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Shaadi Pride

Year 2015 - Success Stories
March Matrimonial Success Stories
Raj & Simran
"I remember tht mene last year par apni profile banai, ek ad dekhne k baad ... Bus isi kwahish me k mujhe bhi mera manchaha jivansathi mile ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anisha & Nitin
"Nitin sent me an interest on I reviewed the profile and found matching my criteria. We talked over phone and met twice.On 2nd meeting and ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Arnav & Amrita
"We both were looking for our soul mates since quite some time. Then on August Amrita's parents reached out to my mother and life has been fast forward..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nainmeet & Sumit
"Hello, First I would like to thank helping me find my life partner. We both had our profile created on My wife Nainmeet sent ..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shalakha & Love
"I saw his smiling face on his profile and it was like we are destined to be with each other. We arranged a meeting so that our parents will do all the..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Prashant & Neetu
"Marriages are made in heaven but has given me a perfect platform to meet my soul mate. I feel I could not have found a better individual co..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ravi & Shabnam
"Thank you for finding me my match. we are getting married on 30 November in Lucknow, Thank you and wish you all the best."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shubham & Monika
"I don't believe...but yes Miracles do happen. I was on Shaadi .com for more than a year but yes actively on profile for just a week and I go through a..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Komal & Prashant
"Thank you, I found my soul mate"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Dilip & Neha
"I found match for my daughter through . we meet groom's family on 12th September at Delhi & found all the information true as provided on m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Shruti & Naman
"I liked her profile, her parents liked me as well, we connected , one thing led to another and I am very lucky to have found what I was looking for, t..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashutosh & Nikki
"Thank you "  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Phani & Sindhura
"Dear Shaadi Creators, I really appreciate your great efforts for opening a platform that could help young professionals to meet their respective li..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Amandeep singh palia & Gurpreet Kaur pahuja
"I would like to congratulate entire team of who made such wonderful concept on Internet which allow us to search our partner across the wor..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Anuj & Swati
"Hello, First I would like to thank to help me find my life partner. We both had our profile created on My wife Swati send me..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Nitesh & Mayuri
"i sent her a request on and rest just followed"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vivek & Yasheshree
"During my partner search on I came across to Yasheshree's profile which was exactly matching with mine. We both were from same caste and fr..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Radha & Ishan
"SWe both are registered with and then contacted each other, We are very happy"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Tejas & Dr Kripa
"I found my soul mate on Thanks to and yours Team. I am feeling very happy with my soul mate."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ranjan & Aastha
"We met each other on Initially, I spoke to her parents who liked my profile and gave me her number. We then started chatting with each oth..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sumant & Prachi
"She sent interest to me to which I replied. We shared contact numbers and then started interacting... Found good common references and likings! Got en..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Upkar & Navneet
"Through , daily recommendation I believe .. its been a beautiful journey because of , got engaged and marrying soon .. Thanks to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Renju & Tara
"Thank you , I found my soulmate"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Vishank & Shivani
"Thanks to, you are doing a really great job by extending as a medium to interact, meet & find out their soul mates. I had taken a membershi..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sanjay & Neelam
"I found my soul mate on She is best girl in world. Thanks to"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Supin & Priyanka
"Was browsing through profiles and came across the perfect one!!"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Abhinav & Akanksha
"I first send her request on Akanksha's profile was looking after by my brother in law. He didn't responded my request. Many months after m..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Farhad & Aashiana
"I just sent her an intrest, And after few days we talked on phone for 6 days, I felt she has everything I wanted, and on 7th day the moment we met, wi..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pramod & Preeti
"Yes we were registered member of and I sent a interest in her profile. After that we exchange our cell no and parent's cell no as well.We h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ramdas & Reeja
"Hi, My name is Ramdas Haridevan, I met my soul mate through, it was awesome experience, after a long search on Matrimony websites I finall..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Sumit & Tamanna
"I expressed interest,We contacted each other.Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Rohit & Pooja
"I found my life partner ,Thank you"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Pavneet & Maninder
"I had registered on and then sometime in early 2014, Maninder sent across his interest and we explored it like any other interest that we h..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Waheeda & Feroz
"Hi we met on in feb-2014 Both the family's like each others..even we like each others.. Thanks to Regards, Waheeda"  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Bhavna & Kumar
"We met on , I sent her a request .She obliged and messaged me on my number, we set up a date and like each other immediately and decided to..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Isha & Shoaib
"Its destiny that has bought us close as husband and wife from miles connected our roads together to one destination "Nikahh".After u..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Jagpreet Singh & Prabhjot Kaur
"'Marriage is a unity of two unknown souls.' Yes, people who have never seen each other, never met before. Frankly speaking, now a days with populati..."  Read full story » Matrimonial Success Stories
Ashish & Ankita
"I sent her an interest after looking at the profile, to be very honest I loved the smile and went on with sending her request. Fortunately she accepte..."  Read full story »

Shailendra Arora
Hi everyone ,I would highly recommed all of you to please stay positive in your life ,for your dreams to come true and it starts from this portal of I started my journey through this website.And met my Love my better half ,my special thanks to all the team of and the founder of the company.This year we met in Feb 2015 together in Amritsar and spend some quality time knowing each other more and then took our relation one step further and got engaged..Thanks once again to all..

Vijay Aggarwal
Our sincere thanks to sent interest to Sonia Gupta and she accepted my interest. As i had Select Package ,my parents communicate with her parents on the same day.We had our ring ceremony on January 30, 2015 and got happily married on February 22, 2015.

Thank you, I found my life partner

Thank you found my match

Sahbi Singh
I met my husband through, we both were paid members, so my husband called me up one day and we really liked each other, it was love at the first talk over the phone for both of us, later when we both met, the love got stronger and it was a big "YES" from both of us at the first meet itself, we both consider our-self quite fortunate to have found each other through thanks to the entire team of, Cheers!

David clarke
Thank you,I found my match.

Ravi inder singh
I took premium membership and was tired of talking with every girl
And on day ,I found her....

At last I would like thanks people really doing a good job

Great service !

Jitesh Fulwani
Best experience,Thank you

Shashi Bhushan
I was just driving and got the email from saying one profile is matching.

Then I stopped my car aside and took the contact details of Yadhavi's mother. Called her and spoke to her mother and it all happened in just few days.

I really thank team for giving me such a cool girl and a great family. After things got sorted out between our two families. I just felt I am the luckiest person.

Thank you

Ranjana Bhowmick
It was fantastic experience with will definitely recommend to others also. Quality groom we have gotten. Thanks to Team !

Ajit Kumar
It is very rightly said that arriages Are Made In Heaven and solemnized on Earth And is doing a wonderful job in materializing this..If I wouldn't have signed up on, I would never have found my soulmate. Our heartiest thanks to my Relationship manager, who was handling my premium membership, it is she who made it so easy for us to have found each other.
It all started with one click of request to acceptance to a formal phone call. The first time i spoke to her, i believed that we were destined to be together. By the second call we were very sure about each other, and we spoke for hours together. We met for the first time in May, our families got introduced and we all formally gathered to take the final call soon. We got engaged in oct and are looking forward to our wedding in January

Kumud Manohar
We contacted each other and thankful to

Tarun Madhok
Hi my Name is Tarun Madhok from Canada, I met my soul mate Inderjeet Kaur Khabra in Nov 2012 through , for first few days we chatted through We took it to it to phone conversation and skype video chatting. We started liking each other. We got our family involved. I met her bro in Edmonton and my parents met her in India. Finally we got tied in marriage (love forever).

Tannia J
Thank you,I found my match

By luck we met on
Thank you

Arpita Bhatia
Thank you,I found my life partner

Divya agarwal
Hello..I am Divya Agarwal..I made my profile on december 2014..then I got many infact so many interest ...I didnt send much day on january 2015 Vedant's request came..he is from raipur and I am from bhilai..we are not so far from each other..then I accepted Vedant's interest just because he is from raipur..and I liked his profile very much..luckily he us a paid member...then he message me on chat and asked me to send my biodata on him email id..I sent my biodata and he liked my biodata...then we start chatting Vedant is very sweet and not so talkitive person..and I am just opposite..I am very talkative...the we talk more and more started knowing about our likes and dislikes and views about life..and we see our choices in thinking food hobbies most of the things are similar..then we are happy for the coincidence that this much similarities are there between us..then we talk and we fount that there were mutual relation between our families..we thought that so good...then we exchange our numbers..Vedant likes my this talkative character...and then we talked at night first time on that day when we exchanged our numbers..then we talked about 3 to 4 hours continuously...then regularly we talk at night and he is very busy in his work that why we texts us at day time..then after 3 to 4 days we decided to meet..and the day come we meet ..we went to T.I. mall nd went for a movie "khamoshiyaan"..frst we both are quite..then I started talking and after that we talked alot..not a single time we watch movie..we go their bcause the place we live is the place where most of the persons know us..then after movie we came to the parking because time to go..the he asked me to sit in his car....he gave me a bunch of 35-40 chocolates because I love chocolates and I gave him a showpiece of om and ganesh...then he said he feel very very happy by this meeting..
Then after that..we talked regularly and one day he proposed me..and I accepts his proposal..and now we are in a relationship and decided to marry....he said max upto January 2016 we get married....we most of the time decides about our June or July we will tell to our parents ..i want to thank from me and Vedant's side..I think for me he is the best soulmate best lover and I know he will be the best husband too..I LOVE U VEDANT...

Nawaz Mohammad
Thanks to Anupam and his team for created now which is associated to my life.

I and Ishrat met through in November 2013. Our first meeting was at Churchgate Station Mumbai and walked down to Gateway.

I am a Banker she is a video editor so, alternate weekend we started spending some time and we liked to meet each other. I am a adventurous person and I took her for a trekking trip to Visapur near khandala ghat with my another 50 trekkers fellow and she loved it since it was her first trekking trip. Trekking helped us much to understand each other, because while trekking entire day with a person we face many situations where we try to understand other person's behavior, re-action, co-operation, patience level.
Then we participated many trekking program and other events as well. After 6 months we introduced our families and they liked each other.
When came to marriage she wished to have wedding ceremony at her native palace Barielly UP that was a big challenge for me because of long distance from Mumbai to Barielly, but she convinced me as per her wish then my father and brother went to her native to meet her mother and confirm the wedding date which was at 7th Dec 2014.

Mahaboob basha mulla
Thank you,I found my match

Sharda Gupta
Toh hamari kahani shru hoti hai jab main holidays ke liye apni didi n jiju ka yaha Melbourne australia gaye thi.
Tahi meri di ne mare liye par ek profile banaye waise to to main bahut se ladko se baat ki and mili bhi pr koi mann ko nahi bhaya fir ek din 7th November ko ek request aaye.. RANJIT from U.S by profession Structural Engineer pehle to maine ignore kiya pr uske do din baad 19th Nov ko kya hua maine uski request add ki fir kya maine usse baat karni shru ki pehle to bahut hi khadoos laga fir humne decided kiya ki hum video chat karte hai Dekhte hi dekhte ek pyaara sa innocent sa face samne aaya sach bolu to this was a first site love and dil se aawaz aaye he is my man.. my real man Mr. perfectionsit fir kya hamari baat shru hui uski taraf se aisa koi reaction nahi tha deehre dheere hamari baat aage bhadi maine iske baare main kisi se bhi nahi kaha.. dil hi dil main hum kafi kareeb aa gaye .. mujhe 6 december 2014 ko wapas aana tha India who kafi baichan ho gaya ki shayad hum nai mil payenge aur jaise hi main India aaye peeche peeche 20th Dec 2014 who bhi India aa gaya that was a big surprise for me fir kya usne mujhe bataya ki who India apne ghar cuttack (ORRISSA) aaya hai
Maine bhi kafi himmat karkr apne dad ko bataya fir kya reservation hua dad ne Ranjit se baat ki aur hum 26 Dec 2015 ko pahuch gaye CUTTACK main thodi modern ladki aaj ki ladki lakin Ranjit ki family Indian culture se mila hua main unko itna pasand nai aaye .. shayad mere dusky color se
Fir kya maine apne pyaar ka liye stand liya even Ranjit ne bhi mera poora saath diya Ranjit ke dad aur 4 bhaiyo ko bitha kr apne selfless pyaar ka baare main baat ki aur kaha ki mai usko apni jaan se bhi jayda pyaar aur kush rakhungi,,, shayad kuch galat faymiya ho gaye thi jo ki maine door ki aur yehi khula pan aur pyaar dekh kar ranjit ka ghar walo ne hamare shaadi ka liye ha bol di
Aj 16 Feb 2015 ko mera roka hai aur aane wale june ya november. main hamari shadi
My all thanks to

Saakshi agarwal
We are still exploring each other, but we are a hit in four days. I pulled out my profile as a promise to make this work with Jai... So wish us luck and Thank you for the journey so far...

Thank you,I found my match.

Partha Sadhak
Thank you, found my match

Uma Shankar Dutt
First of all I want to say thanks to one of my friend Mr.Tridip Dey who got married and living his married life happily and he also got match through
Now about me , I got my life partner through after contacting with so many profiles finally and got married also in the month of March 2015.
Many Many thanks to again and good luck for all those are here for partner ....

Regards & love.

Uma Shankar Dutt & Kulashri Bordoloi Dutt

Rakesh Vakil
On registering my profile on this website I got partner of my choice, thank u so much to one of the best matrimonial site. And now would now like to reveal my story. I have searched for partner of my preference and found too many profiles of which I send request to Sachi Master which I liked & even she also liked my profile & accepted it in December'14. Then we started a formal chat on Mobile App & exchanged our number for further conversation. As our family believe in horoscope match so we send each other our birth details but unfortunately it didn't match but still as we both liked each other decided to be friends & use to forward messages. Suddenly in end of Feb'15 Sachi asked me again to send copy of horoscope & immediately send her the same. Luckily it matched & on our wish our parents took initiative for our relationship n this time problem was holashtak & so our parents decided arranged meet after it & finally we both met each other after a long wait on 13/03/2015 which became one of the best day of our relationship as both f our parents liked each other n decided our engaged on 14/03/2015. And now after few days we are gonna marry each other i.e. on 27/04/2015. We both had beautiful experience & would definitely recommend our family & friends too. Once again thank u so much.

Thank you,I found my life partner

Sneha Punjabi
Visiting each other profiles,we found each other perfect,Thank you found my match

Shivali Shrivastava
It was 1st week of Dec,2014 that I received an Invitation from Rohit through family liked his profile and a chain of communication started between our parents.After few days conversation began between me and Rohit and then we along with our families met. Few days of conversation over phone and chats during our courtship period tend to make us realize that there is something more special between us than simply an arranged marriage an yesss it is LOVE :*....thanks to you so much :) :)

Shivali & Rohit.

Thank you,I got my life partner

Sangam Chauhan
Thank you,I found my life partner

Harjot Kaur
Thank you, found my match

We exchanged interest then hearts !!Thank you

As usual we exchanged interests and contact details.. was confused in confusions.. nevertheless heart passed the strong signal and said we are made for each other.. fell in love and decided to spend rest of lives with each other and make it more exciting.. Thanks to :-):-)

Amit Wadhwa
I sent Khushboo an invitation over and she accepted it after a week or so, as we were for different cities we chatted first and spoke over the phone and after a month we thought we should meet. We met and soon after that I made her meet my parents and rest his history, we are engaged now and will be married soon. Thank you

Gudia G
He expressed interest and I have accepted it on 8th March .On 10th march, we start chatting and on 15th March we decided that we are going to marry each other.

Thank you,I found my life partner

Neetu mishra
I found my soul mate on is best person in this world. thanks to

Monica Verma
Thank you,I found my match

Thanks to,I found my match

Vikas Bajaj
We met in New zealand, we were both here and got married in India(Hindi Punjabi Traditional Wedding)

Sushil Agrawal
It was awesome experience,Thank you
I found my life partner.

Sonali jain
I found Nitesh's Profile at chatting with each other.I found him so caring loving and very positive towards life, very soon we became each other's best buddies and got married on 1st of Feb 2015.......we both with our families thankful to work...:-)


First of all thanks to for bringing us together. Because of I found the best match for me. I approached Ms. Ritu by sending a interest which was accepted by Her. Then spoke with her on telephone. Gradually communication increased and I was invited at her house. After the 1st meeting we both was not sure whether to go ahead with this proposal or not but we maintain the communication which helps us to understand each other. Finally we came to a conclusion that we are just opposite to each other but at the same time we complement each other. In this entire process I found my better half and got married with the blessing of all the elders at 31.07.2015.

I checked out Sneha's profile and found it to be exactly what I was looking for. I am based in California and would have probably never met her otherwise, since she lives in Alabama. I thought I would give it a shot and see if he would be open to long distance. From the first message until today, we have never stopped talking, sharing and laughing. It truly was a great match and we have to thank for that. We got married on 15th March 2015.

Saurav singh
I met with my partner through your had send request to Akanksha's profile..she had accepted my request..after that my parents met with Akanksha's parents..and we had finalized our marriage...I am really thankful to for finding such a lovely partner..thanks

I found my match through

Omar Ahmad
Sameen had originally sent me a request in February 2014, but I had been ignoring many of the requests for several months. Eventually, around the March/April time frame, I decided I should at least try to decline some of the requests, and decided to start the process of doing so. So, I think I recall that I had seen her request, but before declining, I at least read profiles. When I read Sameen's profile, I thought "Wait, why haven't I at least contacted her?" So, when I got a chance, a few weeks later, I showed her profile to my sisters, and they approved. I signed up for a membership to send her a message, and waited. I didn't hear anything, and noticed that she hadn't signed on in a while, so didn't really expect much, but at the end of May, I got a response: apparently she had signed on solely to delete her profile, but saw my message. So, a few emails, a few phone calls, and a lot of texting followed. Eventually, in October, while attending my Masters program, she wanted to know where I stood, so I realized that I'd like to know her better, and at the very least, meet with her. In November, my family went to visit her in Maryland, and it was quite positive. They came to visit us in December, and on Valentine's Day this year, we went ahead with the engagement. Now I have to finish my Masters, while in the meantime arranging things for a wedding less than 5 months away. But honestly, it's totally worth it.

Mitesh Joshi
We both in IT profession were looking for partner who could understand IT work. My parents contacted her parents who liked her profile and gave me her number. We then started chatting with each other on phone. Over a period of 5 months of interaction we found each other to be compatible and then our families meet at her home to finalize the wedding date. We had a true blue Kumaoni pahadi style traditional marriage at Haldwani nestled in the lap of the Himalayas

Pranish shukla
Hey Friends,
I would like to thank for providing me with a perfect match.
It was like i just visited her profile and thought it can be a good match.As I was the premium member I got the contact number of hers and we started interacting and knowing each other and the result is in front of you.

Thank you
Pranish and Priyanka

Vivek Duggal
Thank you,I found my life partner.

Vamsi Krishna
We liked each other's profile and had conversations over the phone and then expressed our interest to our parents. They had a get together & fixed our marriage.

Asma begum
Hi Shaadi team,I am glad that I got myself registered here ..Ali sent me the request and we accepted it and the things went we are happily engaged..Thanks once again to you guys definitely match better..

Thank you

Nikita shah
I found my life partner,Thank you

Sabita dey
Thank you, I found my life partner

Vanshika sharma
Thank you,I found my soul mate

Rizwan Jameel
Dear site,

With the grace of Allah I found love of my life on my sister created my profile just to give it a try though we never believed in things like online matrimonial service, as its difficult to rely on someone sitting on the flip side. but then I decided to give it a try.Some time later I received an interest from 'Him',and felt its a good match.Later on families got introduced and shared information.After few discussions & family meetings we are now tied into marriage relation Alhamdulillah.Life is so beautiful now after being into this beautiful relationship. We both are very thankful to team, & all the helpful features of the website. Also we wanted to share this with team & its members. Please pray for our successful newly married life. And thanks again to Best of luck to all other singles finding their soulmates.
Best regards
Mr & Mrs. Rizwan Jameel

Praveen Kumar Ankam
I found my life partner through you all

First of all I would like to thank my friend who had created my profile on and thank the entire team of Shaadi who had sent suitable profiles which matched my profile. Moinak had showed interest in my profile. After chatting via web for couple of months we met in person and really liked each other. And now, we are getting married next month. :)

Thank you found my match

Vijay Krishna
It was super fast and awesome. getting engaged on this sunday :) Still can't believe :)

We contacted each other through Thank the entire team of for all the efforts being put right from making me a member to the day when we met each other and decided to get married. :)

Its our destiny that has brought us together. We met first time on 6th Oct,2014. I expressed interest and chatted with my beloved Swati. We exchanged numbers and started communicating. We chatted for 15 days and realized we share a lot of common interests. Finally we met on 17th Oct,2014. She was in Delhi for some training from my company she worked in . We both liked each other and on 20th Oct...we had our Roka. On 14th feb,2015..we got married. I really want to thank for helping me in finding my soulmate.

Nisha Jha
He showed interest in me and I accepted. First time we talked to each other on emails and then calls..and then this continues ever since.. Our families met each other and things began to fall in place automatically...I guess thats whay destiny is.. We are engaged and will be married by December. Thank you

Thank you,I found my match

Upasana Kalelia
My Maternal called my about to husband Ayush, and we never knew one call or details mentioned on can help me finding my soul mate, we exchanged details and this platform gave us opportunity to know each other and now with God grace and thankfully to we are happily married.Thanks for your blessings.

She send me a request on and later she got my mobile number,
Afterwards I saw her messages on whatsapp. Later we started communication.On 16 September 2014. From that day we continuously communicated on whatsapp.
Around a month or more than a month we never saw each other. But mind and heart,Was deep in her thinkings. She also understood me. We met for the first time.
On 18th October. The meeting was so pleasant.

As I told about her to my family members, they came to visit her but,Suddenly changed their minds. They didn't allow me to marry her. But I was determined,That I have to marry her, because she is the first and last choice of mine. Even though some family clashes occurred, she still loved me and that is her inspiration and her love is the most important thing for me. Eventually I opposed my family and got married on 24th feb 2015
We both are very thankful to
It helps me for becoming my dream true..i

Megha Sinha
I seen Mohinish on him request and start communicating..and now we are in love and getting married soon :)

I selected Sheela's profile know that she is the perfect match for me. My family loved her nature and care that she displayed towards them. In every way she is going to be an ideal partner.

Naveen Sachdev
I had sent an interest to Kirti Sukheja on and then her parents contacted me. After that, we met at her relative's house for 20 minutes and liked each other.

Thank you,I found my match

Aarti Mane
I found my life partner through,Thank you

Thanks alot to Its only because of I am able to find perfect match for my brother.

Archana mohta
Thank you I found my match,

Manas Priyadarshy
I found my life partner through,We like to thank

Manoj Sarkar
We met through the to the lovely platform for which I met my soul mate..........

Afrin Khan
Thank you,I found my life partner

Amit Gupta
I saw Vatsala's profile on Our match was 10/10. After seeing her pictures i had sent her a request and she took almost a month to accept it.. she accepted the request and we started to chat.. while chatting I got an opportunity to ask her cell number and then the phone calls,It took almost an year for us to know each other.. while chatting I fell in love with her personality understanding innocence and caring nature.. I found everything in her which I had dreamt about my life partner.. all the credit goes to there help I would not have met my love Vatsala..
We both thank

Matinginy khare
His was the first I accepted on, thereafter hesitation made me avoid calling him for 13 days and when I called, we only realized that it's morning. An interesting man who respects women, is studious and at the same time not boring at all, can talk sense and loves my family, I am just so lucky to have him as my life partner. My family, his family and us..all are happy and rest is just the beginning :) I am in love forever with him and my extended family
I thank for making me the most happiest person. We wish you all the best

Suresh Chaudhary
First of all I would like to thanks to the team of for helping me to get my dream partner and my true soul-mate. Our love story begin with an interest which was sent by me to her(Monika). Then she accepted my interest. And we shared our contact numbers and detail and then finally we got engaged on 2nd Nov 2014 and Got Married on 10th Feb'15..

Dugeshwar Karley
We never thought this can work. How come screening with some silly profile options can find you your soul mate? How can you chose some persons with like and expect that she/he will be THE ONE but with me this happened. It started with one like in like some novel story and I felt the same feeling from other side. Then we moved with small chats. Those small chats became high point for our bonding and we realize that yes we are perfect for each other. And we can stay together for our whole life. Finally twe became husband and wife to spend our rest of the life together.

Rishikesh Thaker
Thank you, found my life partner.

Once, on a pretty good morning, I received a expression of interest from Neha's Dad.
I liked her profile pretty much- she matched a lot in terms of interests and education. Then, I showed it to my parents and they liked her as well. I accepted the interest. Then her dad called up my dad. They exchanged our numbers and then on the next day, I sent a watsapp message to her. We had some pretty good conversations in the next one week. Next week, we used to spend lot of time talking over phone and got to know a lot. Then we met along with our parents and everyone liked everyone.
I said yes, She said yes, My parents said yes and her Parents said Yes!
And yes, we are getting married this March! Yay!

Bhuma sapkota
Thank you,I found my match

Heta Soni
We got connected through by sharing email id, phone numbers and then shared conversation became friends. Now strangers to life partners. Life has long way to go. Many thanks to for bringing us together.

Sumit Banglorkar
Dear Team,

I glad to inform you that because of I have found my life partner in a very easy way.

Thanks all of you...

Sumit B.

Yatish gowda
Thank you,I found my match

Mohit Sapra
After seeing several matches from I came across profile of Pratibha from Kanpur. Her profile seem to be a suitable match and thus I forward a request which was accepted by her soon. After telephonic conversation I came to know more about her hobbies,likes and about her family.Families decided to get in touch with each other and I went to Kanpur with my family. The first day I saw her I felt that we both are made for each other. It was Valentine week and it took no time for both of us to fall in love. 23rd of Feb 2014 was fixed as a date of marriage and finally we were in knots. Our wedding was simple yet traditional .Today an year have been passed and we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

Ritesh Jayant Kamdar
We got an approach for Ms. Priti from After a couple of meetings between our respective parents we both started talking and eventually started liking each other. We both discovered that our wavelengths matches very well. Our respective parents did the rest. We got engaged in January 2015 and will be getting married in May 2015.

Thank you, I found my match

Gagandeep kaur
He send me request on 8th December 2014 and I accept same day then we start chat. We exchanged numbers on same day and start chat on what's app. I called him on other December and explain everything about me and my past. Same he explained me every about him. We continue doing chat and start Skype as well. We didn't realize we fall in love each other. He proposed me on 16th December then we speak our parents. Both families meet other and they agree. Still I didn't meet him personally but he is my dream boy and we getting engaged next month. We already very surprised how we fall in love within 2 weeks with meet to each other. He is world. I am so happy,God give me wonderful person. Thank you

Austin Sharon Aranha
Hi... I came across Lenny's profile somewhere in the mid of April. We expressed interest in each others profile and met up a month later. And before we knew it we were hooked up !! Thanks Team Shaadi !!!

Hardik khanna
Thank you, I found my match

Ravi Kumar
I send her request, she accepted and then our family met and alliance was finalized.

We had a first talk on on January 6th, 2015. only one thing I would like to say here.. Either Judge or Love. I am so happy with the and Thanku thanku so much to make my life complete.

Sachin Kulkarni
"Runanubandh" this Sanskrit word really suit for me and Shruti, Shaadi played vital role in making this relationship happen. We met first on 7th Nov 2013. its been year now and two days back we got married. Thank you for introducing part of my life.

Md Minhaz Siddique
Thank you,I found my match

Thank you,I found my match

Gunjan Rajgor
I was paid member of and Mona was also member of , she sent me interest request I accepted and now we are engaged and our marriage is on 2nd may 2015.

Pushpendra chaudhary
I found my life partner ,Thank you

Thank you, I found my match. Our Engagement Date is 2nd March 2015.We are so happy

Hi I am very thankful to and I am very happy to have best person in my life Sunil is selected me as his life partner I am very lucky to have like this person we met at and we became paid members and saw contact number then we exchange our contact numbers and we know about each other then we told to our parents they fixed my marriage so I am very happy and I am going to marry Mr.Sunil Manohar on April 22

Ajinkya Borade
Our parent used android app and found the contact numbers. and we fixed a meeting. Thats how :)we met
Thank you

Rupali kamble
It was a great pleasure to register on this site. The executives who coordinate to find the life partners are very good and supportive. They guide us properly to sort out the exact matching profile. is doing very good job. Its great experience to be with and its Goa team.

Reena Shukla
Thank you , I found my match

Thank you,I found my match

Ketan thakkar
I visited her profile - and then she expressed interest. We took it forward,Thank you

Raja Vudatala
A request was send by Payal via in April 2014. After scanning the profile and some thought I accepted the request and shared my email ID and phone number with her. We were from diverse backgrounds but only thing that was common was our mixed upbringing. I was a Andhrite born in Vizag and brought up in Kolkata and settled in Bangalore, she is a Punjabi born in Orissa, brought up in Orissa/Gujarat and settled in Surat Gujarat. So we started talking and chatting over the phone and whatsapp and soon realized that we like each other and wanted to get together. The distance created a problem in face to face interaction, however we felt that a face to face interaction wouldn't change much. We shared the details with our respective parents. Our parents spoke with each other and managed to bridge the obvious gap of language and we being from different states. Interestingly the first time we met along with our respective parents, we got engaged. Second time we met the marriage date was fixed and the marriage venue decided. Third time we met we finalized wedding and the Fourth time we met we got married! To keep matters interesting we decided to get married in Hyderabad and it was a memorable event etched in both of our's memory.

BIshnupriya mohanty
Thank you,I found my match

Ankur dudhat
We are happy, we found our match through

Amith Pinto
I had send her an interest which was reciprocated. We had a discussion over the call and post that we met in person . It clicked and we are going ahead with plans for marriage .

Niharika Agarwal
Match Happens on! Yes at first we both did not think we will find any prospective profiles in here. We both had sarcastic views about finding profiles as to how can we trust or find some one for an entire life on an Social site. I live in London and he lived in India, after several attempts by family members I registered here and started sorting profiles of my taste from London but to my luck no profiles. With frustration, I modified my search to India, saw some profiles but no luck, then I sorted profiles from Bangalore, which is where I grew up. I saw his profile and I liked his profile and photos sent him a request. He accepted my request and we chatted on chat for a day and found him very friendly and open minded and moved on to watsapp for 4 months we chatted on it. Mean while I informed my parents about his profile after 2 days of accepting and they rejected him as he was not highly graduated but we both had developed a bond. In September, he traveled to Dubai and we realized how much we love and miss each other as there was time difference and no means of contact. In october, for the first time ever we spoke on phone after accepting each others love and informed each others family who opposed again but we had to convince as we couldn't live without each other. By December end, both families met and we decided the Engagement and Wedding date. I traveled to India and met him for the first time at the airport with warm welcome n lots of roses and his family for the first time and we both got engaged on January 25, 2015 to be Married in April 21,2015. Love n Happiness has been flowing since then. Happy to be love struck on n confessing it on watsapp and Making it Happen on Skype and Viber.

Ameesha Gupta
It took us just a month of incessant texting, video chats to take the plunge and say a "YES". It was an instant connect, I met his parents while I was visiting India and on my return to US met him and we were a couple :).

Aamir Hasan
We found each other on the website and started communicating. After a while we both decided that we found the same chemistry among each other. So we involved our elders and they finalize the wedding which is on August 14th, 2015. Inshallah. Thanks you for making us together forever. We Love you always.

It was a beautiful coincidence how we found each other on and our story is a romantic comedy, no less. It began with the usual exchange of pleasantries over the phone and then messages. In a brief span of few months, we got to know each other through conversations and dates over coffee and lunch it was not completely old world; we both knew that as adults the clock was ticking and a decision had to be made. So we got our family and friends together after a brief interim of personal time and decided to take the big leap into marital bliss, the planning for which is still on. We're happy to inform you that we shall tie the knot this year and we would love to see you there! The meeting has brought much joy to both our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank You :)

We check the profile of each other and start to chat through sms and trying to understand each other.Finally we exchange the mobile nos. and go through the views and finally we feel that our thinking is matched with each other and we talked with our parents and they talked to each other. Finally on 25th January we got engaged and we got marriage on 20th February 2015. everything is happened very fast. Now we are happily married and smooth life is going on.

Sania Chatterjee
We met through you

Srushti Govinda
My journey to the end of bachelorhood --

Thank to Shaadi for helping me meet the craziest gal who could be as crazy as me !

Thanks to that one night where I spilled the beans and called her my Minnie mouse and asked her if she would wear the minni mousey bow for me and she said a YES !!!! and I am yet to find the perfect crown for HER !

Thank you

Arpit Shah
Thank you, I found my match

Shakir mansuri
Thank you,I found my match.

A matrimonial website can help you in getting your life partner I used to argue over this statement. But today, I can vouch for it after being married to Rachana . For me she is not just life partner but a soulmate. We thank for letting us find each other. Hope it works for others too. All the best to team.
Nirav & Rachana...

i liked her profile & sent request, her family liked my profile too.
It was a coincidence that one of my fathers friend knew her family so through him things went forward & finally our wedding took place on 27 feb 2015.
Thanks a lot for giving me such a sweet life partner.

Vashma khanam
Thank you, I found my life partner.

Vijay Gangwar
I have sent interest on to her profile which is created by her brother. As I was a premium member, I sent my contact details to her brother. Her brother called me and we started our conversation and things move on in positive way. We fixed meeting to see each other personally and our marriage got fixed. Thank you so much for your assistance to find our better half. We all are really grateful to your team.

Deepak Sachan
We accepted each other's profile and had few chats. We got instantly clicked over phone and decided to meet up. Rest is history. A sweet one to cherish forever.


Raja halder
I found my perfect match....Thanks for the endeavor.

Thank you, found my match

Niha kousar
We met through,Thank you all

Oindrila pal
Very thanks to was just awesum day when I accepted Arijit's we met and liked each other..and our family also happy for us..but yet wedding date not fixed..
thanks Shaadi team..

Mamta Kukreja
We met on December 10th 2014, then we planned and fixed a meeting, and the meeting was successful. we both are very happy to found each other a perfect life partner. I found the world's best husband through

Mamta Atul Dhingra

Shweta Kuashawa
Thank you,I found my life partner

Thank you, I found my match

Rajarshi Patel
We met by web site and personally I met her in India,and found all well.


Imran deshnoor
I sent here request on 01 Nov 2014 ...she accepted my invitation on 03 Nov 14...not to remember I had my birthday on that day.slowly then we started conversation on phone and following we happen to like each others things.22 November 2014 we involved our parents and we had face to face meeting at Pune.Then on 22 February 2015 we had a grand engagement bash at Indore.People MIGHT HAVE SEEN MOVIE 2 STATES ....BUT WE MADE IT 3 STATES ...AS I BELONG TO KARNATAKA AND SHE BELONGS TO MADHYA PRADESH AND BOTH WORKING AND MET AT PUNE MAHARASTRA.

Tanya Vohra
We met through 10 daily recommendation provided by to find a soulmate

Suman burman
Its been a blissful journey here on sister has created my profile. She was desperate in finding the perfect match for me. After accepting Rahul's interest , we begun to talk on phone. After a few dedicated meeting we finally decided to get married.We thank the team for bringing us together and helping me to get my perfect life partner.

Rohit kumar
We meet at on 26th of Jan'15, as I seen her profile & liked I send my proposal to her..they accepted, seen my number and contact me and her father and family likes me very much .. my parents also liked her very much.. after that both family meet and arranged all the meeting in Feb and on 4th March'15 we went to her house and we saw the girl Hansa Nandini & fixed all..and the marriage fix between us..and the more is that we liked each other..and wish to be together forever..
I thank to find a perfect match for me..and now me feeling very blessed and love with my life pattern..

Richa Tyagi
Thank you,found my life partner

Thank you, found my match

Balbir Singh
Thank you,I found my soulmate

Praveen digani
I saw Prachi's profile on Me and my family liked her profile and I had contact her after taking paid membership on It took so long for me to find my most awaited match. I tried other portals as well, however, I finally found my partner on so thanks a bunch Shaadi for giving me my soulmate.

Abhishek hendre
Thank you, I found my match

Shraddha Wadekar
The strenge things happened in life & I am the witness of the same. Once I met with Shraddha and we rejected each other due to horoscope mismatching,however after few months we started to chat with each other about miscellaneous things, which started to grow till personal level & we started to help each other to solve respective problems facing each other. Discussing our would be groom and bride qualities which should be required in her or him. We started talking and chatting so much that we could not stopped to check if either of us not sending message or call for few minutes. Some time we talk or chat till midnight same as showing in TV serials or ads.

And one final day I decided again to ask her and I proposed her again, apart from our Horoscope matching all our other things are matching , so we talked with our parents.She come to our home our parents meet each other my parents gone at her place again and checked if all is well and then gave permission to us and after 2 months we are living together happily. Thanks to You made our marriage.

Marriage are decided in heaven but on earth some middleman should be there to bring them together and you are the same for us Thanks a lot again.

Ankita jain
Hi..Nitin viewed my profile in and then send me request and we had a chat and then discussed with our parents ,they agreed and we got married.thanks .

Namita Shah
Thank you,I found my match

Abhishek Rao
I had initially sent an interest to her to which she and her family showed great interest. We checked out each other's horoscope and after it matched my parents and me decided to meet her as she was staying in mumbai itself. We met for the first time and also a couple of times more. Our thoughts seemed to match a lot and we got along well with our views. Afterwards their parents visited our home and we also visited their home and both families liked each other. So it was a happy beginning and our engagement was fixed. So now we are happily engaged and our wedding is on 21st april 2015. I am really thankful to for providing a great platform for people to meet and find their life partner. Please keep up the good work of uniting two souls. Once again a big thanks for all the help provided!!!

Portia Naidoo
He sent me an invite via Shaadi. Rahul was nothing short of a gentleman and when I felt comfortable giving my number I did, and we have been communicating non stop. I really like him a lot and hoping one day I will get married to him but I guess its all up to him now. But I firmly believe he is my match in every way.

Kaushal Modi
Thank you , I found my match

Hina Singh
I would like to thanks for what they are doing. As we feel lucky & blessed to find each other. This made me write because I never thought that marriages could be possible through any matrimony site. But yes if any one is reading my experience then I should tell you, you never know that how will you find your better half. I feel amazed when people meet us and say was yours "a love marriage" . Then we could only reply as by saying no we met only once before we got engaged and twice before getting married as he was in US and me in India.

Jayati shrivastava
Its an arrange marriage. So our parents contacted each other and they decided. we started with chats and then call we liked each other and agreed for the marriage. Within a month of knowing each other we got engaged on 13-february-2015. And next month we will be getting married on 21st April 2015.
Thank you

Thank You So Much!

Till date we both just heard soul mates are written to met on this earth how you find them is all your destiny, I never knew a silly deed of mine of creating a profile on would make me meet to such a beautiful Angel who is so understanding.

Well I am quite young to get married but yes we got fixed on 10th March 2015 with family's consent.

I sent her a request On Shaadi she did accepted it we started talking and few days back dreams turned into reality.

Thank You So much Once Again

You are Invited Soon! Deepankshi Weds Harish

Siddhi naik
Thank you,I found my match

Mangesh Rajak
We met each other through I sent the invitation to my partner after which she accepted it and we and our families communicated as she was a premium member on we didn't face any issue to communicate.

After all our discussion, our wedding happened on 10th Feb 2015.

We thank for being the source where we meet each other.

Thank You and all the best !!!!!

Bharat Agarwal
We came to know each other on fortunately both were in the same city and we met at common place and cud not resist to meet again and again. After 3 months of dating and courtship period finally game changing day came on 3rd February

Thank you

Kunal menghani
By sending interest & communication.We got to know each other,Thank you

M Kaur
I found my soul mate ,Thank you

Thanks you so much !!!!I found my match

I sent him the request on and he accepted it. I had already paid and so his contact details were visible.We thought of calling him up for his astrological details. And so I called up on his number and spoke to him and took his birth details. I am an astrologer so I checked the astrological guna's and the compatibility which was just perfect. Called him up again in about half an hour and asked if he was serious about marriage . He said yes and then I asked him to make his mom speak to my mom on the same number once he was home. After about an hour or so he called back and his mom spoke to my mom. A good discussion about the family and future plans happened and they decided they we all should meet up soon. His mom said she will speak to everyone in the family n call back for the meeting.
My dog wasn't well as he was quiet old and he passed away after 2 days of this conversation which left me shattered. I was really depressed. His mom called the very next day of dogs death and told my mom that we can meet up on the Saturday which was the very next day of the call.. My mom agreed however because me, my brother and my dad were really sad, we asked mom to call his mom back and say that it isn't possible this weekend as our dog is no more and that we will call back in a few days to fix the appointment. Meanwhile I contacted Ketan from my number for the first time and apologized for canceling the plan because I am feeling too low. He spoke to me very politely and also supported me like a friend. Which of course had a very positive impact on me. After 4 days when we all were a little better my dad asked my mom to call his mom to plan the meeting for the weekend, which she did. Finally we met on the 20th of December 2014 which was a Saturday at Barista at Vasant vihar. He informed me about the location and we met at about 6 in the evening. When we ( me , mom, dad n my brother ) entered Barista they were already there , Ketan , his mom and his dad. We met and introduced ourselves , ordered coffee. Then me and Ketan were allowed to go and speak alone for a while. We went out of Barista for a walk and spoke to each other for almost an hour. We were so very comfortable. Spoke about our professions , likes and dislikes and a lot of things. It was like we clicked in the first go. He said one of his sisters resembled me and that her name was also Ginni ( Ginni is my nickname ) . I was like that's nice :). We went inside and then decided that we should take a leave . Family's were positive as well . My mom asked his mom to let us know what their decision was .
Once we were back my parents asked if I liked him . I told them he is nice though I need time to decide. On 23rd that is 3 days later his mom called my mom and asked her that Ketan wants to meet me alone once. My mom was a little hesitant. She said she will speak to my dad and call back. His mom sensed that my mom wasn't comfortable and she then told my mom something that wasn't expected at all. She asked my mom that if she knew Anu Grover. For one moment my mom was confused. Then she replied - yes. Anu Grover is my Bhabhi ( my mom's brother's wife - first cousin ) . Then Ketan's mom said Anu Grover is her sister-in-law ( Ketan's fathers sister- first again ). And my mom was surprised completely. My mom asked his mom how did she find out that we know Anu Grover because we met on and its nowhere me too about Her on there. They had already spoken to them and asked about us we met for the first time. My mom was smiling . She said that she will quickly have a word with her brother ( Sunir Grover - my mama ) and call back.
My called Sunir mama and spoke to him about Ketan and his family. Mama was like yes they are really close and he takes full guarantee of them. He was like he wanted us to meet them first before he could speak about them. He said there is nothing to be worries about and if Ketan wants to meet Aarushie alone then my mom should send me . I spoke to mama as well he was like don't be afraid. They are really nice people and he takes full responsibility. Which was again a very positive sign. Mama said they his marriage took place from Ketan's house which is like 20 years back. Everyone in their family is very loving and independent and they will take care of me. Mom and dad were really at peace after this conversation.
Mom then called his mom and said a yes for our meeting. His mom said that Ketan will get in touch with me for that.
Same day in the evening Ketan asked me about the plans. I asked him where and when does he want to meet . He said that we can catch up the next day on the 24th at cp in the evening. I agreed.
We met at about at 5:30 in the evening next day and sat at a terrace lounge. Spoke to each other for about 3 and half hours. Did not realise that. It was 8:45 already. We spoke about every aspect of our life's.. Past, health, education , expectations, and what not. Both of us kept a very clear picture of each other and were very honest about everything. We clicked and were very positive. He then walked with me to the parking. Asked me if he should follow me on his car till I reach home. I said no that's fine and that I will drive back . He asked him to let him know once I reach. I felt the cared concern already which did feel good :).
I texted him once I reached and he said he will be reaching home shortly and has his plans to go out with family as its Christmas eve. I just replied enjoy with a smiley
My parents were really curious to know about the meeting and how I felt. I said I did like him but still I need some time . My dad said he spoke to mama as well and that even he is convinced. No other verification required. And if its a yes from them then I should consider though they will never force me. There was only thing that was bothering me , and that was his job. He travels like every month for 10 to 15 days. And can't take me along always . But mom dad n even my mama told me that it's about quality time that you spend together not the quantity and that this job isn't permanent . He has done hotel management and has worked with the hotels previously as well and he might switch again in a few years line. I said fine give me some time . I will let you know. At 12:10 or so at night Ketan contacted me. Wishing merry Christmas . I wished him too . he then asked me what did my family ask me . I told him that they were asking about the meeting and how did it go. Asked him about his family and he said they Were also asking the same. He then asked me a question - so it is a yes ??? I replied - for ???! He said - what else would it be ??? I asked - is it a yes from you ??? He relied -( just with me a smiley ).
He then said let me call you . I still needed some time so told him that will talk in the morning as I am too tired and that I am half asleep. He said alright. I told him I will call him up first thing in the morning . He was like he will be half alseep by then . I said no worries will call around the noon. And then we wished each other again and slept. I woke up at 8 in the morning and spoke about him to all my close friends and cousins and took their advice . I knew I was convinced but still wanted to speak to my friends n cousins to be sure as it was happening so fast and I was a little scared . Everyone said go for it and I did not have a reason to say a no. He was really sweet to me and we clicked . I further contacted him about at 11 - it is a Yes .. He replied - an hua yes I replied - you never said a yes either and that just replied with a smile, shall I take the smiley as a yes ??? He replied --- Ji huzoor

And that's how things worked out..
On the 26th my parents and mama went to his house and gave a small Sagan in his hand to finalize.. On 31st his family came to our house and have me Sagan to finalize.
And on the 4th of January 2015 we officially did a Roka with a gathering of about 60 people.
It's been 2 months already since we said a yes and just about 2 months left for the wedding . Everything fit into place so well . I am glad I met him . All thanks to

Sanjay Maheshwari
She sent me an expression of interest in August.'14. We started to chat each other for about a month, shared a lot and when we found that we may be life partner, we met each other. Then we told our parents about each other and finally, with grace of almighty, we tied in a knot at his place Nathdwara on 10 of this month.

Thanks to

Indrajit Majumder
It was in September 2014, when my mother visited me here in Adelaide for a short holiday, when she convinced me to open a Shaadi profile. It was not long after I evening I came across the her profile and sent her a request. Couple of hours later I got an email giving me her contact details.
It was on 11 October, 2014 we first talked over phone and before we could realize, it was over an hour and half talking to each other. After that call it didn't take us long to connect with each other and by end of November we had already decided to take the relationship ahead. By that time I had already applied for my leave from work and decided to fly to India to meet Sarmistha. Both of us were pretty excited and started counting days for the big day to come soon. Now the wait appeared to be really endless and we were getting restless and this endless wait was filled up with regular phone calls, skype calls and millions of whatsapp messages.
Finally on 20th January I reached Bangalore and cleared all the formalities and came out. The moment we first met each other was one of the most exciting moments of our life and we kept looking at each other without saying any word. Even though we met for the first time in person, it felt like we know each other for ages.
On 25th January, at Kolkata, which is both of our hometown, in presence of our family members and friends we got married. But before we could realize, my leave came to an end and I had to fly back to this land of Oz.
Our families had decided to arrange a big social wedding next January and we are eagerly waiting for that.
Thanks to to facilitate this introduction and help both of us to find each other.
Indrajit & Sarmistha

Philip Thomas
Dear Shaadi,
There's a song that says that "it started with a kiss".
But for us it started with a photograph.
I must have gone through hundreds of profiles in your good website.
But one photograph did something to me. There she stood, the little lady, in front a lighthouse.
Half smiling, her bag across her shoulders, her face spoke to my heart. I can't really summon words to express the thought. It's soul thing, you know. After many, many, emails, lapses, phone calls, debates, etc etc, I decided to fly from Paris to meet her in Bangalore. That meeting sealed it for us. She was exactly what she was as she portrayed herself to be and she found the same in me. Our honesty and sincerity in everything made love the fruit of God's gift to us. We were married 7 months later. Thank you Shaadi!

By searching we found each other .Thanks its very helpful.

We had both been members of the site for a good five or six years but never came across each other's profiles and we had lost hope until Gavin got in touch. We never knew it would lead to us finding everything we had ever wished and hoped for! Thank you for helping bring us together!

I was searching for my type of girl and when i met Priyanka, She was the one made for me
Thanks to

Shubhangi, has brought my dream into reality by helping me in finding my soul mate and my love. Its not only about finding a life partner, but a true love, which I was looking since long time, to start my dream life of love and affection.

Thank you for making this possible for me to start a new life.

Imran Rais
We met each other at and came closer to each other slowly but surely.
I am known as a serious guy who doesn't laughs a lot but when I first spoke to her on phone
I loved the way she laughed and I am madly in love with her smile :)
Thank you so much You made it happen. Cheers...

Payal Kothari
Dear, First of all sincere thanks to you for helping me to find my soul mate.

He took the first step in contacting me. Our family liked each others profile.I was doing job in Delhi and he is in to business in Gujarat. we started communicated with each other for some time and quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. We got engaged on 10th July'14 and got married on 6th Dec'14. We wish to thank again for bringing us together.

Thank you, I found my match

Khyati Ruparelia
Thank you, I found my match

Himanshu Garg
Thanks for your services,I have found my match

Alok Tiwari
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you Shaadi. com for helping us to find our soul partner, we compliment of one another.

It is a very helpful site,Thank you

Vineet kumar
I send her request on September 2014 and she excepted.We had a conversation on phone and then we finally met.We both liked each other. Thank you to

Just casual talk,we contacted each other.
Thank you

Zoya shaikh
Hi Zoya shaikh,
I find my match on it was very nice experience with first take approach me.I accepted his approach was really a very good day when I met him.Finally got a person
who cares and loves me allot.I always had heard that matches are made in heaven but Now-a-days,matches are made at
Would like tell all best of luck to find out there Life partners.
Thank you,

Dr Vikas Agarwal
Through this site only.By chatting with each other.we got to know.
Thank you

Kumar sanu
I found my life partner,Thank you

Abhishek Sarda
She contacted me on Shaadi in march 2014. We spoke on the phone once a bit, I thought maybe this won't work out. She contacted me again in june,a bit but again we didn't speak much.
She contacted me again in November and we got talking. I went to Delhi to meet her in January 2015, she and her mother came down to Bangalore in February and as we got to know each other better, we decided to tie the knot.

Thank you,I found my life partner

Mauli Shah
My Profile was posted by my parents & my parents Liked Profile of Hitesh & than we both families have came in contacts, & than finally we found each other best life partner & finally tide up with wedding Nods.

Find as one of the best platform to find perfect match.

Sonali Pathare
Thank you,I found my match

Thank you, found my match.

It issaid that marriages are made in heaven For both of us, this heaven was We posted our profile on to get the best match possible. She visited my profile and I sent her the request. She was quite new to and had joined 15 day before I sent her the request. She accepted the interest on the same day, but probably was reluctant to how her interest in my profile initially (typical Indian custom boy have to propose first). We started chatting initially on and exchanged our bio-data. On conversation, we realized that we are just replica of each other in term of personality. We decided that one will ask the question to know each other, but both have to answer simultaneously (no cheating). Surprisingly, we got same answer for almost all question. Soon I realized that we are made for each other We, then, decided to convey our choice to our parent. I informed my plan to visit home and if her family I interested they can meet u. But, her family was lightly not interested to take thing forward a it was all through Luckily, her family knew a person in my place who was a close friend of my father. My vacation was going to end. One day her father called up my father and aid that he want to meet my family. Her father came to meet u and liked our family. Now, it was our turn to go to Neha place, a remote region with no good connectivity from my place. On half way, my family almost decided to return back as they thought maintaining lifelong relation between two families would be difficult from far places. But, we both were really happy. When our families realized this, they showed us green lights. When said they touched 30 million lives, it includes both of us. She was staying 1375.5 km away from my place in a remote area, where it was impossible for me to reach in my imagination. Many thanks to for being our angel!!!

Gurpreet Kaur
Firstly, I would like to thank for helping me find my soul mate. I received an interest from my beloved Parminder Singh in December 2014. We exchanged phone numbers and starting communicating. We quickly realized that we shared the same values and interests. We knew we shared something special and wanted to take thing one step further. After a few month Parminder flew down from California to visited my me and my family in Toronto. We decided we wanted to get married. Our families spoke to each other and finalized our wedding. With the blessing of both our families we are now eagerly awaiting our wedding in a few short months.

Anup Gupta
Married on January 29, 2015...typical question to did you get married ???? or arranged marriage...instant came the reply..."Love marriage arranged by"..the tag line could not be more apt to our situation.

Exploring an alliance for years...but always felt gonna have a love marriage...will meet at some party or social event and we will hit off...and it finally happened 'a love marriage'..but met at which party..the perfect world social How else can two people, from totally different backgrounds inconceivable to otherwise come across each other, I a hardcore senior financial professional and she a reputed sports woman..never imagined such a match..but it had to happen...and so it did...met through and interacted for over a year..fell in love...and the wedding bells rang...Marriages are made in heaven but solemnized through Thanks Best wishes!

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