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Year 2015 - Success Stories
February Matrimonial Success Stories
Hitesh & Bindya
" played a crucial role in meeting my Soul mate Thank to you!. It helped us to connect initially and gave u a chance to discover each other b..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manas & Sripurna
"Thanks for a good match, my sister's wedding date on 10th may hope everything will go fine."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manish & Dimple
"I was always skeptical about how could I find someone online of my choice and so called 'DREAM GIRL' for me and that is why I kept on delaying my pare..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Surar & Preeti
"Hi, I am Preeti Longia I made my profile on December 2012 & found my partner on February 2013. When I started finding my perfect match, I had lots of..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nidhi & Arun
"Hi, Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.I am really glad as it would have not been possible without receiving i..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dr Khushbu & Dr Rippal
"Khushbu sent me the interest, I saw her number on and messaged her and then called her. We talked on phone for 1 week then decided to meet..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Babita & Sohan
"Well its quite fascinating to start, I sent her interest on Shaadi,com on 14th April, and after that we started talking over the phone and realized th..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suyash & Priyanka
"I still remember the day when I saw her profile and was keen to know her more. I sent her an invite which was first scrutinized by her sister and then..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Priya & Rahul
"I liked her profile , found our details matching communicated further and now we are happy "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jasdeep & Raja
"We found each other on Journey of talking to each other started from then and as he is staying US so we decided to meet each there in I..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anil & Nutan
"First I like her profile on then she accept my request but I already know her since 3 month met in office. Know we are engaged and marriage..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sunny & Ritika
"He sent me the interest. His sister is the angel who was the 1st person I spoke to in his family. Our parents spoke to each other and finally its US f..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ghazala & Gibran
" is a great platform for searching your Right match .I found my life partner through .We liked each others profiles and got the n..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gulshan & Divya
"We got to know each other through We have got the perfect match."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Devraj & Soma
"My lady love (Soma) approach me first on in chat. Her interest and way of expression attract me, and after some day we started talking on c..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Mary & Manjunath
"Manjunath saw my profile on He knew me earlier, since we had lot of common friends, but we had not meet and spoken to each other, but thro..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Lalit & Lily
"We visited each others profile on,liked it and then proceeded for further details and finally got engaged after satisfactorily knowing each..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Seema & Danny
"Well, via your amazing site, my darling, Danny, Contacted me, and I was blown away with his profile, and was sent a private message, to which I replie..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Binaka & Kuldeep
"Firstly we choose our profile on then we exchanged our contact details after that we started chatting After our conversation, our famil..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ameya & Shambhavee
""We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason" ... This is our story in a nutshell.. After a few interactions, we..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Komal & Maheshkumar
"I had sent request to her on because I like her profile. Then I called on them because I was paid member so I got her number.Her brother ha..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Hari & Anish
"Hi Shaadi!!!! This is Hari Narayani.Thank you so much for giving me a great future that is good life partner through shaai.My family searching for ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Parth & Dimpy
"I Sent interestShe Accepted my interest we communicated via Chat and met and Roka took place"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Fathima & Sadathulla
"One fine day we got request from each other and subsequently in an arranged meeting met along with parents. After this we met again by visiting each..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rajesh & Urmila
"We both just registered ourselves to to find a suitable life partner for each other and when the hope is at the bottom level...suddenly I r..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Premal & Leelawathi
"It all started on June 3, when I sent my first text message to Leela who is halfway around the world from me. There was an instant connection. We c..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Varsha & Rahul
"Our story starts from the day when we like each others profile and accepted the request. then our fathers talk to each other and they make a very nice..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sarfaraz & Aarfa
"I searched her through but as I was not the paid member before so I was unable to see her contact number but I liked her profile as she was..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ekta & Harpreet
"We met on Shaadi .Then i went to India after 4 month of chat and talk. I got everything what I wanted love, respect, care, family and many more. Than..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Suvra & Nimai
"Both of our family wanted that the bride and groom's home should not be far way. However it was impossible to find a suitable partner from the same re..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ahtesham & Huma
"We met each other through and with mutual likeness of each other profiles. As I was a premium member for 6 months. I have shown my interest..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Neelima & Paratha
"He is a paid member, liked profile and approached me. We also liked his profile and as he was from community we had moved forward. We got engaged on ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Himanshu & Brinda
"Just me and my mind, had been facing each other on an empty field for a while. A partner search can be daunting and exciting all at the same time! On..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Gaurav & Swati
"I visited Swati's profile on Shaadi and decided to give it a skip since she looked extremely beautiful in her profile and I thought there is no way sh..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Geeta & Mukul
"First Of all wife sister approach me & I will give him details as well . After that we all met each other in restaurant . After that we will share our..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shanu & Prayank
"Team! Many thanks to you. I found the profile of Prayank which were as per my expectations. Then we start communications and finally all se..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Narendra & Ranbir
"I have been on for some while and my family is away from my hometown, Jamshedpur. I always preferred someone from Jamshedpur as my life par..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manoj & Vandana
"First of all, I would like to thank all the team and express my sincere gratitude in helping me finding my fiancée, Vandana, from Delhi. ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Marsha & Raj
"He sent an interest to me,Had a beautiful smile that caught my eye and I was willing to give it a shot.We are very happy"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Deepak & Pooja
"I am really grateful to team because my search has finished and I found my soul-mate Pooja On 6th Dec. 2014 we both are married. I am reall..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Kalpesh & Swati
"We would like to thank for giving us the best life partners, my wife Swati was a paid member and she accepted my contact and we communicate..."  Read full story »

Sukhjit Kaur
I was looking for my life partner since three years ago .Then I choose the best way to find the soulmate on have made my id on this site to find my life partner.I wanted to honestly relationship with my life partner.After that time I found my soulmate .His name is Resham Singh When I saw his picture of Resham Singh (husband)and read Profile.I accepted the interest and I read the massage which he sent to me and I replayed the answer through and I gave him my personal number. After that he rang me,we had long time talking each other and share many which type of life partner we looking for it.and what quality in it.we are the same understanding,emotional feeling,same habits,interest.then we proceed further day by day.since the day we talking eachother on the phone as well as on whatsapp and on Skype.Then we felt that we are the same
feeling ,understanding ,emotions to each other. at last we decided to get married because we were very happy and we want to be live together.
Then we talking with our families then our family visit to each other at house in India,even my uncle who is living in Uk he knows very well to my life partner.even my uncle who is living in UK he knows very well to my life partner (Resham Singh).he told to my family Resham Singh is very nice person.after that felt this is very small world there are very short person are serious regarding their marriage .So he is very honest and truly relationship with his wife.My elder sister also settled overthere (U.K) .Resham Singh visit to my sister'house and talking with each other,my sister liked him very much because she knows very well what kind of life partner I liked very much .After some time my sister visit to Resham Singh(husband) house.She told me on Phone as well as Skype that this is the nice persons which u looking for many years ago.I'm very happy.After some time we getting marriage when he got holidays in December.So
Specially I would like to thank My dreams became true Bcoz of to such a sweet husband and honest persons with whom My life made very happy.That is the right person which I found many years ago . Once again Thanks a lots to

Prashant Chauhan
We have met on first time and thanks to for the same. We have started with small chat on website then then moved to calls. In a week only we have decided to spent our life with each other. then we took it forward and asked our parents to get involve for final touch to our relation.

Thanks to you!

Sneha Badani
Thank you,I found my match

People says marriage are fixed in heaven but I say marriage are fixed in I would like to thank for helping me to find my soulmate Sayan Roy. It would be a life long journey and make it happened for us. Thanks to team and best of luck to all the members who are searching for their soul-mate. .. :-) Thanks & regards, ARCHI ROY BARDHAN & SAYAN ROY

Prashant Chalke
She sent me an interest.
I liked her profile.
We met. We liked each other.
Our parents met and finalized the wedding.
It was fairly simple. ;)

Ketan sawant
Thank you,I found my match

I received request from my husband on My parents saw the same and told me. We were impressed with each other's photo and talked with each other. When our profiles matched with each other, we decided to meet. We met with our families where in both families liked each other and their families. We took some time to understand each other and agreed to spend the life with each other. We told our families about the same. Since they were also very happy about other family, they proceeded happily with all the occasions. As a result, we got engaged on 7-Sep-2014 and married on 26-Jan-2015. Thanks to for meeting me with my life partner.

Thank you, I found my match

Every " Love Story" is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!!

It took us years to reach each-other. If you are destined to meet,you are bound land in each-other's life braving all odds.We are a perfect example. It seemed even the universe conspired to turn our ordinary story into an extraordinary love-filled-fairy tale.
Amen !!
Thanks Team Shaadi for your support.

Namrata Singh
My life partner send me a proposal, I found it to be a very good match. We decide to take it further, we got in touch with each other. Gradually i found him to be the perfect match for myself. We decided to tie the knot, thereafter we involved our parents and at last we are happily married...thanks to

Rajkumar Roy
We both meet through chat messenger and started talking to each other,Slowly we became friends and started to know each other with passing time we both fell in love and finally decided to tie knots and spend the life together forever holding each others hands ...

I, Uma Melkani glad I had been registered in for nearly 4 monh. In the first 3 months I had received lots of propoal, One fine morning I realized and become a paid member to have privilege to access the contact details of Grooms. Within 10 days 3 grooms have shown greater interest to proceed further and I selected Santosh Bhatt as my life partner. On 10th Feb. 2015 we got married at Haldwani.
I would like to thank team for their efficient and excellent services.

Anurag yadav
By the conversation on phone and just know the each other, so thanks by the

Akshay Auluck
It was just a casual talk a year ago.
We spoke to each other , share our thaughts....
Though it took us year to decide , bt it just look like as it was yesterday....

Neha garg
Thanks for searching the best life partner, we have meet each other through app and chat options. Thanks once again

Thank you,I found my match

Prosenjit Das
Thank you,I found my match

Ashok pawar
Thank you, I found my match

Sandesh Dugad

I am Sandesh and I would like to Thank for being the medium to meet my soul mate, who is a friend, guide, life partner and Dream girl.

Both of us were registered member of I expressed interest on her profile as her profile was matching my expectations and she accepted after that we met constantly for few weekends and finally our family met and yes!! we got engaged!!

Ashish Nahar
I sent her an interest after looking at the profile, to be very honest I loved the smile and went on with sending her request. Fortunately she accepted and we started talking over the phone and became good friends. We started knowing each other and finally on 17th of Feb 2014 we decided to take the friendship to the next level. Initially parents did not agree but everything went well, though it took some time but beginning of our journey was awesome.

Thank you for helping me find love of my life.

I found Rina's profile on and sent her interest to connect and after she accepted we started chatting On 16th sept 2014 and after few days we were talking over the phone. I think from the beginning we were so comfy chatting and talking that it didn't took longer time to know each other. So 26th January 2015 was the date when we decided to meet each other in Mumbai-India. She was travelling from Saudi Arabia and I was travelling from Australia. We booked our return tickets for the same day 8th feb. Finally we met on the decided date and we liked each other so after that our parents got involved and everything happened so quick that we got engaged on 3rd feb 2015 which was totally unexpected but me and Rina both were happy. So now we both are back to our place on work and hopefully we'll get to see each other every couple of months.

Swati Singh
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you,I found my match

Pranav Nayak
Met on Shaadi.We are together,Thank you

Thank you , I found my match

Thanks! for helping me finding my soul mate. When I started my search, I never expected to find a perfect match via matrimonial site, but still I thought to give a shot and luckily it worked for me. It all started when I received a request from Jiji and I found his profile suitable and accepted the request, Two days later we called and talked for some time. It was nice talking to him but we could not hold ourselves any longer and wanted to know more about each other. The next day we talked for hours and realized that may be we were meant for each other. We had many things in common, our likes, dislikes and dislikes. We were comfortable with each other. Finally we decided to take it further. We informed our parents about each other.Rest what followed is what happens in a typical arrange marriage, where families meet first they liked each other and so on..... Matches are made in heaven and helped me to find same on earth. We are immensely grateful to, it helped me to find a match who is honest, sincere & has a pure heart.

Sanjay Sutar
Thank you,I found my match

Narendra Vaidya
Both are registered & met each other. ..good cooperation from Shaadi. Com

Apeksha Yadav
I received an interest from Navin Bishnoi on 24th September 2014 and I accepted it and then we started talking chatting, exchanging our views and ideas and found that we are very compatible and comfortable. Then we expressed our feelings to our parents and got them involved in this. Our parents met and decided to take it to the next level. Then we got engaged on 25th Jan 2015 and got married on 27th Jan 2015.

Rafath Sultana
Thank you,I found my match

Pavankumar Santhanam
Thank you,I found my match

Rajesh Shetty
Thanks to! We got to know each other through I never thought that what started with a couple of SMS exchanges would result into a life changing experience for both of us and bind us in blessed matrimony. The SMSes got transformed into phone calls and then meeting each other. The courtship followed and we were in blissful love in no time which got transformed into matrimony for us.
A big thanks to for making it happen for both of us!!!

Thank you, I found my match

My account was basically handled by my friend and she happened to send a interest to him in June.....
However I was clueless on it...... I guess a few weeks later I received a call from him asking if we could meet up and that's was when I went back and saw his profile. Didn't take it much seriously and I didn't call back, he tried calling me a couple of times and finally after many cancellation from my side of our meeting he came over to meet me......somehow it didn't work out even then :) But after meeting a couple of times and talking over the phone calls we finally found the person in each other which we were looking for ... and we decided to take it forward......Our families met in End October and we got engaged on 12th Dec and now our BIG DAY is fixed for the 16th May ..... THANKYOU Shaadi.Com for helping us meet and in fact the reason behind this love story.....

Harpreet Singh
We started talking to each other last year in January 2014 on website. Our hobbies and likes were quite similar, and we fell in love within 2 months I was in United States and Jasleen was in Dubai, our parents met first in India and things worked out very well and here we are today..

I would like to THANK for helping me and my partner finding each other.

Harsha Sankar
I sent her an invitation. She responded and we went from there.Thank you

Kunal Balani
Thank you,I found my match

Thank you, I found my match

Kushmanjali Jha
"I lived in India and Abhishekh was settled in Australia. Abhishekh's sister approached me with Abhishekh's profile two years ago. I liked the profile and decided to talk to Abhishekh. After a couple of conversations we decided to meet. Abhishekh flew to India to meet me. We liked each other after a couple of meetings and decided to stay in touch. In last two years Abhishekh visited India for about 7 times, which was quite impressive and indicative of the fact that Abhishekh liked me a lot. In his last visit in September 2014, Abhishekh proposed to me and I accepted and together with our family we decided to get married on the 21st of January 2015. Now we are settled in Australia. I am glad I chose to meet Abhishekh."

He had sent me a request on Shaadi..I accepted was on 8th April 2014..His family spoke over the phone with my family..
and 9th April 2014 I met with an accident with my scooty..he came to the hospital immediately to meet me..Then 16th April his family came to my place..then on 21st our wedding was fixed..
I am super happy..was in this site for 3 yrs..but atlast found my match..
It was chaat mangni pat viha..

It was a wonderful experience to meet my prince on It helped me to know my preferences for my correct match. It was just a regular call from him to verify my profile details and to know more about me. That was the first time we communicated with each other and our journey begins.......... is a very good and well organized Matrimonial Website. I am heartily thankful to it to make my decision to get married.

Pankaj Chugh
Thank you,I found my match

Alpesh Thakkar
One fine day I got a request of Vandana, Luckily she is premium member so that I found her number in my Email. We chatted for two days then after I got a call from her father he fixed meeting with me and my mother we all find that we both are made for each other and fixed marriage date now we are happily married couple. Thank you for find my best match

Mithil Chandok
We had met over, discussed our family backgrounds, future plans and eventually set a marriage date. We are proud to be with each other.

Virasani me ham normal tarike se mile,Mahi ne mujhe reqest ki then I accepted him.After 1 month he sent a message on my number,Hii I am Mahendra Singh,I have seen you at Shaadi .com,if you are interested to me talk to me please call me back.He messaged me and I called him back.So he told to me he is in market will call in evening.In evening he called me and we started talking. jab is se bat start hui to maine koi interest ni liya kyoki us time mai apne life me kai bar apno se hi dhokha kha chuki thi.but is ne kafi friendly treeke se bat start ki aur mujhe apne sath comfertable kiya.pir ham dono ne ek dusre se apne sari like ki bate share ki.maine mahi ko apne bare me sab bata diya and mahi ne bhi.
ki sari bate ham dono me same hai,ham logo ki food habit,schooling, and kisi bhi bat ko lekar sochne ka tarika even hamari bacpan ki life bhi ame tariko se gujari.bate start hone ke 3 month bad ham mile, then he decided about me ,shaadi to isi se karni hai.but mai bhi ise aur time de chahti thi,mere samne mera career bhi tha,maine ise mana kar diya,pir bhi ye mere sath raha aur jab bhi mujhe jaroorat hui isne mera sath diya,isne mere past ko ache se jan ne ke bad bhi ye decide kiya ki shaadi to tumhi se karuga,ham logo ki love life me kafi sari bate hui,problems hui ,maine to ki bar har man li ab bas sab khatam kar dete hai but ye hamesha mere piche pada raha ki shaadi to tumhi se karuga,mai iske liye serious kabhi ni thi.but 1 month pahle hi iske liye feeling ana start hui.then maine apne ghar me sbko iske bare me bataya and papa se milwa diya.abhi harmare ghar me ham dono ke rishte ki bate ho ri hai ham dono apne parents ko mana re hai i hope vo jaldi hi man jyege aur pir ham apne shaadi ki pic send karege.ham logo ki love story thoda normal ni hai kyoki ham log jaha se hai mai rewa se aur mahi sheopur se,ham dono ek dusre se milne ke pahle yaha kabhi ni gye.mahi to rewa aa chuka hai but mai lagta hai ki shadi ke bad hi ja pugi.ham logo ko may be milna hi tha isliye ham mile,ni to hamara koi connection ni tha apas me.
akhir me ek bat aj jab mai iske bare me sochati hu to lagta hai ki mujhe is se jyada is duniya me koi aur pyar ni kar sakta,ye mere har phisle me mere sath raha mera sath diya.
i love you MAHI so much...........

Thanks,I found my match

Mayank Puri
I made my profile on in first week of January 2015 and within 2 days I saw the profile of the sweetest girl with an infectious smile. I surfed through her profile and felt a connection then and there, as she was everything that I wanted in my dream girl. But I was not sure if I would be the guy she wants in her life. Yet, I sent her and interest and we exchanged a few chat messages here and then talked on call once. There was an instant connection and we both could see that not only we saw each other as perfect partners, but also could be great buddies for life. What else a man could want. She is well educated, fun to be with, decent and respectful to elders and loves and trusts me back as much as I do for her. Now, our families also met and things have been finalized. I never thought I would be able to find my match on a matrimonial website, but Yess I did... and am so happy that I agreed to my friend's suggestions that I should once try ..!! Thanks to her and thanks to your website, I have not just found a match, I have found the love of my life..!! :)

Thank you,I found my match


Karamjeet Singh
By sending invitation on and then via chat.Details share later

Initially, it started with our parents talking with each other and asking us to get in touch. I never thought I will met someone with whom it would feel so comfortable right from our first conversation. Now when I look back, it seems to be a very long and interesting story but I'll keep this short and sweet. We took almost an year to decide on this as we both wanted to know each other so much so that nothing else would feel closer.
It was like being strangers then talking to each other, wanting to be with each other, sharing, caring and then getting to a state where she was all I wanted for my life. It wasn't the love at first sight but she certainly grew on me.
And as they say... Love sneaks in our lives too steadily and too quietly to be noticed.I got to meet her during her first trip to US and didn't know that I was falling in love with her. With my friends and other incidents indicating that she was the one, destiny brought us together and she has been part of my life ever since. And now as we have tied the knot life does feels even more happy n happening!


I got an interest from him and I checked his profile,we contacted each other through a mutual friend.

All the details given in that profile was 100% accurate. and we are very thankful to Shaadi to get each other even we were not paid members....

We are believing that its a decision of God that we have to be together forever......

Thanking you

Veena & Lenosh

Dhara badheka
He Sent me request on 1st Sept.2014. I have accepted it.. he was paid member of Shaadi so, he Contacted my Aunty..Happy to find a match.

Thank you


I would like to Thank for being the medium to meet my soul mate, who is a friend, guide, life partner and Dream girl.

Both of us were registered member of I expressed interest on her profile as her profile was matching my expectations and she accepted after that we met constantly for few weekends and finally our family met and yes!! we got engaged!!

Sutrishna Joadder
He Contacted my family, then his family came my home. Recently we went there home then fixed.

Nikita Mehta
Thank you,I found my match.

Zuhaib Ahmed
Basic write up helped us contact each other, on further discussions we liked each other & accepted the two-way proposal.

Dr Himanshu Shekhar
I were in search of my same caste and a girl who belongs to my state and having a good and educated family.I was also not restricted to only a medical professional.Suddenly I saw the profile of Minakshi in my suggestion mail I immediately sent the request.It is said that one can judge a person more or less by his or her face without talking or living.The same thing happened with me and I saw the pictures of her and I felt this is the only girl for whom I was waiting.She looked me very sober,kind and mannered girl. After accepting my request we mailed each other and finally our parents talked and resulted into our future.So am very pleased and thankful to through which we met and now going to marry.Thanks

Amit Sharma
We contacted each other through and later on decided to get married. Thanks

Many thanks to Almighty God and too.
Thank you so much one and all.. Its like long awaited dream has come true.
When I was hopeless and was thinking of terminate the account and was not getting the way to get it done.
I got the interest from Nipu (My Hubby )that very day (17th June 2014) and from that day I stopped checking other interests as I was busy talking with him. We shared lot many things which made me decide that he is the one I was waiting for. Finally we got married on 8th Feb 2015.....And Lots of happiness are their on our way ...Really Really thanks to ...Means a lot ...!!

somnath sarkar
Interestingly we both had subscribed for premium version of at a time after looking each others profile request as to get our contact details. Now we know each other for 5 months and we are going to be knotted in few months. Thanks to for providing a platform where I met my life partner and to be honest I find her very cute, trustworthy, caring and a perfect match for a person like me.

A long wait but worth it! Thanks to for helping me in getting a true life-partner. Our story starts on 2nd Feb 2014 when I, an Odia man, expressed an interest to Manisha, a Maharashtrian lady. She accepted my interest and we started chatting online. This went on for over six months because I was not in a situation to make a trip to India from USA to meet her sooner. Though living thousands of miles apart, we realized that we shared common interests and values. Our liking for each other grew more and more as days passed by. I decided to meet Manisha and her family and went to India on a short trip. After the first meeting of our families, things moved in smoothly even though we belonged to different states, linguistic backgrounds, castes and cultures. As expected it was a meeting for lifetime. We liked each other and our families got along well instantly. They blessed us and we got engaged on the same day. We got married in December 2014 in a beautiful and elegant ceremony in the presence of all the near and dear ones. This was an unbelievable journey in my life. "Believe in True Love, the right person will come into your life as destined by God and will guide you finding your soulmate by listing your desired partner characteristics in the most enhanced way!!! I am extremely thankful to the whole team of for such a wonderful service.

Waseem Pasha
I am very glad to say that today is my engagement .i.e. 14-FEB-2015 with my princess Asra fathima with whom I met on with 10/10 perfect match on 3rd NOV 2014 and started to show our feelings,love or great care. And all this happen by SHAADI.COM, so I am very very grateful and thankful to SHAADI.COM for this beautiful gift given for me, and I praise to GOD to make SHAADI.COM more and more successful in future.

Thanks once again to SHAADI.COM from most beloved couples WASEEM PASHA and ASRA FATHIMA.

We meet each other @ HIS home @ Diwali time and got engage on 25th Jan 2015

Mahesh Amin
Thanks to for giving me perfect match.I m lucky to have Asha as my life partner.

I was looking for a match for my daughter LEHA on "SHAADI.COM" where i found ANKUR's Profile.
I found the profile suitable and initiated the conversation.
Well.. the rest is just past.
It's February 1st 2015 today. I got my daughter married just a day before yesterday.
and now I am sitting relaxed here, writing this success story about how I found the perfect soulmate for my daughter on SHAADI.COM.

May god bless them all the ways.

A very special Thanks to!!

We did chat with each other and then we met and liked each other. It was tough to convince our families as we were intercaste,But we both had decided to marry each other. So we helped each other to get our families convinced.
Thank you

Annu Singh
It was the initiative taken by the other side then we proceeded further and finalised it.

We made our profile a year ago on I came across Jainish's profile and feel as a perfect match since Jainish is not a platinum member I send a request to connect him. We come in contact and agree to refer our parents. Our parents also liked our profiles. As Jainish is resident of Canada, but his parents reside at Surat, so they came to meet me and my parents at Vadodara St : Gujarat. Parents of Jainish liked me and after some chit-chats both parents decided to allow us to chat and gave us a time to understand each other. We express our thoughts and feeling with each other by way of massages, telephonic chat for 4 to 5 months and we decided to meet each other personally. Jainish came to India and our personal meeting hold on 3rd Jan 2015 at Surat with our parents and we both have select each other as a life partner and within a week our parents has finalized our relationship. Our ring ceremony was also arranged on 18th Jan 2015 at Dummas, Surat in the presence of around 500 relatives of both sides. Its really a very very pleasant and unforgettable days of our life which we have spent with each other. We celebrate Uttrayan i.e. KITE festival in Surat with lot of fun. Lastly Jainish went CANADA on 24th Jan 2015 as his leave period is likely to be over. We both are now missing each other but our love is our strength not weakness. Now we both are very eagerly waiting for our marriage ceremony.

Palash kumar paul
At the beganing I started search on my wish list which is not up to mark for my own partner preferences but slowly I progress and often visit to Shaadi profile and makes me more mature enough to search partner .After few weeks later realize I should go with all option which is Shaadi site was offering me
and I found 2 way matches which is more suitble for me to find a partner and I succeed


Raina Malhotra
He liked my profile then he texted me. And we start chatting. Than his sister ask me for my mom's number than they talk. Whenever we chat on my wifi is not working and i feel so bad and said are yar jab bhi main is ladke se baat karti hu network ko kya ho jata hai.After that we exchange our numbers and we start talking on phone.We start talking in the night to 7 am in the morning. Than we decided to meet with our families. So me my mother amit and amit's mother we all meet. I don't know what to say.On phone we talk too much but in front of him I completed lost my voice. He bought a chocolate for me that day. Than we start liking each other. And our engagement date finalize. And we both are very happy. We start dating and love spent time with each other. And I am very happy to have Amit in my life. And feeling blessed to have a family like this my mother in law is very good she is really very sweet and caring. Feeling blessed. Thank you u rockszzzz.....

Thank you,I found my match

Joy Abhishek Dass
Had a very good experience, searching for a partner on I searched for many profiles on other matrimonial sites too, but, found the best response on Fortunately, I got lucky in finding my partner through and found the best girl here suitable for me. Just wanna say thanks a ton to for filling my life with loads of happiness. God bless you...- Regards - Joy Abhishek Dass

Thank You found my match.

Aditi Dharmadhikari
Thank you,Details share later

Debanjana Roy
We chatted and then rest was history.

Rajat Arora
We exchanged interest on, we spoke a few times, then we met in person and it was love at first sight.


Ritika kakkar
Thank you, I found my match.

Harpal Dhiman
I was using since 2012 but one day I came back from my office and I was tired and stressed due to work I just logged in on my mobile through mobile app and I saw Manpreet was online, I had sent request few months back but she didn't accepted it till than I was paid member but her number was not confirmed I just sent her a message hi, and I got a reply hi we started chatting and then.....................................................and now we are getting married on 22 feb 2015. Thank you

Thank you,I found my soul mate

Shivani Arora
Started off as a normal invite, liked the initial conversation..families & we met.. liking grew... fell in love & blessed as a couple now :)

Shekhar Sandhu
Thank you,I found my life partner

Thank you,I found my life partner

Ritu Kaur
Thank you,I found my match

Ashwin Thakur
We liked each other profile on . When we contacted each other we came to know that we already know each other through our mutual relatives.. I would like to thank website. I found my soulmate.
Ashwin Thakur

Sandip Patel
It's secret story but it was awesome. is the best.
I am really Thankful to

I found my perfect match on after three years of long searching. My parents received his interest in December and accepted it and within a few days we met for the first time after our parents got the Kundli matched. After a few meetings, we realized that we are simply perfect for each other.

Sakshi Gupta
We made our profile about a year ago on Our parents liked our profiles. We get in touch through telephonic conversation. Me and my parents met Ankit and his Parents and relatives in Mathura on 12th October 2014. Parents of Ankit liked me and after some talks between parents our relationship was finalized. It was decided to solemnize the marriage at Bareilly, the place where they live, however, they generously agreed to arrange place for Barat and our stay. Date 14th Jan 2015 was fixed for ring Ceremoney in the morning and marriage in the evening. We live in Vadodara so celebrated Ladies Sangeet here with well wishers on 4th jan, 2015 and started our journey for marriage on 8th from Vadodara to my Mama's place Yamunanagar where final touch ups like mehndi, tales madah etc were solemnized on 12th. We, our relatives and friends came to Bareilly by 13th afternoon and late due to heavy fog on the way. It was a very happy occasion, the arrangement was in Hotel Krishna Lawn, Bareilly, where Ankit, his parents and relatives were waiting for us. Bhat programme was celebrated by our dear Mamaji in the evening and thereafter a dance programme was organised in the hall where both parties took part. Our ring ceremony was done on 14th January 2015 at 10:30 am at banquet hall at Krishna Hotel. It was a happy meeting of around 100 nears and dears ones. Although, it was raining in the evening reception of Barat, dinner,shaadi programme were arranged indoor and in well organized manner. Now we happily live together. Every thing went so smoothly that we could'nt imagine.Thank you

We found each other through and its a proper arrange marriage.

Rahul Singhania
I was going through the profiles shown by the Then i like the profile of Nidhi, sent her the request. She accepted it. The I got the her number from and contacted her on mobile. Then we found our interest matches.Our parents talked to each other and we got engaged on 26th January. Thanks :)

Indu Bala
Ahh.. I am relaxed now..
Many thanks to Almighty God and too.
Thank you so much one and all.. Its like long awaited dream has come true.
When I was hopeless and was thinking of terminate the account and was not getting the way to get it done. I got the interest from Sanjay that very day (9th Jan 2015) and from that day I stopped checking other interests as I was busy talking with him. We shared lot many things which made me decide that he is the one I was waiting for. Today is 20th day of our meeting and I am gladly wearing engagement ring.. showing everyone that I am engaged now.. and please don't disturb me anymore. ha ha ha..

Thanks and regards
Indu Sanjay Mogha

Pukhraj Singh
Thank you found my soul mate

Kushi D
Thank you, I found my life partner

Farheen Husain
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you to,I found my match

How should I begin? It all began after Sara accepted my request and sent me her contact details. I responded to her immediately, and it just kept on going from thereon. She was on this website for four years and I was just a few weeks old on this website when we first exchanged words. But we did deleted our profiles almost at the same time. For me it was like a dream come true that I met this chubby girl who also happened to be the one sharing same interests, good sense of humor and her intellect, her hair and her smile and..........the list will go on. This platform is a bit short to describe whats compatible in us, it takes a person to live his whole life to talk about the best in one individual, I am glad that we did it in less than a week and thats what one can call likeness, friendship, love. For me its all woven together into one, like two individuals but one soul. I believe, "Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." This is a quote from someone but I don't recall the name of the person, sorry for that. And I am glad that our life from hereon feels amazing. Last but not the least, would like to extend my Thanks to

Deependra Singh
Preeti's father contacted my father through Then we met and talked over phone for some time and realized that we are made for each other and now we are engaged. Thanks for finding me my soul mate.

Jimmy sent me an invite on April we actually didn't connect until November when he first sent me an email. I replied back to his email then we spoke on the phone. After 2 weeks we started to connect really well and had our first of many dates. We shared similar interests such as movies, music, hobbies, etc. We continue to enjoy each other's company. Looking forward to our bright future together.

Thank you, I found my match

Pratik Kumar singh
Thank you,I found my match

Kali Kant Choudhary
It was a mutual selection from both the end.Thank you, I found my match

Rituj khari
As soon as I bought the premium account my profile was advertised to many profiles and soon I got invitation from Ankita and soon we started chatting and we also contacted through phone and it was a done. Thank you for letting me find my life partner.

Amit Gautam
We had met with each other on its a good experience, when I show her profile (Mahima's Profile) I had sent a message after some hour I had received positive response from her side, our family members has communicate with together, and I had meet with Mahima in July, then finally we have being a life partner on December....

Shaadi " it difficult to describe in words",Thank you So much for your support, found my life partner

Farheen naz
As coming to the story Faisal sent me the request and we started talking with each other,soon we become friends. After around a month we decided to meet in Hubli and after meeting we realized that we are perfect for each other and we find a strong bond between us. And I realized my feelings towards him are more than what I thought, when its time to say bye to him. And then our parents invite them to home and decided a grand engagement ceremony on 24th December 2014.:):):)
Thank you team to help me meet my love.:)

Richa pithwa
We liked each other from profiles and met and very happy ,Thank you

Mohammed Shuaib
I found my match on
I am very grateful to for providing me my perfect pair as per my expectations.
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for giving me the best service.
I am now engagement and expecting to get married on the 14th of August 2015.
All my family members are so excited about my marriage that I don't have words to explain.
It all happened because of Thank you once again.

Thank you,I found my match

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