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Shaadi Pride

Saba Quasim & Tariq Anwar (27 June 2013)
Saba Quasim & Tariq Anwar
Saba Quasim & Tariq Anwar
The idea of finding a life partner via the Internet always seemed absurd to me, who knew that I would end up finding my special someone through the same means. Also the concept of arranged marriage appeared to be pretty scary all these years. Today, as I write this brief about OUR journey of getting to know each other, I can gladly say that all my inhibitions have gone for a toll and today, I am at my happiest best. My account was created by my sister and Tariq?s profile was created by a friend of his. Both of us were hardly active there and our respective profiles were majorly handled by our family members. Tariq had sent me an interest on the 17th of April, 2013. My mother liked his details and asked me to have a look. I casually saw his pictures and details and said that she could go ahead. Little did I know that what I was taking up casually that day would be taken up extra seriously by me thereafter. I accepted his interest and got his contact details. We spoke for the first time on the 4th of May, 2013 and the rest, as they say, is history. Initially, he tried to be very friendly and make me comfortable in every possible way and I on the contrary was aloof and a tad rude. But eventually, we started getting to know each other to further realize that we actually liked conversing. Messages on What's app soon turned into long hours of phone chats till the early hours of morning. The best part was that both of us were taking efforts to build this relationship. Small ways of showing concern I believe played a major role in bringing us together ? a ?Did you have dinner..?? message or a ?Have you left office..?? would bring a smile on my face. We dint even realize when we had turned good friends. Gradually he had made me so comfortable that I would tell him how nervous I was to meet his parents and had even bribed him to let me know the questions that would be shot at me during my qualifying interview. I went ahead to meet Tariq and his parents and needless to say, he looked amazingly handsome and I was utterly nervous and shaken. But things went smoothly and I was my usual normal self pretty soon. The family dinners and pre-marriage discussions happened and things got finalized after the two of us had given our consent. Our marriage is scheduled on the 22nd of December, 2013. Since we had been speaking for quite some time and our parents too were involved all throughout, the thought made me happy that neither was the proposal imposed on Tariq and myself nor were our respective parents compelled to accept either of us just because we liked each other. In this age of modernization (not in the real sense), when children marry against their parents? wishes was something that I strongly detested and still do. Thankfully, ours has been accepted by everyone. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for having given me my source of eternal joy - for having given me Tariq. I don?t remember being this happy and content ever and I sincerely wish that all the eligible grooms and brides find the love of their life this way. Yes, I did have my set of worries and fears as to what would he be in real life but trust me, you need to go out there and explore before you jump to conclusions. If there can be fake profiles on social networking sites, why not here even. Had I not let my sibling create my profile here, I would have never got to know an amazing guy. All I can say is that is a great platform to meet and interact with eligible men and women across the globe with the prospect of marriage. Saba and Tariq.

Wedding DATE : 22nd Dec, 2013
Saba Quasim & Tariq Anwar Team congratulates Saba Quasim & Tariq Anwar. We wish you both a happy future.
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