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Shaadi Pride

Raghavendra & Monika (15 April 2014)
Raghavendra & Monika
Raghavendra & Monika
It was an great experience. I sent my request on she is also from my native, 1 week have not received any update after one week she accepted my request. So the same day evening i called her we have exchanged our details & the same week Sunday was fixed for face to face communication but things were not easy as there is some mismatch in sub caste. First my dad called her parents & explained the things about our sub caste family background etc. Her parents said its ok first we will allow them to speak each other & later we will decide. She was in my native Shimoga but am in Bangalore finally Sunday i went to her house with my dad. They welcomed us with great respect & we requested few minutes to discuss personally. Am so happy she was more beautiful than what am expecting. We have exchanged our hobbies,interest etc. In other words almost all we have committed to each other in the first meet. But didn't expressed the same. So after some time we started from her house her parents said they will check with their elders regarding sub-caste & update us. The same thing was replied by my dad. 3 days left one evening have received a call from my honey, there was some pain in her voice was suspecting the cause.their elders were denied the reason due to sub-caste reason. Said don't worry will check with my dad & immediately called my dad & explained the things.he was so supportive. He said he will check with her dad & confirm us. 2 days left one fine day her dad called my dad & said it's not possible to take it forward. Same was communicated to both of us. There was a storm in both the heart, she cried like anything over phone. Even i was also crying but didn't shown in front of her. Like this 2 weeks left. She was convincing her parents, daily even have received 2 more profile from my relative same time. Was requested my dad to give 2 weeks time. One day after noon i left early from office & directly driven my car to native. The entire word was looking black & white through out the road. Directly went to her office & took her for a temple near by my town. Her face was fully faded i was aware that she was not slept properly for entire week. By the time i touched her forehead a warm tears dropped from her eye, was also started crying without my knowledge we didn't spoke for 5 minutes just we are holding the hand & sitting on a bench. It was late in the evening, sun was setting slowly by pushing the word in the dark. First i want to broke the silence said love you. She kissed my cheek & replied the same. We both discussed & decided we will try our level best. She ask me to discuss with her dad one more time. Immediately called my dad & said am going to her house & discus one more time he waited fro few second & replied. I want your happiness & said go ahead will support you. Thank god i got 100 elephant strength thanked my dad for his support. From temple she went to her office to bring her bag i dropped her near her office & went to her home. Her dad was waiting for me as earlier have called her dad & requested to talk personally. He offered me a cup of tea & we started speaking he said he already informed my dad, then i started how we meet & how much we are committed to each other.after 30 mins of discussion he said he need 2 more days & he will update my dad. Got bit hope & returned back to home. 1 more week left without any communication & the 2 weeks of time given by my dad to me was about to end he was asking me to meet 2 other profile. Was fully disturbed & went to my native. Next day my dad arranged to meet one more profile, even i have to obey the same as he supported his level best. Finally by 8.30 in the evening her dad called my father & said they agreed to proceed with relation he convenience his elders & invited us to come to their home for further discussion. Time was awesome it played a wonder full drama with our love finally got settled. Mine was arranged love marriage. Happy to share this with others now. Thanks to for introducing me a wonder full life partner.

Wedding DATE : 20th Aug, 2014
Raghavendra & Monika Team congratulates Raghavendra & Monika. We wish you both a happy future.
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