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Shaadi Pride

Parminder Singh & Amrit Kaur (04 April 2013)
Parminder Singh & Amrit Kaur
From girl side I received a call. And thereafter things became silent, and I was kind of waiting for their response. She belongs to Lucknow and I belong a place nearby, called, Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. And very interestingly I had to take my father, who is a retired armyman and who got seriously injured when was in service, to Lucknow for his treatment of legs. Before going to Lucknow, I, just like that, told my father that there is a girl in Lucknow whose family had phoned me up. Dad took interest and sought to see girl's photograph. I showed girl's photograph to him and than he suddenly came up with the idea that why not meet them up before going to the hospital. Incidentally girl's home was quite near to the military hospital. And yet again incidentally, my brother who is a doctor was also there with his wife. So we proceeded in my brother's car and reached girl's home. Beforehand a day before we had taken appointment over phone from girl's mother. So after we reached we recieved all typical hospitality from the girl's family's side and the girl struck cord with my father, brother and his wife. But at that time girl's father was not there so no decision could be taken. Phone numbers were exchanged and than again there was quite a lull before the storm. From girl's side there was not even any formal enquiries as to well being of my father. I spend about one month looking after my father, who was than admitted to hospital for necessary surgical operation. After certain weeks passed, girl's mother phoned formally enquiring about my father's treatment. It was a very formal conversation. In the meanwhile we were also looking for other prospects. And one day before the appointed day we were at our village to look other girl and it was a very sad experience as the girl was of very small age and we did not like the girl. There was quite a hue and cry from that other girl's side, I mean they were quite disheartened from the fact that we rejected her. We met at our common relatives place, so the relatives also did not appreciated our moves. So there was a little bit of uneasyness. We left our village to reach our homes. And suddenly the girl's mother called and we spoke. As I had apprehension in my mind because of fresh experience, so I thought to have a word with the girl i.e. Amrit. We hit a cord there and quite liked each other. So that is it. Things turned out good and we got engaged on 3rd March. And I am in love with her. Really I feel that she is made for me and I am made for her. I actually feel that way after so many rejections and bad experiences. I wish to thank from the core of my heart, and I mean every word of it, as I never felt anything bad from your side. You actually are true professionals. And I declare that I got my 'Sareeq-e-hayaat' because of you people. I salute you.

Wedding DATE : 12th May, 2013
Parminder Singh & Amrit Kaur Team congratulates Parminder Singh & Amrit Kaur. We wish you both a happy future.
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