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Saif & Ambreen (07 December 2007)
Saif & Ambreen
Saif & Ambreen
Saif & Ambreen
Ambreen's writeup... Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Allah for making the wonderful jodi (match) of Saif & mine and secondly my heartiest thanks to Shaadi.Com for being the zariya (medium) through which this dream has become a reality. It all started with Saif expressing his interest in my profile on 26th March 2007 which was accepted by my dad. Since I was having a really hectic schedule, working all day and attending evening classes for my MBA, Saif corresponded with my dad with regards to details he needed to know about me. Eventually, when dad showed me his profile and asked me to communicate with him, I was really impressed by his write-up and took the time out on weekends to mail him. Soon the emails went on to chats and we realized that we were not just having the same thoughts and opinions about a lot of things but also almost said the same things at the same time (as if we could read each other?s mind!). Time seemed to fly whenever we chatted and we always wound up having lots to talk about pending for the next time we caught up. I will admit that he gave me a really hard time initially taking all the bhaos (importance) for which I pull his leg royally now that I?m engaged to him. lols! I didn?t mind putting up with it then as he had lots of great values (MashaAllah) which outweighed his negatives any day. As for not giving me much importance, I don?t blame him. How could he, when there were such lovely girls on Shaadi? Lols! Anyways, I firmly believe that if Allah ordains something for you, you will get it past all the hurdles and competitors there maybe while if Allah doesn?t ordain it for you, you will not get it even if there are no hurdles or competitors for it. The same goes for the special person in your life as well. My story for instance would be a classical example of this belief. Although I was head over heels for Saif since the first day we chatted, I kept it low and continued to chat with him for hours everyday taking a break from chatting only during my exams. However, everything seemed to freeze when I had to go for my immigrant landing to Canada and my parents had planned meetings with other interested parties with regards to marriage. Saif could not commit anything as he had not met me in person nor could he arrange to meet me before my trip so we mutually decided to put off our chats till I got back from Canada, if hopefully I was not engaged. This was the time that I prayed istakhara (a special prayer for guidance) praying that Allah guide us to whatever was best for us while Saif consistently corresponded with my dad on the status of my proposals through mails while we were there. My family met a couple of good families during our stay there who were quite positive on the proposal from their end however I told dad that I did not want to really give any response till I had met Saif. Once we got back to Dubai on 12th July 2007, Saif?s parents called my parents and communications went on between them for about a month and a half during which Saif and I waited in silence to see how things turned out between our parents and whether there was comfort level there. Once both sides had exchanged all the details and set the date of meeting, Saif broke the ice by surprising me with his call on 1st September 2007 i.e. my birthday. Although we did not communicate directly from June to August, we hit off from his first call in September (as we were a little surer of things by then) & it went on to weekly calls, daily mails and frequent SMSs. Saif came to my place with his mom to see me on the 30th October 2007 and on 31st October again to confirm the proposal. We got engaged the very next day i.e. 1st November 2007 with all the excitement and joy (Alhamdulillah). And on 2nd November 2007, we went out together for the very first time and bought clothes for our wedding, which has been scheduled on 26th December 2007 i.e. Saif?s birthday. Another significant thing about this date is that it is exactly nine months away from the date it all started i.e. 26th March 2007. Lols! With Best Regards, Shariqa (Ambreen) Saif's writeup... Salam Alaikum, May peace, God?s blessings and mercy be upon you all. Mom had been complaining that it was difficult finding a girl for me while I was in Australia so I had created my profile on Shaadi in february-march of 2006 more to show my mom that this was a decent enough way for looking for a girl rather than anything else. And then it became serious ?? After about a year of searching, sending requests and accepting and chatting with a lot of different people I sent the request to Ambreen and she accepted. Being a paid member I passed down my email address to her for her to contact me. I got a response from her dad after a little while which I read and somehow forget to respond to. I then got a nice long well written email from Ambreen and I responded to that and we started chatting in April/May. I liked chatting with her because she had the same beliefs as me and was a very good talker. But when she told me that she was going to Canada in June and might be meeting with other guys in regards to marriage, I told her that it is better that she decide about the Canadian side before continuing chatting with me as I was not in a position to say that I will marry her without meeting her. Even though I ceased talking she was nice enough to send me some really nice forwards asking how I was doing and that really took me by surprise as I was not expecting that. Then she called me up and I picked up and said I will call her later and did not call her as I thought someone was playing a prank on me. I then got a message from her father asking if I was still interested and I said I definitely am interested but since I can?t promise anything (as in I cant promise to marry her without meeting her and I cant come right now to meet her) I would prefer to wait till July for my parents to talk to them in case they did not find someone in Canada for Ambreen. I made sure I got the date they were coming back and counted it down on the calendar as I had already been rude to uncle by not replying to his first mail. I also messaged uncle a couple of days before they were due back to make sure they were still coming back on the same date in July. In July my mother called uncle in Dubai when they came back from Canada. They did the normal background asking questions as in where are you from and what all you have done. I chatted with Ambreen a bit and then after asking uncles permission to call her, called her for the first time and talked to her on her birthday in September. We chatted quite a bit and then I made the program to go and meet my family in Jeddah(Saudi) and go and meet her as well. I went and met her and her family with my mother and we had the engagement and the wedding is now set for the 26th December 2007. Alhamdullilah. All thanks is to Allah. I cant thank Allah enough for this but I need to thank the whole Shaadi Team to make this possible as well. The site is very user friendly and even though it took me a year to find the girl I wanted it was great to have Shaadi and the team in my corner keeping my spirits up. So thank you very much guys (and I mean each one of you ? from the analysts to the testers :D ?. I am an IT guy) and keep up the good work. Allah Hafiz (May God keep all of you safe) Saif P.S. ? For all the people out there looking for their special one, I will say only one thing ?. Don?t lose hope ? because when you lose hope that?s when you lose the battle ?. So hope that you will get the one best for you and have faith in almighty as he never lets us down.

Wedding DATE : 26th Dec, 2007
Saif & Ambreen Team congratulates Saif & Ambreen. We wish you both a happy future.
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