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Shaadi Pride

Neha Mehra & Ashish Wason (10 January 2014)
Neha Mehra & Ashish Wason
Neha Mehra & Ashish Wason
It all started with a call. after my mother's death everything had gone downhill. It was 20th June, i received a call from my going to be father-in- law, saying that his family like my profile on and would like to things forward. He talked to my father and had one condition before moving forward that the girl and boy should talk for atleast two to three so that it could be confirmed that they could spend their life together. For me it wasn't that serious because at that point my mind was consumed with my responsibilities towards my family after my mother, I somehow knew I would have to take up her place now. So I wasn't that serious about the proposal but who knew that one call would change my future and would also change my family's future. so moving on I got a call from my soulmate but at that time I had no clue that in sometime, he will become the biggest part of my future. On the first, we cleared up our expectations from each other which were ironically the same and that was our family's happiness. I guess that was the day when hours became days and days became weeks and we started growing close to each other without knowing it. after about 1 and a half month, he confessed his love to me and that confirmed my own thoughts about him. who knew that somebody who wouldn't have even crossed my path now became my future path. Yes! I admit we had our share of disagreements but at the end of the day we both reminded each other what our love is made of. after total of three months we told our parents we are ready to tie the knot but our parents said no that we should wait for some time and look to some more option. at that time we both were confused but we knew somehow our parents wanted the best of us, but the destiny was written and set to go. we reminded every time each other that if we are meant to be even the world's greatest force cannot apart us. finally the time came after hardships of six months spent of anxious wait and desperation to be together that our parents finally agreed to meet each other. maybe it was the first step to our love and the first boost to our hearts. we were finally going to see each other in person for the first time. its said that seeing somebody virtually is not like seeing someone in person, that's what made me more nervous, you could say i was so nervous that i was about to loose it. he was calm and steady and reminded me that he loves me for me and would only marry me. and that's what all i needed to face it. when i entered the room and saw him for the first time , shivers ran down my spine, his eyes were full of hope love , adoration . all the talk , laughs and decisions led our beautiful story to a new chapter. after a month i got engaged to the man of my life. at this point we both had accepted our flaws or opinions and for me i personally never believed in superheroes but i guess finding him , knowing him was a superstory and he was superhero of it. all of this led to what i am now and what i am going to be. i am blessed to have such a wonderful man as my husband, my best friend , my lover , my partner , my other half . i am blessed to have such a loving family where i found my lost mom in my mother- in- law and such a loving and affectionate father in - law , a brother who i never had , i found it in my brother-in-law and my sister in my brother-in-laws wife . it's funny how one moment it seems impossible and how just one person can entirely change your life and restore your faith in miracles. so yes i believe in miracles , my miracle is my man ! AND I THANKK MY MOM WHO IS SURELY WATCHING ME FROM ABOVE AND HAPPY TO SEE I GOT A MAN WHO WILL MAKE ME FILL THE HOLE IN MY HEART SINCE HER DEATH. AND AT LAST I AM SO THANKFUL TO SHAADI.COM FOR MAKING ME MEET WITH MY LIFE , MY CLOSURE.. WITHOUT SHAADI.COM IT WOULD'NT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. ! THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW I MEET MY MR. PERFECT THROUGH SHAADI.COM.

Wedding DATE : 13th Apr, 2014
Neha Mehra & Ashish Wason Team congratulates Neha Mehra & Ashish Wason. We wish you both a happy future.
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