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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Monal & Suresh (04 February 2014)
Monal & Suresh
Hey there, Ours is a very interesting story, we have both been active on and in the matrimonial domain for some time now. Since we were both looking for someone very specific, it was quite a daunting task to go through multiple profiles and keep the hope alive of being able to meet that someone special sooner than later. Suresh is actually younger to me and would not have showed up in my list as I had set age filters, cupid struck pretty suddenly last February when his profile popped up in 'You may also be interested in' on one of the side bars. He caught my attention instantaneously as he is a smart, level headed, handsome bald guy with clear aspirations. Reading his profile was a delightful experience, needless to say, I found it pretty genuine to take the next logical step. I expressed interest and sat pretty for him to respond. His account used to be handled by his sister back then who forwarded my details to him for whom it was 'love at first sight' to the extent of making a commitment in singular capacity to me irrespective of the outcome of our rendezvous. A quick series of interactions over the net, long voice calls and a few personal meetings followed. It is said that Distance makes the heart grow fonder and believe you me, it is actually true. I say so out of sheer experience, a trip to US for 5 weeks helped me to notice his love and concern in the brightest light ever and make up my mind. Having got to know him well, post returning from the States, over the next 2 months, I decided to take the plunge and said 'Yes" to him on last Independence Day. We had a short courtship period as none of us wanted to delay the union further. Our relationship had its' highs and lows as should ideally be the case. We were scheduled to tie the knot in January, 2014 but his father's untimely death in November brought everything to a standstill, we actually experienced the strongest bonding ever and came closer as a couple during such tumultuous times. Amidst a lot of speculation and objections raised by relatives, his mother took the bold decision of continuing with the original wedding plan as was laid by his father, we had the most awesome and splendid moments of our lives when our union was solemnized on 19th January, 2014 in the presence of loved ones. I am now Monal Suresh :) and thank from the bottom of my heart to have made this possible. Thanks so much, God Bless all of you. P.S. It would be of interest to you to know that he stayed for 5 long years in the vicinity of my premise and we never met each other, indeed, portals like yours make wonders happen.

Wedding DATE : 19th Jan, 2014
Monal & Suresh Team congratulates Monal & Suresh. We wish you both a happy future.
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