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Shaadi Pride

Year 2015 - Success Stories

Harpal Dhiman
I was using since 2012 but one day I came back from my office and I was tired and stressed due to work I just logged in on my mobile through mobile app and I saw Manpreet was online, I had sent request few months back but she didn't accepted it till than I was paid member but her number was not confirmed I just sent her a message hi, and I got a reply hi we started chatting and then.....................................................and now we are getting married on 22 feb 2015. Thank you

Thank you,I found my soul mate

Shivani Arora
Started off as a normal invite, liked the initial conversation..families & we met.. liking grew... fell in love & blessed as a couple now :)

Shekhar Sandhu
Thank you,I found my life partner

Thank you,I found my life partner

Ritu Kaur
Thank you,I found my match

Ashwin Thakur
We liked each other profile on . When we contacted each other we came to know that we already know each other through our mutual relatives.. I would like to thank website. I found my soulmate.
Ashwin Thakur

Sandip Patel
It's secret story but it was awesome. is the best.
I am really Thankful to

I found my perfect match on after three years of long searching. My parents received his interest in December and accepted it and within a few days we met for the first time after our parents got the Kundli matched. After a few meetings, we realized that we are simply perfect for each other.

Sakshi Gupta
We made our profile about a year ago on Our parents liked our profiles. We get in touch through telephonic conversation. Me and my parents met Ankit and his Parents and relatives in Mathura on 12th October 2014. Parents of Ankit liked me and after some talks between parents our relationship was finalized. It was decided to solemnize the marriage at Bareilly, the place where they live, however, they generously agreed to arrange place for Barat and our stay. Date 14th Jan 2015 was fixed for ring Ceremoney in the morning and marriage in the evening. We live in Vadodara so celebrated Ladies Sangeet here with well wishers on 4th jan, 2015 and started our journey for marriage on 8th from Vadodara to my Mama's place Yamunanagar where final touch ups like mehndi, tales madah etc were solemnized on 12th. We, our relatives and friends came to Bareilly by 13th afternoon and late due to heavy fog on the way. It was a very happy occasion, the arrangement was in Hotel Krishna Lawn, Bareilly, where Ankit, his parents and relatives were waiting for us. Bhat programme was celebrated by our dear Mamaji in the evening and thereafter a dance programme was organised in the hall where both parties took part. Our ring ceremony was done on 14th January 2015 at 10:30 am at banquet hall at Krishna Hotel. It was a happy meeting of around 100 nears and dears ones. Although, it was raining in the evening reception of Barat, dinner,shaadi programme were arranged indoor and in well organized manner. Now we happily live together. Every thing went so smoothly that we could'nt imagine.Thank you

We found each other through and its a proper arrange marriage.

Rahul Singhania
I was going through the profiles shown by the Then i like the profile of Nidhi, sent her the request. She accepted it. The I got the her number from and contacted her on mobile. Then we found our interest matches.Our parents talked to each other and we got engaged on 26th January. Thanks :)

Indu Bala
Ahh.. I am relaxed now..
Many thanks to Almighty God and too.
Thank you so much one and all.. Its like long awaited dream has come true.
When I was hopeless and was thinking of terminate the account and was not getting the way to get it done. I got the interest from Sanjay that very day (9th Jan 2015) and from that day I stopped checking other interests as I was busy talking with him. We shared lot many things which made me decide that he is the one I was waiting for. Today is 20th day of our meeting and I am gladly wearing engagement ring.. showing everyone that I am engaged now.. and please don't disturb me anymore. ha ha ha..

Thanks and regards
Indu Sanjay Mogha

Pukhraj Singh
Thank you found my soul mate

Kushi D
Thank you, I found my life partner

Farheen Husain
Thank you, I found my match

Thank you to,I found my match

How should I begin? It all began after Sara accepted my request and sent me her contact details. I responded to her immediately, and it just kept on going from thereon. She was on this website for four years and I was just a few weeks old on this website when we first exchanged words. But we did deleted our profiles almost at the same time. For me it was like a dream come true that I met this chubby girl who also happened to be the one sharing same interests, good sense of humor and her intellect, her hair and her smile and..........the list will go on. This platform is a bit short to describe whats compatible in us, it takes a person to live his whole life to talk about the best in one individual, I am glad that we did it in less than a week and thats what one can call likeness, friendship, love. For me its all woven together into one, like two individuals but one soul. I believe, "Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." This is a quote from someone but I don't recall the name of the person, sorry for that. And I am glad that our life from hereon feels amazing. Last but not the least, would like to extend my Thanks to

Deependra Singh
Preeti's father contacted my father through Then we met and talked over phone for some time and realized that we are made for each other and now we are engaged. Thanks for finding me my soul mate.

Jimmy sent me an invite on April we actually didn't connect until November when he first sent me an email. I replied back to his email then we spoke on the phone. After 2 weeks we started to connect really well and had our first of many dates. We shared similar interests such as movies, music, hobbies, etc. We continue to enjoy each other's company. Looking forward to our bright future together.

Thank you, I found my match

Pratik Kumar singh
Thank you,I found my match

Kali Kant Choudhary
It was a mutual selection from both the end.Thank you, I found my match

Rituj khari
As soon as I bought the premium account my profile was advertised to many profiles and soon I got invitation from Ankita and soon we started chatting and we also contacted through phone and it was a done. Thank you for letting me find my life partner.

Amit Gautam
We had met with each other on its a good experience, when I show her profile (Mahima's Profile) I had sent a message after some hour I had received positive response from her side, our family members has communicate with together, and I had meet with Mahima in July, then finally we have being a life partner on December....

Shaadi " it difficult to describe in words",Thank you So much for your support, found my life partner

Farheen naz
As coming to the story Faisal sent me the request and we started talking with each other,soon we become friends. After around a month we decided to meet in Hubli and after meeting we realized that we are perfect for each other and we find a strong bond between us. And I realized my feelings towards him are more than what I thought, when its time to say bye to him. And then our parents invite them to home and decided a grand engagement ceremony on 24th December 2014.:):):)
Thank you team to help me meet my love.:)

Thank you found my match

Richa pithwa
We liked each other from profiles and met and very happy ,Thank you

Mohammed Shuaib
I found my match on
I am very grateful to for providing me my perfect pair as per my expectations.
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for giving me the best service.
I am now engagement and expecting to get married on the 14th of August 2015.
All my family members are so excited about my marriage that I don't have words to explain.
It all happened because of Thank you once again.

Thank you,I found my match

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