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Year 2015 - Success Stories
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Firstly,We would like to thank Shaadi team and his CEO-Mr. Anupam Mittal,in particular, in making this portal-a huge success where beautiful lives come together forever,whenever their destiny clicks.

We also met each other at portal. Mr.Grewal sent me interest(paid member) and I accepted the same as his profile matches mine being both from Corporate.Our very small chat went on 10th Feb,2015 and we talked on call briefly for the first time on 11th Feb,2015 and then,our detailed talk happened on the weekend i.e. 15th Feb,2015 and we shared our life views,job profiles,families and interests.We took each other positively and our daily conversations started on phone.Then our bonding increased through voice,video calls and we found each other quite compatible as life partner.We took our next step and talked to our families.My parents visited his home and met his parents on 08th March,2015 and little Shagun was done.Then, his parents visited my home and met me and "ROK CEREMONY" was done on 01st April,2015.God showered his blessings on us and our parents declared our lives officially together-"MADE FOR EACH OTHER".

I met his brother,bhabhi,their sweet son-Gursimrat,mother on 07th June,2015 at Gurgaon(my work place).We are on with our conversations through daily phone calls,video calls without miss.We are exchanging gifts through India,Canada Posts.I am interacting with my mother-father in law,bhabhi,his masi,cousin through phone call.Both families are in touch through personal meets and phone calls as well.

Today is the day i.e. 28th June,2015- when our ENGAGEMENT and MARRIAGE DATES has been declared officially i.e. 23-10-2015 and 25-10-2015 respectively.His parents visited my home to make the dates officially announced today.

I am waiting for him(fianc now to come to INDIA from CANADA in October for MARRIAGE.

Crazy for his meet,shopping and lot of celebrating ceremonies with blessings of all!!

We are highly thankful to God,our parents,brother in bringing us together as "LIFE PARTNERS".We are very Happy for each other and our families.

I would like to have loving,caring,understanding-Mr. Grewal and his family in every cycle of life!

With Almighty's Grace,we met at Shaadi 's portal as Searchers and are 'BETTER HALF" today!


Narinder Singh Grewal

Preet Kaur

A Thakur
By notification..Glad to have these service.We found each other.

Rishabh Jain
We would like to thank ' team for providing this awesome platform that enabled u to meet and eventually unite in the everlasting bond of marriage. The layout of this website is very simple and easy to use. Once we checked each other' profile out, we exchanged our number and started to chat.We found each other good and a spark was lighten between us.We continued talking over Internet, chat and phone call. Soon we developed the bond of love and commitment and decided to get settled. We got married on 4th MAY 2015 . With God grace and blessings of loved ones we are together and sharing every sphere of life with love and happiness. Thank you so much one and all from site. Means a lot!! Truly a wonderful site and will be highly recommended!
Thankx Rishabh and Pallavi

Hema suvarna
Thank you , I found my life partner.

Journey of our Marriage "Arranged to Love"
As people say marriages are made in heaven so we believed it too.
One fine evening of summer I received a call from Abhishek after accepting his interest from
A series of small and long conversations happened, that time we were not aware that soon we gonna fall in love in winters. After several conversations a day has come for which we waited a lot." A coffee day" truly we believe that a lot can happen over coffee, thank you Barista Shipra mall, that day our relation from good friends turned to lovers and now Soulmates.Finally season love birds(We) tid a knot in this Summer '15.Our relation has seen all colors of season started in summers move ahead in rainy and finally fallen in love in winters.
We thank to for providing us an opportunity for meeting each other. and wishing all the very best remember always someone somewhere is waiting for you as I met my soul mate so you do.

Anish Sasidharan
Weliked each others profile and we are very happy to be together,Thank you

Manoj kumar
First of all thanks to to gave me such a platform and I got the most beautiful wife which is unique in the whole world.I got each and everything which I thought for my gorgeous wife.So very happy moment of my life when I first met her and hugged her softly.Myself is the most luckiest man on this planet who got such a beautiful wife.I dont think someone is as luckiest as I am.

Anthony Chand
I Rashim Rai and Anthony chand met on, I saw anthony first time on, I liked his pictures. I sent him request of interest and he accepted the request, I saw him and sent him the text and he replied, from here our relationship started. Then we started chatting on whatsapp. We kept talking to each other for almost 1 hour a day on whatsapp chat and sometimes over the phone.We both liked each other.. Then he introduced me to his parents Then his parents started talking to me over phone and my parents talked to Anthony's parents and anthony over the phone Anthony and his parents decided to see me and my parents. Then Anthony visited me to India along with his parents. We both was happy to see each other.. And anthony request my parents for my hand in marriage. And my parents gave him the approval. We got engaged on 18 march 2015 and soon going to marry.

Sudip Kundu
Its a huge and heartily thanks to for finding my life partner in here...we are very much thankful to you...Our marriage has just happened on 3rd May of 2015..
Again a cordially gratitude to the

Payel Mitra & Sudip Kundu.

Parijat Bhalekar
Thank you, I found my life partner.

Rohit Mehta
"Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth It's true but not completely.

For smart generation of smart world, marriages are made in heaven, realized by and then celebrated on earth

It was rainy evening in mid of August, as I was sitting idle, a thought came into my mind like a spark. I immediately picked up my laptop and started exploring through the profiles of all the relevant matches at I came across the profile of a lady named Reshu who actually kindled my interest. I was keen enough to listen to her voice but because of the fact that I was just a guest, I could not acquire her contact details. I instantly created my profile at in order to easily communicate with her. I collected her number and called her. We had a cordial communication and got a meeting fixed the next week. The first interaction with her was pleasant and I got the sign that she would certainly be the perfect match for me. I felt that it was love at first sight ;). I discussed about her with my parents and a meeting was fixed to meet her and her family. Surprisingly, we got engaged on Nov 9th and two days after our first valentine day we happily got married. filled our life with colors. We never expected that we'll get such a wonderful life partner but you guys made it possible Thanks a ton for converting two different world of me n her as us n ours. You made my dreams come true. God bless you all and wish you all, best of luck for making others lives' successful as well.

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