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Shaadi Pride

Supal & Himani (23 February 2014)
Supal & Himani
Supal & Himani
We all dream for a life partner who can understand us, complement us, complete us and be alongside us for the entire lifetime. I had never thought that a website could make my dream turn into an easy reality..!! Thanks to When I decided to finally start looking for someone, I didnít know where do I start from? Do I give an ad in the newspaper; just to realize that it has gone unnoticed or may be used to wrap up some parathas in some house? No! Do I ask my relatives and friends to look for a partner for me; just to realize that I will end up having numerous copies of kundlis and probably land up under the pressure of keeping a relative happy and end up marrying someone whom I donít like? A big NO! So thatís when I decided to go for an online portal which could make communication easier, is secure, can be easily accessed by my family members and will probably help me to make a better decision. And when we talk about an online portal for getting married i.e. ĎShaadií, well there is just one stopó And so came up my profile in it ďHimani AgnihotriĒ. The site is a complete world in itself. Browsing from one profile to another, accepting requests, talking to people, it became clearer to my own self as to who was I exactly looking for, what were the things I could adjust in, what were the things I need to incorporate to make myself better and what were the things I should hold as a priority to make sure I get the Ďbest maní. Not even a month had gone by. It was then when I visited my motherís place for a week that I got this request at 11:15pm, on 10th of July. The moment the photo came across, the innocence in the eyes of the guy caught my attention and I knew I had to accept it. Just a min after, I received a ping, from the guyís mother and she wanted to talk. My mother made a quick attempt to open the Ďkundlií details and make sure we are all good. Aunty called up and my mummy received the call. Meanwhile, I was all engrossed in matching details as I could understand and telling my mummy in actions as to what all was matching (not very good with astrology, but we do have faith on it). I could feel both the ladies were quite comfortable exchanging the details of their families. Mummy gave the cell phone to me and I started to talk to aunty. I had never felt so easy to converse to anyone (after my mummy of courseÔĀä) before that day, as I felt then. She told me that she will forward the details to her son and then he would call me. The call ended. My mummy and I were both happy. Oops! Did I miss out at something? I turned back to the pc, opened the profile again and here I was looking at the fellowís details more closely and whispering his name under my breathóĎSupal Tanejaí I send in an fb request the very next day to aunty and she added me. I waited for the phone to ring, but the entire wait went in a vain because the phone never rang that day. Finally the next day in the afternoon, I pinged aunty and casually let her know that her son didnít give a call. How much do I love moms. They are the makers, the saviors and the rescuers. The same day during the night, the phone rang. A little excitement and with a slight nervousness, I answered the call. The voice on the other side of the call was much matured, talks were very decent and the expressions in the voice were easy noticeable. There were some Ďformalí and some Ďpre formulatedí questions that he asked me. There were some seconds of silence in between but the comfort in the talks was certainly there. The interests were common, the work domain was similar, and the thoughts seemed to be aligned. Although it was the first time we talked, but there was a sense of belongingness, a feeling of knowingness and an eagerness to know more. The 20 mins conversation included all the major details of the family, general questions of each otherís interests and the flexibility of adjusting in different situations. The call finally ended with the statement ďyou can give me a missed call when you need to talk, I will call you backĒ. But certainly it wouldnít have seemed good if I gave him a missed just the very next moment ;) The next day I saw a friend request in fb; certainly there are no points for guessing..!! I returned to Hyderabad and the communication began in the form of pings and chats on face book. We didnít talk for longóas is usually expected in such cases, but whatever duration we did, it was worth. The work schedule, the routine and habits, we were both getting to know each other better. The families had decided to meet in November, as uncle aunty live in Nigeria and the guy himself is onsite in Saudi. With other proposals knocking our doors, we had ample opportunity to talk to others too and then decide. But somehow we were both not interested to know anyone else. We knew we wanted to know each other more. Thatís when he decided to come to India in august and meet my family. The gesture was certainly welcomed and our families liked and supported the plan too. 23rd august and our journeys began. Were we about to make a decision? Will he say a yes? Will we get along well? Will the meeting be a success? With all such questions zooming in and out of my mind, I made my way from Hyderabad and he from Saudi. At 3:30pm we had to meet at the old Delhi railway station and then continue our journeys together for my home in Uttarakhand. Finally the time had come. I turned back to see him and his brother standing right behind me near comesum on the station. A simple Ďhií, an exchange of Ďsmilesí and the next moment we were just standing waiting for the train, waiting for the other to speak, waiting for a conversation to begin. Trying to pitch in, I talked about the train being late, the weather being humid and he added it up by bringing in the food topics in, all in an effort to have a continued conversation. Once we were in the train and sitting next to each other, it wasnít as of an awkwardness as both of us had imagined. Probably because of Suyash (his younger brother), who brought in the topic of music and my all time favorite harry potter. The journey was full of music, chit chats, discussions and laughs. It had all the flavors one can think of and dream of before taking such a kind of decision. He had told all the necessary details about himself to me and I had tried to do the same. It would be a crystal clear relation we would be entering if there is a formal Ďyesí. With a pleasant feeling we made our way to my home. My family members certainly liked him. And I got all the positive feedback even before I could say how I felt. I was happy but was still holding on my heartbeats because I didnít know what would be the final decision. While I was talking to my mother on how I felt, how things can be, what can we expect that my cell phone beeped at 12:56pm on 24th august. There was a message by him which said that itís a ĎYESí from him. I can express all in words, but sorry canít speak out how happy I felt at that moment. No words can truly express that feeling of joy and contentment, gratitude towards the Almighty and a silent thank to ÔĀä The very next day aunty called up. It was a green signal from the parentís front. My mummy had understood my silence and she knew it was all well and the wait was finally over. The Ďbest maní was there standing with me, talking to me and ready to hold up with me for the entire lifetime. The search which started individually as Ms.Himani Agnihotri and Mr.Supal Taneja has ended to give a beautiful new identity to me as Mrs.Himani Supal Taneja. Our love story began just after we talked for the first time. Is it an arranged marriage? Yes it is. But if such are arranged marriages well I would request all youngsters out there to go for arranged marriages... Marriages are made in heaven! Very true. And to get hold of that partner you are made for on earth, you have

Wedding DATE : 4th Feb, 2014
Supal & Himani Team congratulates Supal & Himani. We wish you both a happy future.
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