Then he made a second fone call and he arranged in another Arya Samaj temple for us to go.He spoke to the priest who would perform my baptism and he also told him to marry us!

That day we were so happy! My birthday is on the 24th june...and the day we were going to get married and for me to be christened a Hindu was on the same day as my birthday!! On the day of our wedding it rained so much!! When we reached the Temple we were soaked in rain!!! The priest later arrived! He was so sweet! He gave me a Hindu name JAYA!!! We done our religious wedding also! My mother in law and father in law were with us and my sister inlaw. It was the best day of my life! Everything was simple but it was done with so much love and purity!!!! And everything the priest was saying he was telling my husband to translate in english for me....he was all so beautiful to be able to understand word for word the deep meaning of marriage between two people!!!

Towards the ending of a marriage some of the local newsreporters somehow found us and witnessed our marriage and then Zee news also came looking for us! We gave interviews and then went to the court to get our marriage certificate. When we reached back at the hotel the next day Zee News came and interviewed us for 20 minutes and then on the 27th of june they broadcast a 5 minute film on the breaking news! Unfortunately we never got to see it as we were on the train travelling back to dheli and then on to Mumbai! All I can say is that I have best in laws any bride can ask for. His family is wonderful and very loving and simple people. My father in law served in the navy for many years!! Hes a great and humouras man!!! And my mother inlaw shes wonderful and I love them both.

On the 16th of july we left india and we came to cyprus back to my home!!! All I can say is that my parents love my husband so much!!! and all my relatives love and adore him!! We are truley happy and blessed that we are together!!! To be able to find your lifetime soul mate in such a day and age of war and animosity of this world...its truley a miracle act from God!!!! Its just a gut feeling you get when its the real thing! You just know! We will be coming back to Mumbai in december for a few weeks holiday. In june 24th 2006 we will be having a wedding here in cyprus also!!!

Both myself and my husband would love it very much if team can come to our wedding here in Limassol Cyprus. You guys are officially invited!!! I hope that our life story will be of use to any one who reads it!!! All I can say is always follow your heart and your gut instincts!!! There is always a match for someone in this world. But there is always the right time to meet. If and wen God thinks it that we are ready to be with our partner then he will open all doors and make paths cross and let pure love take place!!!

I forgot to mention that before I went to meet my future husband.....he sent me a parcel full of 5 wonderfull greetings cards, a beautiful book, 3 music cd's a gold watch and matching necklace! And also we both deleted our profiles within the first few days of meeting eachother on shaadi...and the weird thing was that we both deleted our profiles at the same time and then told eachother the next day!!! He is the most generous and loving and honest guy! We have shared all our secrets of our past and we are sharing all our dreams of the present and future!!! We cook together and clean together...we occassionally go out....we swim dvd's together....we joke and tease eachother.

Not once has he ever got upset with me...he is patient and very calm!!! I am the mad one...with the lose temper!!! I always get into little moods and he always manages to make me laugh!!!! He also has a temper ..ive seen him with other people...and I like that because we both address an issue when we feel injustice has occured!!!! We are not afraid to confront the person or people who have done wrong! We love eacother alot! Too much!!!! Imagine recieveing a gift from God!!! We are so lucky!

Once again we thank you for making it possible for us to meet!!!

Jenny & Akhilessh Team congratulates Jenny & Akhilessh. We wish you both a happy future.
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