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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Foram Vora & Vaibhav Shah (31 May 2014)
Foram Vora & Vaibhav Shah
Foram Vora & Vaibhav Shah
To begin with is a great thank u to Vaibhav and I found each other through Here is our story of how we got connected to each other. On 23rd march, 2014, Vaibhav was going through the recommended profiles sent by through mail everyday . As he was going through the profiles suddenly my profile caught his eye. After reading the details mentioned by me he believed it to be the perfect match and immediately sent me an interest. Fortunately after a long time I logged into my profile on the same day and was online at the same time when Vaibhav sent me the interest. When I received his interest and saw his profile a positive feeling ran within me. Where I was not open to get married in Pune city, Vaibhav’s profile made me change my mind and I immediately accepted his interest which notified him on his cell phone via app. Vaibhavs heart filled with joy to see a positive response from my side. He being a paid member, he took the advantage of initiating the online chat. Within 5 mins of duration we started conversing with each other, exchanged our mobile numbers and from there our interesting journey began . This was the day where we spend the entire evening on whts app and had a feeling that this conversation should go on and on. As the spark between us developed I requested Vaibhav to call me up the following day as I found him genuine and was comfortable to take it to the next level of conversing with him through call. I spoke to Vaibhav on the next day for long. It was an amazing feeling. On the same day my parents had arranged for a meeting with a other guy. When I was in a meeting with that guy…it was strange to realize that Vaibhav was still in my thought process. We spoke to each other for a week. A great bond was created between us. We started liking each other, finally me and my family decided to visit Pune and meet him and his family personally. After we met, we realized that we are made for each other and it was a big yes from both the families after a week. Within two weeks time from here we had our first function called ‘goddhana’ on 17th april, 2014. The excitement doesn’t stop here, we both are now counting days for the most awaited day when we will tie the knots and that is 16th June, 2014. The journey of finding each other through till here is unique for us and will be always cherished and remembered. This wouldn’t have been possible without The entire credit goes to their team. Hats off and three cheers to

Wedding DATE : 16th Jun, 2014
Foram Vora & Vaibhav Shah Team congratulates Foram Vora & Vaibhav Shah. We wish you both a happy future.
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