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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Asma sharma & Ashis keshri (02 April 2013)
Asma sharma & Ashis keshri
My account was been managed by my younger sister & expression of interest was sent to Ashis which he accepted, how ever no communication was made for some days there after ashis sent an email requesting further communication which i dnt respond to as i was not keen to get married only subsequently another email was sent by him to me which was again not answered couple of days later just 2 days prior to republic day 26th before proceeding for his parade practice (as he is lft commander in Indian navy at mumbai) he called me up and that was the first time we spoke, two days later I messged him telling I am coming to Mumbai for an get together with my graduation friends,so he was like why not we plan a meet and I called him at station the day i was coming back just 1 hour prior to my train, we met he got me a key chain of naval service mono imprinted I liked his this small gesture as I was so keen of defense services; we spoke for another half an hour regrading hobbies likes dislikes which were so common as both of us are so sporty & adventurous. later i came back & then we use to speak on phone like each other but I had one concern in mind regarding our cast as he is not of my cast but he like me so much and assured me that he wil convince my & his parents, as he was going back home for vacation he told his parents about me showed my pic to them & told that we are speaking for around one month or so as his parents are conservative they thought its an love marriage n these guys r just making fool out of us & actually it was arranged marriage turned to love later our parents met n even i went to meet his parents on 13th night at Calcutta night 10.30 my flight landed there and our families already met n things were decided regrading our wedding on 13th evening even before his parent saw me. when I landed on airport he came inside airport as he asked me to wait inside airport itself. when he saw me coming he came to me he asked me to close my eyes later when he said ok now u can open your eyes i saw him sitting on to his knees & he proposed me with a ring telling "Asma sharma will u be my valentine for whole my life I want to marry u" I got so anxious as every one at airport was looking us what movie scene is going on here..I was like when things are all set & finalized why are you doing this & he was like no till ur not answering me I am not getting up. I was like yes I wil..:) he made me wear that ring in my finger I felt so touched & so lucky to have him my life...things were all set as when next day his family saw me small roka function was done & engagement also wedding dates were family liked him so much & his family liked me & later my parents were telling that he is such a gem of person even we would have not able to find so probably...I want to give all the credit & whole heartily thank I owe this to you guys..thanks u gave me my dream boy...and since we dont have any couple picture together also wedding is after two months so i am unable to send a good quality pic to you but here by I am sending one pic which I could hardly found of the day I met his family we made to sit together so both of us were so conscious hence not a good enough pic..but yes you can take pic from our profile if you wish too else will mail you our wedding pics if you want so..thanks again for guys rock..

Wedding DATE : 2nd Jun, 2013
Asma sharma & Ashis keshri Team congratulates Asma sharma & Ashis keshri. We wish you both a happy future.
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