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Shaadi Pride

Vineet Saxena & Akanksha Shrivastava (26 July 2013)
Vineet Saxena & Akanksha Shrivastava
Vineet Saxena & Akanksha Shrivastava
Hi Team, Firstly Thanks a lot for providing a platform where I could get a lovely and wonderful partner for me. My name is Vineet Saxena and my fianc? is Akanksha Shrivastava (nick name Milli so I will call her by Milli in further story). I am working as a Technical Manager in a Smart Card based company in Singapore, and she is working as a HR in one real estate company in Indore (MP), India. I was a paid member of and was searching for a girl from last 3-4 months, I went through different profiles and contacted different girls and their family. But I could not find a suitable match. Suddenly one day I saw Milli's Profile, and liked her. I sent request to her and started waiting. Later one day, she accepted request and then through an email I asked her to send her details to my email ID. Her father sent me some casual pictures of her and bio data. I found it good and forwarded to my brother. My family also liked and we replied with my bio data and some casual Pics. Days went on but we did not get any reply or call from her side. We thought it will not happen. I almost forgot her and her profile as for me there was no response from her side. Suddenly on 2nd May, I got a chat request on gtalk and when I checked it was Milli itself. I became happy as I wanted to talk to her. Then she told that she saw my profile and liked. So we started chatting through Gtalk. Next day she gave me her number and asked me to talk on whatsapp. We started talking quite often as it was weekend. We chatted for hours then I asked her if we could talk. I called her and we talked approx. for an hour. It was really nice talking to her and I liked it sooo much. She also liked it and we started talking chatting a lot. Later one day she told her parents that she likes me and we wanted to move to another step. I also informed my family that her father might call and I am ok for her. Later his father called my brother and they talked to each other, her mom talked my bhabhi and things got into place. Here I want to mention that at the same time she and her parents were looking for some more guys and those were also nice, it gave a bit of fear if she started liking someone else. But at the same time I also knew that she is only talking to me and she likes me. I also mention to her if she would like some other guy, still she will tell me so that we could meet once. I wanted to meet her once even if she got attached with someone. Then I decided a date when I could go over to India and could meet her and her parents, we decided to meet in the third week of June. It is the same week, where my Bhai bhabhi' anniversary happens. So it was a good chance for me to celebrate that also. The D Day came and our families meet each other, we talked over Casual topics and meeting was finished after a wonderful Dinner. But there was no talks went on over marriage and all. Later I called her and then we found that we and our families liked each other but no one initiated, it was so funny. Next day I asked her parents if I could take her and her sister out for an outing in Lucknow. With me my three cute nieces were there. They accepted and then we went to Bada Imambada. Later we went to Pizza hut and had a lunch together. When we came back, we found that our families already met and decided a date for function, which was "God Bharayi" only as I had already spent some of my leaves, so was not able to come. Later that night I talked to her and she was a bit upset as she wanted me with her in the function. At the same night I booked my ticket for Singapore to India, and told her and families that I am coming on 14th July (D Day). Then all have decided to have 3 functions together, "Variksha", "God Bharayi" and "Engagement". Now we started waiting for the D Day, and in between I faced the biggest problem to buy a ring for her. I was alone in Singapore so I'll have to buy myself and had to trust on my taste. Finally the D Day came and it was a wonderful event for us, and we enjoyed a lot. I will share some pictures from the event. Later next day we went for an outing with her and enjoyed my day. Date of marriage is yet to decide and we are waiting for the Day. This was all about starting of us and our life. Hoping for the best from the life and thinking to have a lot of fun. Wishing all the best for future and I would recommend it to all my friends and family in future. Thanks a lot! Vineet and Akanksha

Vineet Saxena & Akanksha Shrivastava Team congratulates Vineet Saxena & Akanksha Shrivastava. We wish you both a happy future.
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