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Shaadi Pride

Year 2015 - Success Stories
July Matrimonial Success Stories
Mahesh & Pallavi
"I saw Pallavi's profile on and found it quite interesting so I sent her an invitation to proceed further in communication. She responded ba..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Praveen & Shanti
"Our story starts from 23 Feb 2013 when I received an email and interest from Praveen Pawar in Initially I was bit hesitant to accept the r..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prianka & Mohan
"My husband and I are so grateful to which has been a medium for us to find each other. We got to know each other through the website in the..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rishabh & Pallavi
"We would like to thank ' team for providing this awesome platform that enabled u to meet and eventually unite in the everlasting bond of ma..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Manasi & Rydham
"We both had put up our profile on, Rydham sent me a request and I was quite attracted and interested in knowing more about him, that's how ..."  Read full story »

Rupinder Sandhu
We fell in love..... love at first site...Thank you, I found my soul mate

Aman Lamba
I live in Canada, My family is in Delhi only. I always wanted a girl who could make a balance between abroad life and Delhi life. My search ended on 19th March, when a girl accepted my invitation and her parents and my parents started taking things further. The very Next day they made a plan to meet each other and They proposed each other for a better future of their kids. We planned our Ring Ceremony on 2nd May. I and Mini met for the first time on 28th April. We both fell in love so purely that we wanted to get married soon and live together forever.
The Love grew more and more and ...
On May 06, 2015, I got married to the best girl in the world. She is the most beautiful, matured, caring girl I have ever seen. I have got my new parents as well. Made my life a heaven that any guy would dream of.
Thank You

Aman and Minideep Lamba

Arka biswas
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Anvita pandey

Thank you, I found my soul mate

Well!! was totally unexpected...fluke but worth it...she clicked "connect" accidentally but curiosity got the better of her seeing my profile and so she paid up just to get my contact info...before you know it we were chatting away for practically 10 hrs daily...within a short span of time became soulmates.

Truely Arranged... met for 10mins... and all got Done :)

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank "" Bengali Matrimony...for an excellent service provided by them. I think its a wonderfull way of meeting the Prince of your dreams. I have finally met the "one" I have been waiting for all my life and nowhere else but here on "" We are happily married Couple. Thanks to every one again.I have recomended lots of friends and will be recomending to much more.

Varun Arora

Thank you, I found my soul mate.

Neha Sharma
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Anurag Agrawal
At the first time I saw Ankita's profile in December 2014 and then thought may be It will not be a good match but then in Jan2015 I sent interest to her, she accepted and then we shared each other's contact no. & started talking with each other.
As we both belongs to same state so fortunately we got some common friends in connection, which made it 100% sure to get fixed.

I am really-really thankful to because of which I got my "SOULMATE"..

Thanks will be a small word :)

Shiva Bhaati
Being busy with my office, I never got around to really searching for a life partner. And to be honest I was a little skeptical about these online matrimony portals but took a chance at my younger sister's nagging. I found my better half in Deepa Chauhan. We met through Shaadi.Com and instantly hit it off on a good track. We have much in common and with time we both realised that we were meant to be. Thanks to Shaadi for bringing us together. I pray that Shaadi becomes a medium to a happy life for everyone, like it did to the both of us.

Shama Ahmed
It was not easy to find a right partner.We wants to thank for providing us with a wonderful match.And thank you god for making this possible.
We activated our profile almost same time.We saw each other profile and connected each other.Then we started chatting and we decied to involve our famlies.Then we will meet first time on our Roka ceremony time.Our date of Roka Ceremony get finalize same day which is our favourite date..that is 14 March.
So it will become the most moment in our life and finally we got married on 21 march 2015..within one week.W e are the best couple in our life.

Sarani banerjee
I found my soulmate though Bangali Shaadi. I really want to thanks to team for my success. And I wish all others good luck and thanks to Bangali Shaadi.

Rishika Sunki
Hello my name is Rshika Sunki , I live in Mumbai , and I am here to share my story , Firstly thank you so much for making my life easy and beautiful... it took really long 2 years to get my match on but finally it happend via so here comes my story.. Nothing really fancy but one fine day I was just surfing app at my office and checking out profiles who had send request.. then I came across to this profile named Girish Kalamati with no 2nd thought I clicked on accept. Hes a software engineer whr I did my studies in journalism.. but wrked as a makeup artist .... 1st I thought he has no family and no backgrnd how things will wrk (as he lost his mom and dad).. I just accepted it randomly like other profiles... never thought it will workout... the very same day he called up my mom saying I really like ur daughters profile.. and I would take it forward.. after 10 days he came to see me and my parents all the way from BANGALORE to MUMBAI ... it was all fairy tale for me... my parents liked him.. so many questions were asked to him.. and without any hesitation he answered evrything.. we decided to have a formal meet where all his family members and our family members will meet and decide engagement and marriage date... that ceremony was (roka) . Everybody met , engagement date got fixed on 15th dec 2014 and marriage date 7th may 2015 ....

I never got an apportunity to thanks but today I really wanna thank and the whole team .. It was a great expierence ...!! I finally got my match...

Thank You!!

Deepa Parida

Myself Deepmala Parida(Deepa). My parents started looking for my life partner in Jan 2014. We received some proposals from some of our relatives and few mediators, but none of them were good.

One day I was sitting in the office and suddenly received a mms from my small brother a collage of my pic and some guy picture who was interested in the marriage.

The guy was looking like Uncle :).. I got so angry that there are no good boys in our Society in that anger I created my profile on

I was new user and using some matrimonial site for the first time.

I started receiving some good proposal.

It was 27.10.2014 I first saw him through this site, he send me the request which was accepted by me,. Few hours later he called me and we discuss few things.

I told to my family about this guy. I made my father talk to him on phone.

My father called him to our place to meet personally. He was living alone in Delhi so he hesitated little.

He came alone with full confidence and my parents were impressed by his simple and down to earth nature.

By the grace of god this relation moved further and on 08.03.2015 we tied a knot.

We are very happy :)

A sincere thanks to team of

Bishwajit & Deepa Nayak

Thank you, I found my soul mate.

Saravana Rajasena
After searching everywhere, at last we met each other through,

I wanted my life partner like my mother and she had many of the characters similar to my mom. Thanks for your matrimony services through which we got to know each other. Really I feel so blessed to get my fiancee of my liking's.


Thank you, I found my soul mate.

Pankaj Arora
It was just a very professional way that we met with parents on 15th march, 2015. After some formal conversations between parents, finally we both met and both of us liked each other and we said "YES".

Thankyou for helping us finding each other and making your website such a special and memorable one for both of us.

We contacted each other for the first time on, it was just a initial conversation where who knew we would bind into the beautiful journey of lifetime...Marriages are made in heaven but I feel the source to tie those relations is through

Madhavi Thallapalli
Thank you, I found my soul mate.


Neelam Kadam
One day me and my mom went to Ulhasnagar Kalyan.

We met Chandan family while returning from that place. My mom talked to his mother then short of conversation with her we all met.Then Chandan mom told that we like your daughter for my son. if you are interested for the same.

Then our parents finalized the marriage date and engagement has been done on 19 April 2015.

Piyush Tibrewal
Call Call and then Skye Skype then drove 1100KM to meet face to face. Thanks to, I found my soul mate.

Prachi Dalvi
I got a request from Koustubh on I liked his profile and found him to be a genuine person from his profile and pics. So I thought in order to know him better it would be good if I send him a friend request. I did that and soon he accepted that request. And when I pinged him... He said..."Ohh..I don't know about it since my parents look after it". I was like Ok... Leave it. Then further he pinged me and started asking about my whereabouts. That's when we both realized that talking to each other was very easy for was not like an interview round that happened with the other guys... we chatted on normal casual topics. This went on for few days. One fine day he asked if we can meet. We decided to let our parents talk first.

So, here comes the turning point! Our kundalis didn't match. We decided it's ok even if we don't talk now since it wasn't a big deal...we had not even met yet. I even got a mail saying "Koustubh has cancelled his invitation to you"!!! We had almost left that topic. But we kept chatting because we were really comfortable with each other. During this "friend zone" period we realized that we gel up very easily with each other and quitting just because of kundali wouldn't be a good option. We decided to take a second opinion. Again, it didn't match. But we still continued to talk ;)

One fine day we decided, chuck the kundali...Lets meet and decide... Since we both stayed in San Jose itself , meeting wasn't a problem for us. Within few minutes of our meet itself we were comfortable with each other and didn't even realize how 6hours had just passed by! Later again after chatting and meeting few times, he popped up the question(though he knew what the answer was ;)) at Treasure Island(the view was magnificent!)

And I said yes!!!

I am lucky enough, that since we both stay in US nothing went the conventional way and we got good time to get to know each other. We would be starting our beautiful journey of life together on 3rd Jan 2016 !!!

Latha Yadav
Fortunately one day my sweet, innocent hero 'Abhay Yadav' found me while he was checking his recommendations lists and sent me a request. I liked and accepted his profile as I felt like talking to him. Its just a week now we started talking and knowing each other but it feels like we know each other since longgg time. The first impression for both of us was enough to creat some magic between us and now we have decided to spend rest of our life with each other. We both are soo thankful to you, that your team has helped us to be one!
We are looking forward to marry each other and lead a successful life. Thanks tons! Cheeeers! (y)

Puja srivastava
It was great experiance,I found my perfect match.Chandan expressed interest in my profile,we started chatting than wats app than skype. We dated for 6th month before we tied the knot.People say marriages are made in heavan but is the best place where you can search your perfect partner. We are happily married now and we are celebrated our month of togethernes.We would like to say thanks to team.

Jignesh Pattani
First of all I would like to thank for creating a platform to search life partner. After exchanging the contacts details we started chatting and than talking over the phone. After few weeks when we both felt that we should know more about each other we started meeting and than e both realised that we can take our relationship to marriage.

Jayesh Agrawal
Hi, Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner.I am really glad to have Sapna in my life & it was not possible without receiving interest from my partner we initially started talking online and then began talking on the phone.We quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. After talking on the phone for several days we developed a deep connection and realized that we could not live without each other. We went on to get engaged on May 24th. We could not be happier.

A Ramesh Babu

Thank you, I found my soul mate

Krishma virk
I got in touch with my soul mate .Kept on talking for hours on the v ery first day gt to know that I got the man of my life.Thankx to Shaadi .com.

Chetan Kanadia
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Poonam kumari
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Ankit Jain
We met by sending interests to each other on you, I found my soul mate

Debabrata Banerjee
Thank you, I found my life partner

Pravin Kansal
It was an usual afternoon of 3rd April 2013 and I was sitting outside my house. All of a sudden,
I got one call on my phone and that usual afternoon became special.
She called me and asked ... kya Pravin jee se baat ho sakti hai.
I was mesmerized with her voice and at that moment I decided that whomsoever is that girl; I will marry her.
She called and told me to come on Gtalk because she was in office and she couldn't talk much over the phone call.
I immediately came on gtalk and started chatting with her. As SUN was going to set and it was reddish sky and beautiful evening; I did not miss the chance and proposed her at that special moment via a song but she did not came to know this.
After that, her office timing was over and she came back to home. I called her back on phone and talked till night.
At night, when I went to sleep; I could not. and I was thinking of that beautiful ANGEL only.
When I woke up in the next morning, I got ready asap and logged-in my PC as well as Gtalk to get back to her.
Oh my GOD! she was online and we started chatting.
Everyday, this was my only daily routine to get ready to chat with her on PC till her office timing. One day, I was so busy with chatting her that I forgot even my lunch. All of a sudden she reminded me and got very angry.
I was working abroad and I was on leave those days. Then, 12th April, 2013 came; the day on which I have to get back to my work. She was crying and showing me tears I also cried but I did not show my tears to her so that she may not loose her strength living apart.
I came back to PNG where I was working. Now, time zone for both of us were different still we were talking day and night by forgetting our sleep.
I really love her and I cannot live without her.

Our talking over the phone calls continued for 2 years during which we had so many sweet and sour memories but on the top of that, our love story continued.
Meanwhile, we talked to our parents and were successful in converting our love story to beautiful relationship of marriage on May 01, 2015.

Thank you so much to that I got my life partner who is more than a life-partner.

Anuradha chakraborty
Thank you, I found my soul mate.

Khyatishree Swain
Here I opened my profile as one of my friend suggested me though I was not having faith on matrimony sites..Once when I was getting bored at a late night,logged in to ma profile..though dere were many invitations I have choosen to go through Sandeep's profile and read his mail..
I don't know what happened to me..I gave him a message without checking the time instantly(2am)..
before realising my mistake I got a call from him..and we started asking about each other..
and within some days we both got addicted to each other unknowingly....den my father in law called my baba for scheduling a family get together..
we both met with our respective parents on 1st March 2015 at my place..where our engagement date has been fixed according to Sandeep's leave..
again on 4th March we met each other and did our engagement shopping..and our engagement happened on march 8th..
He made to realise what true love is...and after a long wait of 3 months our d day June7 came to make me the happiest khyati ever..
On dat day I have heard the gossip of most of relatives..Each and every relatives of mine were saying "how lucky she is'..

Thank you for giving me the bestest gift of my life as my partner..
Thankyou so so people really made my life..

Harsh Patel
Thank you, I found my soul mate

Kumar Sumant
I expressed my interest in Madhulika's profile. She responded with a thumps Up in 3 days.
We then exchanged our nos. and discussed inside out about our likes / dislikes and partner expectations.After finding out that we are compatible to each other we decided to meet and take it forward. In 3 months time, we got married and are very happily settled.
Thanks to for helping me out to find the PERFECT match for me.
I wish Team all the very best in their continuous endeavour to bring happiness in every couples life. All the Best !!!

Thank you, I found my match.

Deepika Thakur
My parent's met Rohit arnd 13th of june and then invited them to our place kota. They came with a notion to only meet me. I and Rohit chatted for around 45 mins in my house had lunch together. They were planning to leave back for Dewas but suddenly they changed their mind called my father saying its a yes from our side you ask your daughter as well. My father asked me.. we had a discussion for about an hour and then he answered back saying yes. So Rohit and his family dropped in again for a small roka ceremony and thats how it all happened.

Thank you,I found my match

Great, Thank you, I found my match

Nisha bedi
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you,I found my match.

Swati Chandra
Ashish is from my caste and I approached him first but came to know that he is working in Bangalore but I wanted guy who is settled in Delhi as I too was working in Delhi.
So I decided not to meet as there was no point according to my criteria. This all happened in month of Nov 2014. Hence days passed we forget each other were busy with our lives. Suddenly in month of march I realised I should talk to Ashish again and mould my criteria and we finally met in month of March we liked each others companies and then out family met Nd everything suited each other m finally on 19th April I got engaged n on 6th june 2015 I got married to my soulmate ASHISH :*
This is my sweet little story :)

Preeti Bhanotra
Thank you, I found my match

Ranku Dey
While searching , I found correct life partner..
Thank you

Thank you, I found my match

Deepika Munshi
Thank you for giving me a wonderful person whom I still see as a dream....that how on earth I was able to find him.....we both complete each other in evry possible way and I am really glad to have him in my life.....Thank you for bringing happiness in our life.....!!!!

It did took a lil long to find the right one for me but the wait had been worth waiting for....!!!!

May you run longer in coming days :) . Good luck!!

Daljeet Singh
Thank you, I found my match

Preeti Jain
First we both would like to thank
We first chatted in the month of Jan. then we kept chatting on and off. After a month we decided to meet and after meeting we liked each other a lot. and decided to inform our parents the very next day. Since we are inter-cast so had to face lot of aggression and opposition from our family side. Somehow we both managed. now getting married next month.
Now things are going fine, hoping for all good in future too.

Would to like to thank and wish continous success to

Saurabh Tyagi
Hii.. first time we met on
sandhya sent me interest and I accepted then we talked regularly.
Finally we met personally and fallen in love with each other..

Thanks for giving me my love my life.

Alok mishra
Through chat and I thank to all of you to find me true partner of my life.
Thank you

I had no idea back in the days that registering on would be one of my life's best decisions. It helped me find the love of my life. I had no idea my life partner was closer than I thought. She stayed merely 10 min drive from my place and yet, your website was the reason I found her.

I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good works!

Here's wishing all members on the best of luck to find their better halves :)

Simran Kaur
We met by chance and then the magic just happened..Thank you

Abhilash Anandjee
Thank you, I found my match.

Hi my Name is Rahul Srivastava from New Delhi, I met my soul mate Disha Chandra in August 2014 through , for first few days we chatted through Soon it took to phone conversation and we met. We started liking each other and got our family involved. Finally we got tied in marriage.

Punit Dixit
Hmmmm.... A very beautiful but strange story...even what you can say marriages are made in heaven..and we thanks acting as a medium for us to get this comment being true. We (both of us Me & kavita) gives our sincere thanks to for getting us met with each other.

About our meet its a long story where I sent an interest to Kavita say more than 2 years ago & she accepted that interest... as I was just searching for my mate at that she being a Delhi girl I just tried out my luck... but when she accepted that request... I didn't get how to react on her acceptance of proposal...,Since I was an unpaid member in Shaadi .com I was not able to call her... and we both were just sitting idle.....on one Saturday night I just logon to website.... and she pinged was a very much tabad tod moment for me.... and I asked her number... she was bit hesitated & but she give me her number.... we talked & I was quite interested with her language & her explanations towards we just chatted & had some words exchange..... It was all happening what I wanted..... But as you know with marriage responsibility under that dilemma I understood that I will need a year more to get myself prepared for that & complete my other responsibilities... so on the next day I asked her that I will need some time as I do have some family responsibilities which need to be matched first before my marriage & also I think we have a concern over our kundlies .... so just checked with her she can continue her search for the better guy....

so by that time life continues we were never been in touch..... and the date come next to diwali (2014) where i was discussing with my family regarding my marriage as where to register & how to look out for girls as during this period I have completed most of here my mind stricke & I showed her snaps to my Mom & dad specifically saying that I dont know whether our kundlies will match or not ... even I was not knowing that by that she is already engaged to someone or is she married ? I was just taking chance with my MOM & dad ....

As they agreed that yes you can talk to her so the next day as I was having her number pinged her on whats app..... asking her do you know me? ..... she didn't reverted .... as for her it was a call from an unknown number.. and also my whats app image was not theire...... so before my next ping I uploaded my image in whats app & again pinged her....... asking madam do you recollect .. Its Punit from Pune.... and after that we had a good sound discussion & after 2 days my mom spoke to her asking her to talk to her parent.......

As it was a gap of almost 2 years when we first chatted ...... and on 28th of November'14 we got engaged & happily married on 21st April'15.

It was a fabulous journey for me with Shaadi .com & once again thanks for getting me such a beautiful & love making partner.

Thanks & regards
Kavita & Punit Dixit

Rachita Dhule
I liked the profile and took it forward from there.
Thank you

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