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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

JABIULLA & NUBA (02 May 2014)
All you need is love, right? So I registered myself on searching for my love ,my life partner who should be beautiful,educated & religious but above all these she should love me truly. I got many marriage proposals through my contacts and relatives but I didn't find them that appealing "wo kehte hain na Dil ki ghanti nahi bajee thi!!" On I found many attractive girls & send them interests but some didn't accept or some who accepted were not one I was looking for. One day I got interest from a girl named Nuba S who was a Chartered Accountant but from a less known district in Madhya Pradesh ,I thought it is not going to be a better match because she is in Madhya Pradesh & I am in Bangalore & she also didn't upload any of her photograph though I accepted her interest because her profile showed that she is a girl who supports her family as she was working with her father as a professional. So I uploaded few more attractive pics of mine.;) Then I don't know why but she didn't appear on for many days. Suddenly on one day I got a message of her saying" May I know your name please?" and in this way our conversation started.She asked for my contact details & we did usual chatting. She asked "what's going on?" I replied "I am in office & it's lunch time.She said "Lunch time is the best time in office" Then I replied "Yes but it's when you have someone special with you to have lunch. That day it was 24th of February (her father's birthday which I got to know later) he called me and asked about myself,my family background and also told many things about them. Then next day again she & I had a chat on and I asked about her whatsapp number then in sometime she sent me her number after asking her dad.I also took her dad's permission that can I chat with his daughter. He said "Yes you people should know each other well so that the talk can move on and for this it is necessary for you to talk as you both are matured enough and are Chartered Accountants". Then we started Whatsapping.It this way we got to know that many things between us is common and we are similar in so many things be it our nature,our preferences,our self respect. So our interests increased like "Mount Everest" and we started liking each other so much. Then I made our families talk to each other on phone.Her father sent some of her photographs to my parents. And my brother-in-law helped us so much to move our story faster. Then her family planned to come to Bangalore in April first week. I first met her and her parents on 6th April at Yeswantpur Railway Station where I welcomed her with a beautiful floral bouquet (which is still her Whatsapp dp :P) and they came to my town Birur (near Bangalore) on 7th April where we confessed our sin of "being in love" :P means we accepted publicly that we will marry each other. They enjoyed at our place.My family also liked her and her family. By night they were in Bangalore at her uncle's place where they stayed then she messaged me to come to Bangalore on 8th because fortunately it was my Birthday that day :D. So next day we planned to have lunch together with family (of course).She brought a Chocolate cake for me.We enjoyed so much that day. Next day we again met on Yeswantpur Railway Station because they were to leave that day.I brought snacks for them.Her parents allowed us to talk for half an hour.Then they left Bangalore and I went to office as it was Wednesday :( Then on 12 April at 2 AM I formally proposed her for marriage on whatsapp and she accepted.:) My family planned to go to her place and we reached there on 17th April and next day it was a very special moment when I bought a ring for her and she was also there to select that ring though she had applied henna on her hands. That day on 18th April 2014 we got Engaged... Thank you so much for making us find each other......

JABIULLA & NUBA Team congratulates JABIULLA & NUBA. We wish you both a happy future.
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