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Shaadi Pride

Year 2015 - Success Stories
January Matrimonial Success Stories
Mohiddin & Heena
"Hey!! We both met through site on 8th April 2014.We are very thankful to Shaadi,com and feel bless as we are united through this site.We w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Devi & Manish
"Hey, thanks !!! to the entire team. We got engaged on 25th Jan, 2015 Our story is as follows... For the truth, I was not very frequent a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ruman & Mariam
"After Accepting my Request Mariam's Father invited us to their house for further discussion and with God Blessings my Son Ruman Shaikh Got Engaged To ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gagan & Soniya
"Hi, I am really grateful to for finding such a wonderful partner for me.I am blessed to have Soniya in my life. Thanks! for help..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nikhil & Priyanka
"Marriage is a once in a life time moment, that changes your life forever. Its said that marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. We proud..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dhruv & Nita
"I checked out Dhruv's profile and found it to be of someone really humble, caring, and down to earth. Living in NY, I would have probably never met h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amanjot & Gauravpal
"We made our profile a year ago on Our parents liked our profiles. we get in touch through telephonic conversation. As Gauravpal is resid..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ravi & Sarika
"Hi my Name is Ravi Yadav I live in Canada, I met my wife Sarika Bajaj in February 2013 through , for first few days we chatted through Shaa..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gopal & Vineeta
"Hi , This is Gopal Daga from Mumbai. I am thankful to for helping me in my search of a soul mate, Vineeta Singh, whom I met within three mo..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ankur & Anamika
"Hi, this is Anamika Sanware(Anamika More) I got my life partner from here only..I got my life from this site ,firstly very very thanks to w..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Monika & Sohan
"I was an active member of On August 25, 2014 The turning point of my life has started when I received interest from Monika Aswal After Ch..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prashant & Monika
"I found my match on, her name is Monika Singh.after 3 long days she accepted my request and from there, there was no turning back. we deci..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shishir & Kanika
"Our Story: When I first spoke to Shishir, I didnít know that he would become so important to me. We found each other through ,We liked ea..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Naveen & Jenny
"Well I sent her a request and after few days she accepted it. Her father posted the profile so he sent me an email saying to match the horoscope. The ..."  Read full story »

Uma Rao
" It happened in 2012 when I was on vacation in India. We both had taken a premium membership and were actively looking for a life partner on . It was in March 2012 , when my mother in law had accepted my request and passed my details to my wife Uma . The first time when we spoke , we both were surprised to find so much common between us . Our first phone call lasted for 6 hours. Then we started communicating regularly on Shaadi messenger , emails , I came back to Canada but we kept chatting everyday . After few months our families met and they decided the date for our marriage in summer of 2013. And finally we got married on 5th July 2013. We both are very thankful to for helping us find our life partners.
Regards Gaurav & Uma "

Shalini Seth
I found my soul mate.Thank you

Subiya Zaidi
After hearing a lot of stories of my friends finding the right match on, I decided to create an account for the same reason. offers a hassle free environment to contact people regarding matrimony.
After a year of sending and receiving interests, One fine day I got a mail from his mother from Bhopal(M.P). Before our families could take this forward, I contacted Gauhar and within no time we realised we shared so many common interests. His great sense of humour bowled me over and I found ticking all the boxes that could make me say I DO. We got along too well and finally decided to involve our families.
We had a small roka ceremony on 2 august 2014 and as soon as I finish my post graduation in May2015, our wedding date will be finalized.
We would like to thank for making us meet. Had it not been there my parents would not have considered a match beyond U.P, my hometown.

Naveen singh
Very good experience,Thank you,I found my match

Sunil kewani
Thank you,I found my match

Thank you,I found my match

Pramod Kumar
Thanks to,I found my match.

We were meet on the and communicate with each other we likes each other we were discussed with our family and ask them to arrange our marriages so we are now engaged and waiting for our marriage we loves thanks a lot

Sujoy Maitra
I have sent her request. When we got to know each other, we were surprised to know that our homes are very close, inspite of that we have never met before. Our families started liking each other and it is the same for us. Thank you for helping me find my life partner.

Venkatesh karne
We met through on October 2013, we were in communication, we both got understood each other very well and we got married happily on 19th January 2015
Thank you very much for making a good couple,

I had turned 18 in September and my parents were worried about my marriage. So I decided to register at a few days of scanning through I came across a request from him and saw that he met my Preferences I decided to accept his invitation and realized was true love felt like. Thank you

Hasnain Cyclewala
I am Hasnain,
i found my life partner on
I send her request.We contacted eachother
Or after 2months Humari Shaadi hogayi
Thank you

He clicked on me and I decided to go ahead and we already met each other.

Preeti Singh
Thank you, I found my match

Riston R Buttello
I met Treesa, just when I wanted to give up on partner search, but I gave another try and meet her and we fell in love.

Thanks for I met my soul mate.

Please do keep trying, and don't give up, your partner is definitely out there.

I saw him and his details alhamdulilah and falls in love each other and now we are husband and wife nikah was online

Aisha parveen
Thanks for giving me life partner,I am happy

Stuti Shukla
lots of Thanks,I found my match

Ashwini Kumar
Thank you, I found my life partner

Tejaswini Sutar
Thanks a ton to to help me getting my perfect match

Nidhi Agarwal
Very helpful this site for us,I found my life partner.

Thank you,I found my partner

Nasar Naeem
I am really thankful to through which I found a perfect partner. It was only the second profile I saw on Shaadi whom I expressed my interest... Although they never reverted but still I called the no. Provided .. I had a talk with her father and soon our families met ..... And the meetings changed our relationship status from single to engaged .... Which soon will change to married inshaallah

Antarpreet Singh
Thank you, I found my partner

Tiya Sethi
First of all I want to thank for being a platform for this wonderful journey of my life. Me and Ankit met through your site by exchanging number, then we will talk for 15 days like we are childhood friends after we fixed up a meeting and then met with each other like love at first sight although we know that we have regional issue with us as we both are from different cast and religion. After seeing many up and down, roller coaster ride, many hurdles, many issues etc I am very happy to have him as a loving,caring,naughty,childish,intelligent,dedicated husband. Thank you so much for being in my life and I want to be in my life forever ever.

Thank you so much! :-)

Abdul Majid
Thank you,I found my partner

We met by liking profile of each other.Thank you

Mittal trivedi
We got connected on Met through the communication and liked each other.

Thank you to find my perfect partner.

Meenakshi Singhal
He send me request on and then I accepted and then he send a mail to me that he wants to proceed further and I asked my mother to call his sister. Then marriage talks starts among family member. Then I started chatting with him and we met on 6th January and then it goes on and our Roka ceremony was on 16th January and marriage date has not been fixed yet.

We met on 4 years ago. Kept knowing each other.Got married eventually

Suhani Sharma
Thank you, I found my match

Palak jain
Thank you, I found my match.

We saw each others profile and contacted each other,Thank you

Akash Singh
Thank you, I found my match.

I sent her expression interest and she accepted then we contacted,Thank you

Subhajit Roy
We meet through and since both of our families were comfortable we decided to get hitched.

Sargam Arora
Through Profile Search,found each other..Thank you

Saif hasware
Thank you, I found my match

Hello Shaadi team.

Thank you for helping us in finding each other. never we would thought that we would met through a matrimonial website
But by god grace and though your medium, we did meet each other in 2012 and got civil marriage last year in Mauritius on 20.10.2014.
we are doing the procedures for immigration as my husband is a canadian and me a mauritian. thats why the delay in sharing the good news with you. as soon as, i get the papers, the whole family of my husband is flying to mauritius, where we plan the religious indian wedding.
i am Medhalakshmi, my husband his name is Loveneesh.
God is great, he is everything.He made us meet each other through your site. Thank you god and thank you Shaadi team for making this possible. continue the good work.
Medhalakshmi and Loveneesh.

Anandkumar Patil
Hi we met on in reverse match she is from mumbai and me from Goa. We exchanged our numbers started chating we liked each other than we met in mumbai we liked each other company than we started loving each other. we both told about this to our parents they both agreed and v got married n staying happily in goa I love her very much..

Ranjit Singh
Thank you, I found my match.

I saw her profile I send request and her brother accepted my interest, We talk to each other and afterwards my mother and girls father and mother spoke each other later discussed about my marriage.
Thank you

Smita Teli
I have been on since 2009 but did not find a match for a very long time. I was about to delete my profile that I came across Rahul Deshpande interest request .I went through the profile liked it and accepted the interest. He gave me a call and wolah we spoke for nearly 1 and half hour for the first time ... We kept on speaking for a week or so and then decided to meet ..We met for two weeks liked each other and families met all went fine .Finally we both are getting married on 14th Feb 2015.. All I have to say is just hang on don't loose your partner is somewhere out there. U guys will meet soon ..Cheers!!!!

Through profile visiting and chatting on,I found my match

Vaibhav Pathare
My Mom sent her request to which She reverted.After which we had few phone conversation and then we decided to meet. After three meetings we both liked each other then we decided that our parents should meet and take final call.So her family visited my home town house and they liked us and they gave go ahead . So in couples of weeks after the meeting dates were decided for engagement and wedding and everything went as per plan.So far both sides are more than happy even though it's a inter cultural marriage..Thanks to Shaadi we found our soul mates..keep up the good work going. ..

Thank you,I found my match.

Mukesh Mishra
After I took a Paid membership on I Randomly selected few profiles and one of them was her profile. She was not the first person whom I contacted. The first person whom I called did not respond so she was next on the list. As soon as I called her I heard a Pleasant Voice which took me for a Surprise..I spoke to her once and was skeptical that will I ever get a chance to speak to her again. luckily the very next day I got a call from her and we spoke again. We became very close during our second call. Our thinking, Our life style, Our Family Backgrounds and Most of the other features matched between us.

Now it was time for us to take this relationship to the next level. We had to let our parents know about it. It wasn't an easy task but somehow with the help of our relatives we managed a get both the families together. Her family Traveled all the way from Lucknow to Bangalore to meet our family.Our Engagement and Marriage Dates was Finalized

We got Engaged on 16th October 2014 and finally got married on 25th November 2014.

So from the bottom of our Heart We Both want to thank for providing us with a wonderful match

Thank You

Mukesh & Stakshi :))))

Thank you,I found my match

Craig james
Thank you found my match

Prahi shukla
Thank you, I found my match

Tajinder Singh
Thank you, I have found my match

Checked her profile. liked that. accepted my her relatives. by calls, ...we built our relationship step by step.

Actually we have not yet met directly , We will meet on our marriage time. So it will become the most memorable moment in my life.

Insha Allah we will become the most awesome couples in the world on 8th feb 2015.
Seeking for your blessings.

Marina Patrao
Our story is about love in the digital age. To be very honest, we were both at a place where we weren't sure if we would find our soul mate. Then we connected, through, and a whole new world opened up for us. We are each other's miracles and was our guide into a world we had till then, only imagined and wanted. We didn't take very long to realize that we matched in all the right things... the rest as they say, is history. We are getting married in May this year and feel truly blessed to have found each other through this medium. Many many thanks to you!

Priti Sarkar
On 27th Nov 2014 we met each other through now we are the best couple in our life.

Mithilesh Mistry
I sent her the interest my wife had accepted it then I got her number as her Relationship manager has displayed over the profile as she was paid member I got her number we talked and then things moved on chat talked over the phone met and then parents meeting step by step everything went on and now we are married

Thank you,I found my match

Shruti sood
We met on
And now we are getting married.. Thank you Shaadi.Com for making us meet... We both r perfect for each other and compliment each other well....

Thank you,I found my match

i just found her and...... Iam really happy!

Ashu Agarwal
We met by sending request to each other,Thank you

Rahul Suri
Thanks! for helping me finding my soul mate.
When I started my search, I never expected to find a perfect match via matrimonial site, but still I thought to give a shot and luckily it worked for me.
It all started when I received a request from Riddhi ( my would be :) ). I found her profile suitable and accepted the request, rest what followed is what happens in a typical arrange marriage, where families meet first they liked each other and so on... Seems boring but true.. Matches are made in heaven and helped me to find same on earth.kudos to, it helped me to find a match who is honest, sincere & has a pure heart. Luv u Riddhi :)

Shipra Tripathi
Thank you, I found my match

Ankush Mantroo
Thank you,I found my match

Sylvia Rodrigues
My husband connected with me one fine day as he had a membership..
We dated for a year before tying the knot in October 2014

Thank you for helping us find each other..
Keep up the good work.

Sajid Sajjad
When i saw her profile, my heart said that she is the one.
And fortunately she accepted my interest and we took things to family level.
Everything went smooth and now we are engaged and looking forward for marriage.

Thanks to team!

He saw my profile and connected with each other,Thank you

Manjul Pahuja
Thank you, I found my match

Sneha Nair
Thank you found my match

Shripadraj Amle
We Activated our Account almost same time. In first telephonic discussion, we affectionate about each other and now we have decided to marry each other and have good life time relationship. Thanks and all employes who helped we both to meet for life.

I got his profile as daily recommendation. I used to click randomly yes and no and on his profile I clicked yes. I sent him interest... after getting my interest immediately he upgraded his account from free member to paid member... and then I got call from his mother... our parents started talking and exchanged horoscopes and decided to meet... we liked each other and started dating and after 5 meets decided to get married...

Thankful to and all the best to the bride and groom to be.....

Poonam Merani
i expressed interest, he accepted. I contacted him, we met , then our families met. and the rest followed. ,

Ganesh Rao
Thank you,I found my match

Tarun kumar mathur
Thank you, I found my match

Abha Khattar
This is Abha... He found me and sent interest on 2nd July ..... Then our journey started. I am from Panipat and he is from Surat. I am Punjabi and he is Gujarati.We met on 18th July in Delhi. Because we felt yes we are for each other. Then some of my family issues came on our way . Which we resolved very patiently. He tried his level best and put all efforts to convince my mom for Surat because its too far . Finally we all went to Surat ... And spend two days with his family. His family was and now very happy. We got engaged there only in Surat on 21st October. Now we gonna get marry on 23rd feb,15 ..... Thanks a ton to for helping us to find each other. I recommended my all good friends to choose because anyone can find love here... :)... All d best every one for there partner search... Happy new year..!

Sana ayesha afzal
Hello,Waris had sent me an interest.We then started chatting and exchanged numbers.After few months we decided to get married.Everything formally went on hence we are going to get married soon...thank you

I saw his profile on Liked it.... My father sent him the request..... He accepted it.... He called my father and had words with him. He gave his father's number to my father. They people talked and decided to meet. Next day Jatin and I met. We liked each other's company.. He is very soft spoken and understanding which I annualized with in an hour... Then after coming back to our house we both told our parents about our decision which is a Big Yes.... After two days our parents decided to meet and then my parents went to his house and met everyone... All the things gone well... Then after asking panditji our date of wedding got finalize which is my favorite date that is 14 February... I am very happy to have him in my life and a big thank to who helped me to find him for me......

It was not easy to find a right partner. Its my second marriage and I been on and off on Shaadi. And I been searching for 2years. I recently became a paid member and seriously focused on personal life.
I sent interest to Siva, he liked my profile and photos. We talked few times, before we met first time. During our first meet, we liked each other. Involved our parents and our horoscope matched as well.

We felt we are compatible each other, we are engaged now and planning about marriage very soon.

Dipika Sinha
Good job for us.Thank you so much

Arvind Anandam
We saw each others profile,liked and contacted further ..Thank you

Anurima Das
Thank you, I found my match

Vaishali Waghmare

He liked my profile & sent me a request. He called me from Singapore (Where he resides currently) that he is coming to India & would like to meet. I was unwell & asked me to call later.
He called me when he reached India, we met twice before he left. We both liked each other, chatted for few days. His whole family was in India & therefore, asked me to meet his parents & family. Me & my parents met his family and everything was fixed :-)

Manninder Singh
Thank you I found my match

Vandana Jagtap
I got number Mr.Sanjay patil in 2013. Then one day I call him. But didn't received my call.Then after 15mint.I received a call from landline from Mr. sanjay Then we share the information on phone.One day he came with his mother at my home. and the matter got further. Here I take first step and as shy nature I got scared to talk him directly. Thank you

Thank you, I found my match

Nidhi saxena
Accepted interest on met in Delhi and going to get married very soon.Thank you

Anup Warrier
It was an accident that I met my wife of two months now through I was living in Vapi for almost 10 years now and I never met her before...just thanks to god and She use to filter out in my case and I use to be in her account. But I saw her profile as a possible match as I use to be a paid member. With in 1 month after taking the paid service I met her and we got married in next three months. I never thought that the paid services really works...but now I always refer it to my friends or colleagues. I find it a good web service on matrimony.

I saw Dilpriya's profile on and send her a interest in August 2014. Dilpriya responded in a positive manner and we then started talking. I felt I found my soulmate and I travelled to India in October and we then got married on October 25/2014.Thanks

Best regards Tejpaul & Dilpriya.

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